Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 13 | ABC News Live Coverage

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Watch daily live coverage of the trial of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, faces charges of manslaughter, second-degree murder, and third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd. The trial is expected to last approximately four weeks.

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43 thoughts on “Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 13 | ABC News Live Coverage

  1. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY ! What are y’all racist people saying now? George deserved a fair trial period & if you think what that cop did was okay then you are probably okay with lynching also.

  2. I was almost hoping for acquittal – so that America would tear down this corrupt court system – that gives racist cops & prosecutors the license to kill – to murder on behalf of the state. I still want to leave America – it is demonic.

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  4. Most Americans Blame the Propaganda Fake News village idiots along with their buddies Lip Service Pandering lying Crooked Politicians… They spin the George Floyd, for ratings and political gain.. Nothing more.. C.B.L.M ( certain black lives matter. ) is the terrorist racist group that is destroying our communities.

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  6. Leaving the legal issues aside, I am actually not surprised that this racist act of a killing we all saw in broad day light was defended by a Dr. who was born in racist Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), in my experience I find these ones worse than those born in Apartheid SA!

  7. Chauvins a murderer. No court case can disguise it as anything else. How judges define this will define the trust that american will get from the world. The world are concerned and relying on america for truth. The truth is what matters for trust and the judge has a big responsibility to display what true justce is for the safety of their people. Should a judge decide to support justice by making the right decision to favour George floyd then america will get attention as a trustworthy place to seek justice. On the other hand should the justice system of America lose trust to support murderer then no doubt distrust will stiffen their economy and no doubt allow the world to walk freely knowing the trust of Americas judiciary system is no longer worth trusting to look after African Americans. It's as simple as that.

  8. I wish there was a way to show weather mr. Floyd knew of his medical conditions such as heart disease. I only ask this because he said “my body is gonna die like this man.” While being in the prone position, handcuffed behind his back, and experiencing difficulties breathing, thus trying to tell the offer that he is going into medical distress, which is going to lead to his death.

  9. The judge seems to be smart and attentive, he could see if the jurors are making decisions purely based on politics or fear for some blm/antifa smurfs and make the correct choice? Sry dont know so much about american law..

  10. "No No No!!" I said. No more Broddy- Fowler analysis. I am going to bed. This one worked during apartheid in South Africa??? Too many cumulative words Dr. Fowler

  11. So many people speaking negatively of Mr.Floyd……. yall should be ashamed of yourself…… he was killed by a police officer……PERIOD!!!!!! He didn’t die of overdose he didn’t die of heart attack, he died from that monster putting his knee on his neck, and it’s very IGNORANT of you all that believe otherwise……it’s not about race it’s about right and wrong…… this was WRONG on SOOO MANY levels…….rip Mr. FLYOD….. praying for justice

  12. As a RN BSN who practiced as a Nurse Case Manager in Workmen’s Compensation
    When it is substantiated that the work related injury was an aggregation of an underlying condition. Guess what??
    That makes the claim legitimate and is compensable requiring the employer to make restitution to the injured worker!!

  13. Why does the defense want to have Maurice Hall the drug dealer as a witness so bad? Gotta love these ABC news spinners.

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