Trump’s statement of support for Saudi Crown Prince suspected in journalist’s death

The president said, “if we abandoned Saudi Arabia it would be a terrible mistake,” talking about the Saudi Crown Prince’s alleged involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.


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42 thoughts on “Trump’s statement of support for Saudi Crown Prince suspected in journalist’s death

  1. Saudi Arabia and the U.S. are strategic allies, and since President Obama took office in 2009, the U.S. has sold $110 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia. The National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 began cooperating with the Saudi Ministry of Interior in an effort to help ensure "regime continuity

  2. That support helps you all in America. Everyone likes low gas prices and jobs. Khashoggi was not an American citizen. Why are you criticizing?

  3. ❌ Rump the Turd and Mike the Pompous One are Compromised as They are most likely on the take with mbs
    ‼️ Mueller should Verify Rump's business dealings with mbs ‼️

  4. Who said to abandon saudi arabia idiot ? The world is watching, and they and we expect the U.S. president to stand for the rule of law. GOD save the U.S.A.

  5. Ah.. Mr."Bone Spur" and Mr."Bone Saw" are so beautiful couple together. I can sense love and great understandment between them. Well, Donald Trump has never understod during his life what is right and what is wrong, who is good and who is evil and he has never had any kind on conscience and sense of moral. As the US President he thinks that the USA´s  "greatness" and "America First" mean only money without any kind of humanity, legal principles and moral values. Happy Thanksgiving to the USA from Northern Europe, Finland.

  6. WORLD WAR 1
    Started over the murder of
    1 man.
    50,000,000 died.
    It wasn't necessary or
    worth it.
    He wasn't an
    American citizen
    and it didnt happen on American soil.
    No concern of U.S.

  7. If any of you were in his position you would agree to do the same thing. LIKE IT OR NOT. Plus the guy who was murdered was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  8. Ok Mr. Trump if you said Hillary Clinton was guilty, cause she didn’t took actions to protect our Embassy in Libia, WHY there’s not relationships btw Saudi Prince and Jamal Khashoggi’s ASSASSINATION unless CIA’s assessment and others intelligence sources, including a phone call that the prince’s brother Khalid bin Salman (the Saudi ambassador to the United States) had with Khashoggi ?
    I know the ANSWER ?

  9. No surprise here, Conman Trump is a spoiled and rich and thinks he is above the law. he is condoning a murderer who is the same. probably for his own families financial gain.

  10. well, he is accused but there is no 100% proof that the prince had anything to do with it. the prince denied it, you take a person word for it base on his static. if he is a liar then it will catch up with him in the end.

  11. Wow.. just wow.. first 9/11, then the journalist. They got away with it 2x wonder how much more they think they can get away with after they get our weapons and bombs. Where is that journalist justice? Do journalist’s just not matter to our president? Taking away press passes, not caring about one being murdered in another country. Bc that one persons justice can’t affect our economy? I understand we would be in a crises but it’s stupid they’re recordings, they’re evidence. And business goes over our American people? We brought one of their people over and killed them and had evidence, I bet they wouldn’t just shrug their shoulders and continue business.. maybe we need this change. Oil just pollutes our air. Maybe we wouldn’t have all the funding for Americans to get free shit through government funding. Maybe it would be good for American people to work hard and farm their own foods etc: and we can find other ways for oil. but one of our journalist who goes over for a story, life is taken by another country and his family gets no justice. Americans justice system is already fucked up. But this tops it off. We’re not teaching Saudi anything besides they are. More powerful then us. And we’re letting them know that. I give up on our country and the justice system. Fact about justice systems in America. It’s used when they want it to be used. A quote from Martin Luther King that suits this well. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”

  12. Yet the US still stands as the beacon of human rights and freedom for all humanities , especially for those poor and pathetic Chinese people exploited and ruled by the commies who couldn’t careless about human rights. I rest my case. Now how much can I get for my endorsement, Mr. President?

  13. Ouch! Shall Trump risk one soul for a nation. …? the dead man wasn't USA citizen? , not USA's politics, then….. If he was a illegal Mexican migrant, will it count for the same human rights….? discretion at the end of day…good choice! They will receive their judgment with God, I don't condone the killing…he is already a dead man…it's sad. Did he die for a good cause…we don't know the whole story to judge..rather play it safe for your own people's sake….

  14. What is to gain from any of this? Who's behind the push? Seems like anything negative happens some how it's Trump's fault now?

    If we we're so concerned with these type of things we'd open our eyes up here and use our heads…

    Why is this such a huge deal? What's being gained out of this? Is it in the name of justice? What's the true agenda behind this?

    #OrangeManBad #npc Just freakin look at the bigger picture amd take how you feel about Trump outta things….

  15. There's a whole lot more to this….he's kissing ass because Russia,China,Saudi,etc are banning together for a nwo. America is fucked if nothing is done about this, gonna be kinda hard getting back n forth to work @ $30 a gallon. ^ this is Trump's fear amongst other things.

  16. Human right champion/protectors again gave permission to kill innocents, first 9/11, then Washington Post journalist. Well, after all, money, oil, lobby, partnership, …..

  17. They talk about America's morals, but america has no morals. So America wants to throw away an ally to itself and israel and billions of dollars to a Saudi journalist / terrorist. I think not.

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