Police reviewing disturbing messages posts by California bar gunman

Authorities said preliminary information indicated the suspect appeared to be texting or posting during pauses in the rampage.




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36 thoughts on “Police reviewing disturbing messages posts by California bar gunman

  1. 1:05 these are the basket cases that will get our rights taken away.. lady im sorry your son died but your entitled and very stupid opinion isnt gonna get you vary far.. crying and sobbing like a wild banchee aint getting thru to no politician

  2. They are attacking prayers like the democrats there a video where a crazy lady yelling about prayers that crazy they don't want us to pray to god poeple all this was in job by evil poeple killing for blood for thier god's they hate prayers we need more prayers poeple i remeber the democrats was tell us an telling Trump prayers don't work to stop saying prayers do sunthing about gun control an all these shooting is for gun control they want our guns poeple they use shooting just for that so they call yell about guns

  3. Such a compelling video of inside the bar. No bodies on the floor, no blood, no spilled drinks or debris. These false flag attacks aren't even close to looking real.

  4. I just wonder, if every family member and friend of those who's been killed, voted for the only party who will stop this senseless, preventable, self-inflicted wound UNIQUE to US of A.

    Those who were too arrogant to vote for the safety of school kids and church goers, must live with the fruits of their COLD APATHY. Those who voted for the pro-mass-murder party, must face the victims'blood on their face on their hands.

  5. When you enforce gun control on the good people, only the bad people will still have guns. What will we do then? People will protest that gun control laws are too harsh. Just saying, things can be done better and differently.

  6. Prayers won't bring back the dead..it won't heal wounds and it won't prevent a madman who just wants to kill people cause he can…this guy PROBABLY just went out bought these guns at a gun shop and just walked out LAUGHING at the government that he's just ABOUT to kill people and NOBODY can stop him…

  7. That’s the devil lying to God’s daughter, the mom that is speaking out and saying she don’t want any prayers, that’s the Demonic Spirit Speaking because GOD’S GRACE AND HIS BLOOD BLED FOR ALL OF US, HE GAVE HIS LIFE SO THAT OUR SINS BE WASHED AWAY LIKE SNOW, PRAISES TO OUR LORD MOST HIGH! JESUS CONQUERED DEATH. Oh sting where is your victory? at the end JESUS WINS!!!
    I take authority to command in the Name of Yeshua, there is POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!! JESUS! JESUS!! NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST US SHALL EVER PROSPER! Prayers going up as the blessings come down. Thank You Father God for Your son, who served in the marine Corp. i pray that YOU would bring comfort and healing to his family and friends, and bring healing and comfort to all your sons and daughters who have passed away who were killed, YOU were there, YOU were there, I PRAY that ALL of YOUR sons and daughters would turn away from drunkenness, smoking, everything in the Name of Jesus, O GOD OF ABRAHAM, I ask that YOU would be their eyes, thoughts, hands, and feet, open their hearts ♥️Lord Jesus, and have YOUR way in their lives, EVERYTHING YOU CREATED BELONGS TO YOU!! O GOD OF ISRAEL!! YOU created us in the beginning from Dust! Thank YOU ABBA FATHER, thank YOU for YOUR generous and unconditional LOVE, I GIVE YOU ALL THE HONOR, ALL THE GLORY, ALL THE PRAISES, AND ALL THE WORSHIP, in Yeshua Hamasiach!! There is NONE like YOU, JESUS! YOU are the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!! I pray in the Name of Jesus, that YOU would spark a light into their hearts, penetrate their hearts, soften their hardened hearts, O God of Jacob! Until they see Your the one in Control!!
    Come flood their eyes, come living water and rain down and pour out Your grace upon this place, in Yeshua Hamasiach!!🙇‍♀️🙏♥️😂🙌😂😢✝️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Dear Lord, God, in pray that You being the blessings to every child young and old and let them seek YOU FIRST, MESSIAH!!!! YOU are our Hope, our Prince of Peace, the Provider, the Creator of Heaven and earth, the FIRST AND THE LAST, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, the FINISHER! The ALPHA & the OMEGA! In Jesus Name!!! Please forgive us all of our sins, Dear Lord God, have mercy on us all!! In Jesus Name, I pray, thank You Lord God, Amen! And Amen!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. If banning guns is truly about safety, then we need to ban alcohol, knives, bats, swimming pools, cars, motorcycles, Hillary Clinton, and mosquitoes because all of those things kill people too…

    If someone has their mind set on killing people, they are going to find a way to kill people. Period. Mass terror attacks have been carried out with bombs made out of pressure cookers.. should we ban those too? No. Guns don’t kill people, nut jobs do. The trigger doesn’t pull itself.🤨

  9. Hes taking over yall world plus the minds of the kids and souls of youth. And yall look away at the truth) Evil lives and is Alive roaming yall world

  10. I agree with gun control… but what is there to control in this case? He used a glock handgun. What is there we can ban without completely jeopardize the constitution? And furthermore… I’ll be honest… this is one of the first mass shooting I have heard other than Las Vegas shooting where the shooter actually used a legally obtained firearm. The shooters at sandy hook, Orlando, the school shooting at Florida, and Santa Fe all used illegally obtained fire arms.

  11. Honestly guns dont kill people STUPID mf with guns kill people wake up they pushing for gun control so bad look at the ones doing these mass shootings thats who needs to be controlled

  12. Let's focus on hun control for sure. Because focusing on the actual problem is really hard. Mental health is really problematic. No one wants to spend the time focusing on that.

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