‘We’re All Un This Together’: Biden Pledges Support To Those Impacted By Hurricane Ida

President Biden delivered remarks on efforts to provide relief to those who have been impacted by Hurricane Ida. The president discussed the damage the storm caused and his visit to Louisiana this week.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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‘We’re All Un This Together’: Biden Pledges Support To Those Impacted By Hurricane Ida


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27 thoughts on “‘We’re All Un This Together’: Biden Pledges Support To Those Impacted By Hurricane Ida

  1. "We're in this together" except for the 9.8 million people on unemployment struggling to find work. You can all die. States have all reinstated their work-search requirements, it is not easy to find a job. You apply places and never hear back. Yet it's okay to let nearly 10 million people loose their only source of income.

  2. Another excuse…no we are not in this all together how can you say that we do not live there.If it is your responsability to help it is but what about the covid19 and what about all the stuff you talked about helping people through covid19 which is still a crises now you switch to this a natural disaster that will come and go and it is temporay but Covid19 and delta is not and it is here for a long time look at what that has done and still is doing please your priorities first you could have passed the recon you did not need republicans why the stall? Just tell the truth you never planned on helping the people with checks you figure covid29 is here and will be with us so cope with it on out own just day it stop lying and giving hope to people who need the help tell the truth Covid19 is with us just like the flue and if you het it and strong enough to fight it you live if not than you die, you think this is a joke ok now we have to live with it ok is better than saying you are going to help to make people's lives better lie..we are always going to have emergencies that is life but do not play games with people be truthful tell them they are on there own with covoid19 and the help you gave was a mere pennies compared to what rightfully should already here for all.Other countries have given more to help there people who already have medical, housing and just the basics money to help them through this pendemic no one asked for, but its the selfishness of both Dems and republicans who keep lying to the American People. We should have had Bernie Sanders and now you are trying to shut him up because he is for all people so stop saying you are for the middle class and poor you are not Joe Biden be truthful not like a republican who lies there way into office because when this is all over we have the same crap no change people ate hurting and the Dems are no better than the republicans if they do not deliver what they say and when it comes down to electing a new president and party we will all of this, all the lies that were being told to them that never came about so i say tell the TRUTH.We hate liars. We had our share with Trump the last 4 yrs for sure this will change come election day maybe peoe will chang the whole concept and switch parties all together both are not for the people bottom line is trll the truth people can live on the truth but can not live on lies

  3. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕.

  4. Democrats don't want to work with Republicans. Republicans don't want to work with Democrats. In the end, everyone will work for China.

  5. Thank goodness we have a true American President. Not a Russian puppet like traitortrump. We remember what he wanted to do to a hurricane. The republicans in those states have made it more difficult, but we will still get the job done.

    It's getting through natural events, getting us out of Afghanistan and taking on right-wing religious extremist that.
    More Democrats in LA would make it even a better place.

  6. President Trump would answer question from the press .Biden inept ability to piece together a common message without compulsively lying about situations shows just how irresponsible he is.

  7. "Get vaccinated or die"- sounds like bioterrorism. Unemployment and pandemic benefits run out on the 4th of September- unemployed can starve. Drought in the West, flooding in the east- sounds like climate change." We're All un This Together?"

  8. This pos only ordered the flags at half-mast from the 29th to the 1st of September for all those dead, and wounded servicemen. That Joe Biden got killed in Afghanistan with his incompetence.

  9. Ah yes, the old "We're all in this together" that catch-phrase we've been hearing for the past 2 years. When translated, it means "I'm going to take something from YOU, and give it to someone else." I wonder how much money Mr. "We're Together" pulled out of his pockets to fix everything.
    And that's exactly the kind of person he is. Always seeking to take credit for the hard work of others.

  10. So much going on lately has made it tough for Joe to get both of his daily naps. And it’s put a real damper in his afternoon hair sniffing activities.

  11. When Barbara Tuchman, the Pulitzer Prize winning historian, was asked in the late 1990s what she thought of the new technologies she said, "I think the most dangerous invention has been the teleprompter, because it robs the people of knowing how its leaders form their own thoughts."

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