Subway attack latest

New York police arrested the man accused of shooting 10 commuters. He’s set to appear before a judge on Thursday. ABC News’ Faith Abubey has new details on how they tracked him down.


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  1. I supported cops for years. I spoke in their favour. I defended (and continue to) their legit actions & shootings. But the NYPD & Port Authority police are inept, overreaching & under performing. There were NO patrols at or near the scene, and this shooter walked right past everybody. No cameras worked. Totally screwed up. Could've been an inside job because there is simply no visual proof. Any bad cop or criminal could plant evidence or coerce a confession. When I am speaking out about police, then we KNOW we are heading into dark times. At this point, I suggest people protect themselves & consider defunding these departments. Check my comment history. You'll see the complete opposite, but I see firsthand inept failures by the police forces in NYC.

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  5. LoL… NOW people are questioning the safety of the Subway system? 🤨
    Yeah, they’ll forget in 2 weeks…
    Been a problem for decades, and much worse has happened… 0 changes besides a couple extra guys on duty and of course cameras (but most are inadequate for things like this, cause they’re always just focused on threshold areas. Any other spot, you could rob, steal, attack someone without being seen ! … 🤦‍♂️

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  8. The mayor: We got him

    Suspect: now hold up, I called myself in . Where’s my reward money.

    This feels like a comedy skit Peter griffin would pull. Dead ass 💀💀💀

  9. Why is so much of this story being suppressed? This was a hate crime! Also his channel that he ranted on has been deleted. I can’t find any of his rants on YouTube except super obscure channels with random pieces of his video diaries

  10. This guy's motives seem similar to Charles Manson's, "starting a race war." He is similarly smug at arrest and will probably act up at his trial, like Manson did.
    Saving grace is that he apparently did not have a group of followers acting on his orders.
    This guy obviously is mentally ill.

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  13. And the American Beeble believe the narrative that this chunky guy
    Did the shooting and escaped using a smoke screen 😂

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