Trump has at least 10 campaign rallies from now till Election Day

After describing himself as a “nationalist,” the president said he was unaware that it was a racially loaded term.


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26 thoughts on “Trump has at least 10 campaign rallies from now till Election Day

  1. I say American first because what are we going to do when them immigrants come into our America are they going to get jobs yeah we have to support them off the government but we need to deal with our own people or homelessness or what the vets we need to deal with Americans that are here first I say America first. Why can't their own government deal with their them their own situation.

  2. He is for the USA, no matter if you call it nationalist, conservative etc. The name isn't as important as his intentions for USA. He is for USA. Trump 2020.

  3. You know what I love watching abc
    But u know what FUCK YOU GUYS u and CNN are all funded by the democratic party reciving money from them so you against the republicans

    Same with fox news they get monet from the republican party and speak bad about the democrats

    At the end of day thats why I dont see the news much cuz of this shit right here

  4. U Demorats want Destruction For America well Congratulations U Sorry Mother F*** 😠 U got It With this Foerign Invasion Heading our way U Ready For a Military Gun Fire 🚨 War Your About to Get one At All the U.S/México Border crossings !!!!!

  5. I can just see middle eastern terrorists making their way across Europe or the continent of Africa, sailing across the north atlantic ocean to land on the shores of south america to join this caravan into the US, sounds plausible to me.

  6. Trump is a nasty lying liar , a ignorant moron , anyone supporting the unamerican moron is obstructing justice just like lying slick tricking trump .

  7. I clearly recall TRUMP being critical of PRES Obama whenever he went out to campaign for someone while still being President. I was under the assumption that Trump wouldn't do that if elected. Promises made, Promises broken. Kind of like repeal and replace with something better day one or Mexico was paying for a wall.

  8. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's planned interview with House Judiciary and Oversight Committee leaders planned to take place on Wednesday has been indefinitely postponed.

    The Mi-6 never-Trump spygate affair was revealed to Trump on 1 Nov 2016 by U.S. intelligence. Three spies had infiltrated the Trump campaign with help the RNC and Obama's administration. The spies included Stefan A. Halper. To extract intelligence on the campaign C. S. was inserted in the Trump IT department. The communications with Government Communications Headquarters is what tipped off U.S intelligence. What a coincidence that the spy that worked for Nixon during the Watergate break-in, ran the debate-gate spying operation on the Carter presidential campaign, was an active spy in the never-Trump spy-gate operation. Halper prefers to be called an FBI-informant rather than an MI-6 spy, but brags about his spying. Since he is an American, the latter characterization would seem to make him a traitor.

    “The Faking of Russiagate: The Papadopoulos Case, an Investigative Analysis,” by Stephan Roh and Thierry Pastor includes a recent interview with Mifsud. In this book, MI6 says they having their operative disappear and are trying to distance themselves from their never-Trump spygate affair. “Roh and Pastor say that they last spoke to Mifsud by phone on January 13, 2018 …. Mifsud had gone into hiding, he told them, after ‘the head of the Italian secret services contacted the President of LINK Campus, Vincenzo Scotti,’ and recommended that Mifsud ‘disappear.’ Since then, Mifsud ‘has been requested to hide, not to communicate, and not to speak to the press,’ Roh and Pastor write. ‘He has been “put away” and threatened to stay quiet.’” “Mifsud is not an employee of a specific agency. He is not a member of the MI6. He was working for them. But working for them does not mean he was a member of the team,” Roh said.

    The UK and Australia are concerned that declassifying the FISA applications will make them look bad because of the MI-6 and Alexander Downer's involvement in trying to subvert our election process. A Chinese spy was Feinstein's office manager, driver and who knows what for over twenty years. He is still plying his trade. As is the Muslim spy, John Brennan, who is guilty of spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Pakistani spies that managed IT for HRC and the many Democrats in the U.S. Congress. They obviously know they are perpetuating a hoax on the Ford statement, since they are covering up the facts in the case.

    The fictionalized,"true" story, "Wasted", was published in 1997. It is the apparent source of the Ford story about the party. The facts left out of book, such as, the house were the party was hosted, maybe, the home of Timothy in Judge Bret Kavanauge's calendar, the fourth boy at the party, etc., were also left out of Ford's original statement. This change in Ford's testimony from three to four men at the party was apparently to make it agree with Judge Bret Kavanauge's calendar.

    Conversely, facts published in the book are the only supported facts she remembers. In the book, it is stated that Mark Judge was a bag-boy at a grocery store in August, 1982 to earn money for football camp that began August 22nd. Ford claimed that she did not recall the year of the incident, but it could be determined from when Mark Judge worked at the supermarket and subtracting “six-to-eight weeks”. The problem with this date as Ford herself pointed out, she did not have a driver’s license and could not have driven the estimated eight miles from the party which is 11 miles from the country club assuming it was the home of Timothy.
    Thus, the only verifiable facts from her story are those publicly available. Whoever wrote and continued to edit the Ford story could have and most likely obtained all the information from public sources. Ford could or would not give the actual names of the other men at the party. The story of recovered memories a couple’s therapy is likely just to give her an out in case perjury charges are forthcoming. Ford was evasive about her employment; not revealing her consulting work for an Australian company until specifically asked. Judge Bret Kavanauge revealed the full names of the men at the party. Finally, the FBI obtained statements from Mark Judge and the others only to conclude there is nothing to the Ford allegations. The Democrats had the report classified and made false statements about its scope and contents

    Feinstein is linked to paying for the anti-Kavanagh campaign through Paige Herwig who worked for Feinstein January 2017-February 2018. In March, 2018 she went to work for the Soros organization, "Demand Justice", formed to fund the campaign against Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Feinstein admitted suggesting the lawyer for Ford when she first contacted her.

  9. uh-oh did he just "monkey it up" in time for the elections? This wicked saga reminds me of king Ramses (ramesses) versus the children of Israel; God help you Trump.

  10. The Nefarious Mr; Trump and his team of Machiavellians don't care who dies as a result of kicking people off Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security! This would only cause chaos, which they want, that way they could declare Marshal Law, and Put people in FEMA CAMPs! For real!!

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