GOP offers $1.6B in new spending for border security, not wall

Republicans offered an additional $1 billion that President Trump could use as he chose but Democrats rejected it.




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37 thoughts on “GOP offers $1.6B in new spending for border security, not wall

  1. He got 1.6 billion last year and an offer of 1.6 billion and an additional 1 billion to use as he wants this time around that's 4.2 billion for the wall. And he's bitching? He hasn't even spent all the first 1.6 billion yet. And Mexico was gonna pay but now it's coming out of our pockets. Talk about screwing Americans.

  2. Hahahahaaaa … NO WALL Trump Nazis…. and when they get their US citizenship.. they will ALL be voting Democrats… then these NEW racist bigoted Alt-Rt Republicans will be shown the door!… for good!

  3. Just a thought… I wonder, when the American constitution was created, if they could foresee that America (and Europe) would be exploited by immigration for decades and burdened with supporting immigrants indefinitely, because there are no jobs? Of course I think it is 'nice' to offer children born on foreign soil citizenship, and it is the Christian thing to do (if you really want to tick the morality box) but it is no longer realistic, productive or economically feasible in the world we live in today. America is over 20 trillion dollars in debt, and millions have been unemployed for decades, and millions that do work are struggling just to survive (as slaves to massive credit card debt.) You are right about it becoming necessary to (as you say) 'defend ourselves' during this immigration crisis and if saying no to more mouths to feed, clothe and shelter (while millions of Americans go without) then so be it. There is an out of control global 'population explosion' that has the entire planet on the brink of disaster. (Consider the population of the planet was 1 billion in 1918, and it is over 8 billion in 2018, and it will be 16 billion in 50 years.) How exactly are Europe and America supposed to support millions of immigrants when their own economy is in the toilet, they are on the brink of bankruptcy, as they are tens of trillions of dollars in debt. Millions have been unemployed for decades, as decent paying jobs have been replaced by robotic technology and cheap slave labor in China and India. Europe and America are sinking fast and there are no more jobs for immigrants and no more money (tax paying dollars) for the governments to feed, clothe and house millions of immigrants for years on end. In a perfect world, when times are booming and there is plenty to share with those less fortunate, America can afford to be generous and set a moral standard… unfortunately, in the real world we live in today, times are tough and 'social cut backs' are the new norm (there is no sign of things getting better) we need to fight to survive, or as you said 'defend ourselves' without being made to feel guilty or appear to be cruel for not giving those born here (and as a result, their immigrant parents) recourse to live in America. Americans have paid heavily and have a long history of sacrifice, as millions have died for the right to live in the land of the free. It is an insult to Americans, that people outside of America think they can just have a baby in America, and are entitled to then automatically enjoy all the benefits of being an American citizen. (America is free… living here is not!) There is nobody to blame if Americas top priority (after decades of rampant greed, corruption and unemployment) is to focus on defending their way of life and protect their own interests, instead of catering to millions of immigrants wanting a 'better life' that show up at the border and demand to be taken in. Sad to say, but immigrants will also have to face the harsh reality of the world we live in today and need to stay in their home country and make sacrifices, fight to survive and 'defend' themselves, instead of running away to another country and force other people to feed, clothe, shelter and fight to protect their freedom. And to be clear 'defending ourselves' does not make Europe or America immoral, especially when you consider how many immigrants are not welcomed into wealthy Arab countries, Russia or China for example

  4. Mexico’s not going to pay for it because they know it’s not going to stop no one from illegally crossing maybe if the US wanted to boost the economy instead of wasting it on a stupid cement infrastructure they should pay for college tuition to families who can’t even afford to go to college and are stuck in a minimum wage pay job. $160 million dollars and let’s say college tuition is $9,970 with the millions it can pay for 16,048 peoples college tuition that’s amazing but no let’s go for a stupid cement wall.
    Therefor Mr.Trump trigger the Government shutdown make the government put less effort into their job as they aren’t being paid.Make America Stupid Again

  5. Bunch of smuck trying to fool Americans again… their profiting billions of dollar off fraudcare, but they giving 1.6B for just a security guards? Why bother wasting tax payers money? That’s like a farmers electric wire fence vs hiring people to stand there and guard their cattles . USMCA is already signed by Mexico & Canda, but libtards are stupid to realize Democrats has control of the house. Do your part and Approve it, else it’ll be just another drag. It’ll be just another well trump this trump that on why it can be approve. Shut up and get on with it so we can start focusing on our damn country.

  6. I don't know how anybody would actually believe that Mexico were going to pay for something that they dont want to purchase. It's like me wanting to buy car or house then making someone that is commenting here pay for my stuff that I want,and they dont want to buy.

  7. I find it interesting that agent orange get upset the GM closing plants & laying people off before Christmas & he gonna put people out of work with his govt shut before Christmas. Pot meet kettle

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