The latest details in case against Kevin Spacey

The 18-year-old who said that actor Kevin Spacey groped him at a Nantucket bar in 2016 took Snapchat video of the alleged assault, and investigators have that video, according to a criminal complaint.




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  1. As a straight man myself I truly despise rapists and sexual assaulters whether it happens to a female or a male period. Also whether they are a heterosexual or a homosexual at the end of the day no means no because I find it so disgusting and evil how humans can just rape someone for no apparent reason. I understand as human beings we love having sex but in the same time it must be consensual. If a man rapes a woman he should be punished immediately and if a woman falsely accuses a man of rape then she should be punished as well because rape is not a joke. It does not matter whether they are attractive, or they are drunk with alcohol, or high on drugs, or how horny you are, or if they have a medical issue and if they are wearing lesser clothes it is absolutely sinister. There is no excuse for that type of behaviour because it is a crime and a sin. We all need to have self-control and self-discipline. We humans need to follow the three principles of life compassion, empathy and love to have a more perfect union.

  2. So he touched the leg of someone who told him he was 23. I still have not heard a single thing that makes Kevin Spacey out to be the bad guy. Why cant you have drinks and flirt with someone as they are encouraging you, especially if they tell you they are of age? That guy that set him up should be sued for lying and wasting everyones time with this bullshit story

  3. Quick! Right now, try to stick your hand down YOUR OWN pants… not real easy, is it? Now imagine trying to stick your hands down the pants of a quick moving teen boy who does not want you doing that. Grabbing from the outside is one thing, but sticking your hand DOWN INSIDE someones pants and actually touching their you know what? It didn't happen. More fake news. I believe Kevin, I trust Kevin. This might be the case that beats some of these money-grubbing celebrity chasers back a bit. Soon enough, we will know the full truth! We love you Kevin!

  4. I DONT CARE WHO IT IS HOW FAMOUS a person is…. You touch me ANYWHERE without my permission I am fucking knocking your ass out cold hard and fast !

  5. This is how the Illumati talk too each other, symbolism. This is a
    threat to Prince Charles & Andrew to expose the pedophilia. Pull
    some strings or I am taking you down. He is holding a Royal Cup. Message

  6. If someone tries to assault you, what is YOUR natural reaction? Please select. (1) Push him away and warn him (2) Just get the hell out of there (3) Let him slowly assault you and take snapchat videos of it (4) Just let him assault you and then complain years later…but let your mother know FIRST!

  7. One thing that really tickles me about SJW's is that they actually think there's some scale of justice in society… Well, let me inform your self-righteous, delusional selves, that there is not. In society there is the rich, powerful and well connected, and then there's all the rest. The former do as they please and the rest are hung up to dry. Spacey is simply a sacrificial lamb (who bleated too loudly), to give a semblance of justice where none actually exists…

  8. I don't know about the other allegations against Kevin Spacey but this is clearly BS. You can't cry 'rape' while standing there and filming the assault. The story about having to 'prove' it to his girlfriend is just ridiculous. This guy smelt a paycheck from a mile away and his mother is just as bad. They should both be charged with attempted blackmail. What a kick in the face for the victims of real sexual assault.

  9. So Spacey put his hand on a drunken 18 year old's crotch– that's a crude idea of romance, but it's not illegal. He was 18, not 8, and he could have said, "I'm not interested," or "get your hands off me." or words to that effect. Since when is it illegal to make sexual advances to someone you desire? If you persist after being told your attentions are unwanted, that's another thing, but they are trying to make this sound like forcible rape.

  10. Ok 18 year old goes to a bar with a camera ready to record an incident… he lies about his age and so the person he is with for how long was it..over an hour, thinks it is consensual sex with an adult and now the 'victim' wants hims to go to prison?
    why didnt he run in that time… if he was too drunk to run how was he not too drunk to film and when you tell prospective sexual partners you are older than you are then what the hell do you think is going to happen to you…
    all he had to do was say no but even in his own testimony he claims he didnt say no he encouraged Spacey… come on guys this is wrong..
    Spacey is a creep and I wouldnt go near him but I think this one is a money grab by the so called victim

  11. This guy is full of shit. He’s in the closet bi or gay and doesn’t want to tell his mom. He was enjoying it. Why would you lie about your age if you were just asking for an autograph? Why would you be bragging to your girlfriend and Snapchatting while you were being “sexually assaulted.” You are drinking underage in your workplace, too. You are surrounded by your coworkers and friends who witnessed it but none of them came to your aid? You didn’t call any of them over to help you out? This is a cash grab. His mom is trying to get a pay day.

  12. Holywood is a cesspool. Mothers prop up their teenagers to make money, actors and actresses perform sexual favors to secure roles. It's not just holywood but the art scene in general is like that. Artists being cray-cray and sexually devious is as old as Rome. The true crime here is Kevin Spacey getting thrown under the bus so the rest of the cesspool can virtual-signal and pretend they are any better. Prince dated a 17-year-old girl and nobody cares. All this character assassination simply to have a PC moment. Ridiculous.

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