Can You Go a Full Year Without Changing Your Oil??

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You’ve been waiting a year for this video! The results from the 1 Year Oil Change Challenge are here. Last year, Mobil 1 reached out and challenged me to try their new product Mobil 1 Annual Protection in my Honda Odyssey. This video contains the results of that testing!

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49 thoughts on “Can You Go a Full Year Without Changing Your Oil??

  1. yes you can. Living in small European towns result in low mileage. Some people dont go over 2-3000km a year. oil change 7-10000km. It wont kill your engine. Just use recommended good oil.

  2. I am here to tell you this the car manufacturers have not made better engines that have less where the oil didn’t suddenly get better protective qualities and ability to protect your car what’s going on is this the car manufacturers want you to change your oil less frequently so your engine burns out and wears down much faster. You must change your oil every 3000 miles or once a year that’s it that’s the way it is those are the physics that’s how it works that’s how it Hass to be if you do anything else you’re abusing your car. I will always tell people the truth I am a preacher I am a servant to God and a shepherd to gods washed sheep my name is Paul de change your oil people don’t go to 20,000 miles without changing your oil that’s abusive you should know better you’re all the screwing yourself and harming your property

  3. Any oil with the proper ratings, changed at proper, regular intervals, will give you long engine life.
    I don't understand trying to stretch the change intervals out for so long.
    If oil changes are that much of a financial burden, perhaps you can't really afford a car?
    I use 100% synthetic changed every 5000 miles.
    This is perhaps overkill, but as and old guy, 3000 miles is what I'm used to.
    I drive a 2018 model car and I want it to be the last new car I ever have to buy, after two years I'm still trying to wash the car salesman stink off myself.

  4. With the added cost of using annual protection oil, You might as well just change the oil on the factory recommend schedule for the same cost and peace of mind

  5. Me? I use dino oil and a Supertech filter, and change it at 2500 to 3000 miles. With my car, I can open the hood, reach down and remove the oil filter by hand. One local dollar chain sells oil company semi-synthetic for $3.49 a quart. That ubiquitous box store sells oil company dino at five quarts for less than $13. Another dollar chain sells no-name semi-synthetic for a dollar a pint. The no-name is API certified but I am just not sure of it. The box store probably has the best deal. In reality, you can go 7500 miles on dino oil, but it is better not to go more than 5000 miles with dino oil and a low-end or no-name filter.

  6. My car has a headgasket leak so it currently is sipping oil. No need to do changes anymore since I have to top up every week!

  7. It don't matter what oil you use you should never go over 3000 miles for conventional oils and 5000 to 7000 miles for synthetic oils you are only asking for trouble like buying a 6000 dollar engine.

  8. 20k just seems ridiculous, I don't care what oil it is your using. I use Mobil 1 5-20w Extended Performance with the Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filter and change my oil every 5k. Since I bought my car new I been doing this, at 45k my mechanic removed the valve cover to see what it looks like and he said it was spotless, looks just like a brand new car. That made me feel happy, I take pride in taking care of my car and keeping it clean.

  9. You definitely can, I’m getting an oil change tomorrow. December 31st 2020 will be my first oil change. January 8th 2020 is when I got the car. I put over 20,000 miles on it and it’s still in amazing shape.

  10. I have been using Mobil 1 since the 1980’s. I change oil once a year, replace the filter every 5,000 miles. I ran all my company cars 35,000 miles between changes, again I changed the filter every 5,000 miles

  11. I'm going on two years since I don't drive that many miles in a year. I did this because I read the cleaning properties nor the oil actually breaks down in 12 months

  12. i have been using regular mobil 1 with yearly oil changes or around 10K miles, no issues on my 2006 acura RDX k20 engine with 150K miles.

  13. Of course, the oil is still excellent, but the tiny amounts of metal particles floating in it may contribute to engine tear and wear, so there is a good reason to change it at the recommended intervals or when the oil turns dark in color.

  14. Interestingly I was just reading an article on "Bob is the oil guy" that said changing your oil sooner than is needed can actually cause slightly higher wear rates. Has to do with interaction between the engine and oil additives as well as old oil left behind after a change. Same goes for filters, as long as it isn't plugged to the point of bypassing older filters are more efficient.

  15. If your car does very low miles, there is no sense in changing the oil every year.

    But oil manufacturers abhor that because it's bad for sales.

  16. I use mobil 1 extended performance and mobil 1 filter on my evo x. Due to the low mileage I use the car, around 10k per year, the car runs smoothly for the whole year. The oil becomes black pretty much after some 500 miles since I always run it aggressively @ 6k RPM, but I cannot feel any performance loss after one year.

  17. I used the Mobil 1 extended oil change and filter and went 20,000 miles and about a 15 months b4 changing it again. 2007 Camry still runs like a champ.

  18. Hi. Thank you for this video. I'm also a Technical engineer from Mobil Philippines. If ever can you share the actual lab results (in PDF) of your 1 year test? Appreciate your response. Thank you.

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