Trump argues for border wall in primetime address

Farmers are not getting their subsidies, 800,000 federal workers are not being paid and pilots are warning about airline security.


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  1. United Stated Code; Citation 10 Section 284
    The Secretary of Defense may provide support for the counter drug activities,
    or activities to counter trans-national organized crime that include the building of
    roads, fences/barriers and lighting to block drug smuggling corridors into the United States.

    Where they drive down and take a right of left, where there is no Wall, is a corridor.
    Build that Steel Ballard Fence

    President Trump can have Secretary of Defense do this without declaring a State of Emergency.

    Please forward this to President Donald J. Trump

  2. Holy crap! Everyone calm the f down! It's 5.7 billion, pennies comparatively… If the dems would acquiesce to the friggin President, this will end promptly. No one is removing freshman AOC from her post, but she's cooking up a communist coupe. The people voted for these people, let them make a mess, and hold them accountable after. That's how it's done. Then the entire world learns from whatever is deemed a mistake. Politics is a hard game, but moron NPCs crying and screaming about every little thing proves that most of us are simply not suited for such, and should really just calm down. The big boys and girls are working on it, so stand out of the way so they can get shit done. If they make mistakes, they will be accountable for it.

    A wall ultimately means more protection for Americans, that's you and me, so think about it. But on the flip side, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for radical socialism, aka communism, she's starting to mirror many of the infamous despots that came before, she is an idealist communist thru and thru, yet she's just starting out, and she's already growing a following. She wants TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO PAY FOR HER AGENDAS! And the results would be unknown, but we can track the results of Trump's wall, and it's only some billions. America needs to get its priorities straight, and stop playing into the drama because it is fashionable…

  3. WE NEED A SOUTHERN SECURE BORDER WALL. I'm 100% in favor of legal immigration as Trump is and want much more legal immigration than we have now. However, we unfortunately need the wall to protect our southern border! We absolutely need to know who and why people are entering the U.S. Walls really work in this regard. I get that there are other ways to illegally enter the US that we need to address as well. But look at Israel and what implementation of their border wall did there before you ignorantly or lazily comment that walls don't work. (Youtube – what US can learn from Israel's security barriers) They dramatically help the overall security of a nation. Ignorant fools, or lying hypocrites would lock their homes, and cars, and then claim walls don't work and promote open borders to anyone, which will destroy any country. Since we know most people likely aren't either of the former, this issue then once past the obvious deceptive ploy by Democratic party leadership, is really all about political power for the Democratic party PERIOD! They want the power and control they will obtain demographically by illegal immigration for generations to come. Democratic leaders know the idea of allowing open borders will eventually decimate our nation on every level within decades. However democratic leaders don't care because they want power, money, and control. Let them open up their homes to whoever wants in, whenever they want, pay all their medical bills, give them their money and food, and tell us how that works out first. Democrats are willing to sacrifice our national sovereignty for complete control of what would eventually become the world's largest socialist banana republic here in the US, just like a massive failed Venezuela. The failed leaders in control in Venezuela are not suffering. It's all the deceived citizens who voted in socialism 20 years ago with promises of taking from the rich and giving to the poor through failed socialism, which are now desperately suffering starvation in a rich land with more oil reserves than any country in the world. Democrats who are against the wall, won't do for Americas security what they all do for themselves when at home, which is lock the door. They also install security systems, build walls, fences, and hire police forces with guns, to keep out unwanted intruders, or worse outright criminals, thieves, rapists, kidnappers, murderers, etc. Think about it and don't be fooled. Support a secure border wall. God bless America!

  4. I can see better uses for the money .. health insurance for all and why should they pay for the wall that you said Mexico would pay for

  5. We are being played like pawns, they have us right where they want us. It's time for the American people to stand United and stand up to the tyranny of our now corrupt government. They have us divided but is there really that much of a difference between us?. In the end we only want what we believe is right for ourselves, our family and our country. For many years we have been able to meet half way as any relationship we must respect both sides and not be ignorant. Republican , Democrat…. dont you see they are purposely dividing us because we are weaker when we are fighting amongst ourselves. No matter your political party we are all American people , we should treat each other as we treat our family because in the end our country will fall if we do not stand United. Together we will stand , against the evil in this nation, to drive out those who stand against our constitution. We are the Backbone and Foundation of this country, without us there is not a United States of America. We have been overly lenient with our government , I believe it is time we remind them why we came to this continent in the first place and how we managed to get this far. Am I wrong?

  6. I know this will be hard to understand so read closely. The only reason the fear instigating woes coming from donnie are true is because the "aliens" can't find legal work. Forced into poverty creates crime, creates opportunity to hire people for permits on the dollar bc it's under the table.
    Maybe 20% off america wants a wall…
    Are you going to kick your fellow Americans off their property to build it? Are you going to personally go down there and build it, and then run security?

    This is the most moronic shutdown in my entire life and it's going to cause a revolution. Chuck aaaand Nancy's response was spot on, but no one listens to zombies. Bernie's response though was heroic

  7. It’s not a manufactured crisis. There were over 300k apprehensions at the southern border last year. That is a crisis. Americans voted for this wall when they elected Trump, even when Hillary spent more than twice as much money during election, and the media constantly ripped him apart.

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