Manhunt underway for gunman who killed 7-year-old girl

The suspect, described as a while male in his 40s, is accused of killing 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes and injuring her mother, LaPorsha Washington, as they drove in Houston.


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48 thoughts on “Manhunt underway for gunman who killed 7-year-old girl

  1. Racist BLACK liar LOPORSHA WASHINGTON reported that a single
    white male driving a car shot and killed her daughter.  For that to be true the shots would have to
    have come from the driver’s side of the killer’s car.  Now we learn that the TWO killer’s are black
    and that Woodruffe, the passenger was the shooter.  Which means the shots came from the passenger
    side of the car.

    How could Washington miss this important fact when she
    identified the killer as white with blue eyes and that his motivation for the
    shooting was racial?

    Eric Black is a dope dealer. 
    Washington is a dope user and has been in prison for armed robbery.  They are face book friends.  Do the math.

  2. What is the purpose of leaving this story up. Is this just an illustration of Fake News. Even CNN took down their story. Are these networks competing for The Best FAKE NEWS SHOW?

  3. Being a back man I don't find it odd that after the "killers" were found out to be "black", the family, the press, the Senator/congress person from Texas and everyone  else got really quiet about the 7 year old girl getting shot in the head. This leads to assume that if a "black person kills a black person", it's ok…. just move along nothing to see her. I know this makes CBS, CNN, Don Lemmon and Al Sharpton very sad to find out it was a "black" person that killed her.

  4. Mother set up a GoFundMe page right after it happened. Come to find out it was two black males after she described the shooter as white with blue eyes. Cant wait till charges are filed aginst this racist mother. This was a setup from the start to get money outa some idiots quick to blame white supremacists. Fake news was all over this like flies on shit until the truth came out..

  5. The "single mother of 4 " IS A PIECE OF CRAP!. She LIED to the police saying the killer was a white man when she never actually saw him OR She did see him and blamed her daughter's death on a white man anyway. EIther way SHE LIED!!! Got her 1 week of fame and THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$ from black leaders who are all too eager to start a race war. Fucking pathetic!
    She sets up a GOFUND ME, accepts checks and thousands of dollars , calls it a HATE CRIME and then turns out it was A BLACK THUG who shot her. What a CROCK! Of Course Jew and and operated CNN was the first to break the story. If it's anti white CNN will be there.

  6. This lieing ass bitch blames this on a white guy in a red truck punk lieing bitch they found out today it was a black guy and not a red truck. Lmfao

  7. The mother is a POS. She blames a white man, says he has BLUE eyes , sets up a GOFUND ME, accepts checks and thousands of dollars , calls it a HATE CRIME and then turns out it was A BLACK THUG who shot her. What a CROCK!

  8. All the black racists and their race-baiting leftwing media plantation overseers are mad because it WASN'T a "skinny white man in his 40's with blue eyes" but instead yet ANOTHER black-on-black murder. They so wanted it to be Whitey in a red truck with a MAGA bumper sticker.
    The black racists and the white-guilt libtards actually could not care less about the little girl.

  9. "The suspect, described as a while male in his 40s, " as usual the anti-white media jumped on a race baiting lie. Two black males in custody. It was a gang shooting. Maybe mistaken identity. Racist blacks need to apologize.

  10. If it was vise versa as in a black man killing a little white girl he would be arrested already im not buying they cant find him they not looking for him hard enough

  11. He was intend to kill some one, Number One, wearing a hoodie Jackie,,,,, Number Two, No license Plate, just as sure a hunter are animal looking for to kill his PREYS , That A FACT, mother or father please turn your son in, Call the Police you know your son or brother did it’s

  12. "They say black Americans are the criminal dangerous element of the country, but really … many times have you seen or heard of black men going after women and children!….just because they are white!. How often do black men go around shooting up churches! ….attacking the elderly and defenseless!. The sad part about all of this ,is that the Government of the united states, refuses to acknowledge white supremacist hate crimes against blacks and others as a federal criminal/offense!. …indirectly implying that only the descendant's of white settlers are worthy of citizen protective rights!!!!. Blacks getting lynched in 2018…..the system claims suicide when any idiot can see its an impossibility, ….most African Americans are Christian and believe suicide is a direct path to hell!…..its against our core beliefs!!!were not all Islamic/Muslims!!!. Children murdered in the company of their families!….. The white supremacist are some cowardly, evil, punk ass excuses for those who think of themselves as men!. …..and some whites find it offensive when blacks calls whites devils!. It gets crazier when this same demographic claims to be devout believers in Christianity!!!!… or anything remotely spiritual!. I am starting to believe that whites serve a different deity/ god!….buts its definitely not the one they claim!….definitely not!….. Lastly….this is a message to all the white people reading!……if you are decent and self respecting…these white supremacist acts must be condemned by your people as well!!!!.. they must be , tried , and outlawed!. …and PUNISHED!!!!!!….. For the white supremacist that commit these acts……..very soon your lack of manhood will be put to the test!. …and not just by the black community!………"The world is watching all of this!!!!!……..and passing judgment!!!… Many countries already secretly and overtly despise White Americans, and these white supremacist terrorist are doing a wonderful job of ruining your reputation globally!!… as self respecting decent people in the eyes of the world. If this keeps up……the world will turn against your kind!. ……and with a birth rate now in the negative…that wouldn't be intelligent as a species!!!!!!…….."Think About It!!!!!!!.

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