Trump attempts to drive wedge between Sanders and Democratic Party

Trump weighed in after Sanders’ Nevada win, accusing Democratic Party leaders of trying to block the senator from winning the nomination.


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24 thoughts on “Trump attempts to drive wedge between Sanders and Democratic Party

  1. I just want to say somthing! Russia is not involved in our politics! And here's why I think that. Putin has too much on his plate to even bother getting involved with us. That's a fact. And if he is the Russian people need to rise up against him and take back their country. Because they have so much going on there that they do not need to be getting involved with us. our politics should not even matter.seeing as their government is falling apart at the seams and has been for years now. If their focus is to destroy America still there completely stupid.they need to focus on making their economy and better them damn selves. they need to focus on making sure the people of Russia are taken care of.the fall of the United States is not going to help them that actually might make them worse. So if Vladimir Putin reads this comment dude focus on your damn self don't focus on us your country's falling apart help your people don't worry about us just mind your own business. And if you ever want to talk I'm not hard to find hit me up

  2. Oh course its all Trumps fault. Trump didn't block Bernie in 2016-Hillary did and she did it again. If Bernie is so stupid to bob his head along with her once,now its twice. Bernie is too much a follower to be a leader so he disqualified himself through blind allegiance to a fucking donkey.
    The All Beastiality Channel is too full of liberal bluster as a result of oxygen deprivation due hemorrhoid scalp massaging to the extreme.
    Hope they're finished off when that hole contracts.

  3. Liberal/socialist news media outlets that campaign on air disguised as “news outlets”. They all drink the same koolaid…😷

  4. You would have to be an idiot not to see that. Does anybody really believe that trumpf would prefer Bernie to be president?

  5. Believing anything the Intelligence Community says about Russian interference is impossible after the whole Russian scam they set up against Trump.

  6. OMG Go to youtube and type in :Easy for Illegals to vote in California. its a 4 minute 8 second video. How many other States will do that?. And 30 States offer Online voting. We need to Ban to ensure that Immigrants will not interfere. If you go to you're search window and type in "States that do not require ID to Vote". There is a list. Call various county election office's in those States. They will tell you its true. Copy paste share We must shut this down before it ever starts. Trust in Trump, 2020

  7. Gotta love sound bites and taking everything out of context. Putin loves Trump, there is no way that Russia is rigging the election. They said the exact same thing about Trump’s win. Trump will beat Bernie with or without the media’s bias.

  8. Hell, tRump doesn't have to try to drive a wedge in the Democratic Party when Bernie Sanders the Democratic Socialist who should be running within the Democratic Socialist of America organization has driven the wedge in the DNC for him.

  9. Remember- regardless of Bernie’s nomination or whoever – the voter turn-out in this election will be incredibly huge because it is not just another presidential election, but its all about Referendum on the Orange guy Donal Trump, a pathological liar and immoral unpresidential psychopath POTUS who is destroying the world’s foundation of Democracy.

  10. You have to admit this country is in a disgusting rut. Poor kids in middle class suburbs and other places are ashamed of the clothes they wear. That's not because they don't need and appreciate the same programs including art or music to help develop their creativity and skills. It's because of the culture, the capitalist culture, that we could "presto!" in an instant learn to remove competitive angst from people's lives, based on their skills and now more and more so health, as environmental effects we never once dreamed of continue to poison us, and keep it where it belongs – in gym class.

  11. This is BS. Yall know damn well that DNC is DRIVING a wedge between them and Sanders. I swear Trump was right a couple times between all the CRAP that he spews one of those times is his assessment of coporate media.

  12. I check ABC news about every 10 years, just to remember what incompetent reporting looks like: Maybe I'll see you again in 2030.

  13. FACT:

    "TRUMP is a machine"

    He's non stop in Making America Great Again!!!

    And still have time to go to massive rallies…

    For a 73+ years old guy, who's still look like in his early 60's, that's super awesome!

    So, to ALL haters & naysayers, what y'all accomplished in life?

    As a former stupid Liberal Democrat, I despise those people who's just ruining this country, and now being a Registered Independent, I always WATCH all his complete/uncut speeches & interviews, and then I form my OWN opinion, not what Fox, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, etc… wants me to believe, and I read ALL the latest bills & laws they passed from the Federal, NOT from WashingtonPost, NewYorkTimes, Vice, Blaze, etc…….. who are just changing a lot of informations.

    Why y'all NOT do that way? Then ALL MainStreamMedia can't just make us their puppet!

    Have a great day to y'all…

  14. Trump said IN THIS VIDEO he READ in MSM that Russia is helping Bernie Sanders but has not been BRIEFED from intelligence that this is happening and they were like "SEE, Russia is helping Bernie, Trump said so!" hahaha what a joke MSM is anymore…

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