NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – August 27, 2021

Biden expresses condolences to those lost in Kabul attack, vows U.S. response, Covid-19 data missing in some states amid virus surge, Veterans experience survivors guilt after Kabul attack.
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28 thoughts on “NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – August 27, 2021

  1. Kamala is the tsar of the Border but she doesn't visit there she's never been there?
    Almost two million undocumented people from every country in the world 40% of which have covid a flooded into our country's multiple Terror suspects

  2. Don't mis quote Biden his Heart Goes out to all "Those who Will Be Lost".
    but "All Those We've Lost " sounds Much Better Doesn't It?
    KEEP PROPPING UP THAT LANDSLIDE WINNING CHEATING PREAIDENT . MAINSTREAM Media Panic…What do we do Now?….so Funny….how's it feel to be a complete failure to the Entire World?

  3. Why and how is it that the American troops are still there???. Are they protecting other Afghans???
    To all the troops and everyone involved in this evacuation. I pray for all your safety and a swift and safe travel back home.
    I also pray for the enemy for a change of heart and forgiveness and peace, all a complete SHOT IN THE DARK. For this is a far cry from Peace Love and Harmony.

  4. Stop lying he is not in the White House and if he was in a White House why he don't do no breakfast in the White House why we don't see him on White House property just asking

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  6. The Bible is getting full fill lord because u have all control ps have ur hands on all that are suffering for their love ones give comfort to all that have lost a loved one lord every where we need u more than ever than before may u help us all n bless USA 🇺🇸

  7. take the pressure off the hospitals — if you don't want to protect yourself from covid then sign a form saying so, so that when you do get sick the hospital doesn't have to take you in.

  8. True!, Civilions feel likewise! , For My and our active duty USA DOD, and Home families; we as Registered USA services STATE Secured on duty in till called off their Citizen duty.

  9. COVID data disappearance.= Covering of tracks. They created the virus and the shot serum. Watch and observe closely. The hospitals are in league with govt now.

  10. C-376. Put a America family hit out, or hold a warrant to thear Governers administration, Investigate in discernment; A dude might been made his women is jetting , saying I'm leaving on a V5 VICTOR CHARTER Jett plain.

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