23 thoughts on “Sen. Kevin Cramer said failure to ban late-term abortions inspired him to run

  1. Kevin Cramer you TWO FACED BASTARD, Armenians will not forget your treachery
    God will remember how you betrayed the 1.5M Armenian Christians that were butchered by your Turkish muslim friends.

    When dealing with God one cannot sacrifice the truth for any reason.

  2. If you are not from North Dakota, please understand this; Fargo is the biggest, and most liberal city in North Dakota. Cramer understands that if he loses enough of the Fargo vote, he could lose the state in the next election. If he takes a hard line position on abortion, (as he "promised" here in this campaign speech), he might lose his Senate seat (Do I have to tell you guys what to do next?)

  3. And as of yet, this Senator has not appeared in front of the Red River Abortion clinic in Fargo, to protest the killing of babies at that "clinic". I have called his office numerous times, asking when he will appear to make good on his campaign promise. He has not, and probably will not do so.

  4. People who get any type of abortions should of been aborted let me tell you something I was raped and my son who was conceived is almost 6 months old I did not abort him nor did I even think of abortion … this guy needs to be aborted somewhere else he is a a disgrace

  5. All I hear is people trying to tell WOMEN why they should or shouldn’t have an abortion…when was the last time you allowed a fucking stranger tell you what to do with your life? The way I see it, if you’re not gonna help support that child or you don’t know the circumstances of the pregnancy, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP and let that person make her own choices. Last time I checked were still in America and no fucking Nazi Germany. So stay the fuck out of people’s business if you’re only providing an opinion and you’re not planning on actually helping out or supporting the child.

    Oh and for those that will bring religion into this, well….you, you’re god, or whatever the fuck you call the fantasy man can go fuck yourselves and y’all can shove your dumbass story book up your asses. Yeah, that’s my opinion, but guess what? I ain’t trying to tell y’all what to believe in or what to do with your lives, im simply saying is…y’all and all y’alls beliefs can respectufully go fuck yourselves.

    Sincerely a grown ass 31 year old man!

  6. Extinguishing the life of a baby, for a self centered convenience ,  is a violent repudiation of that baby's right to come into the family of life.  Its everyone's duty to defend and protect the unborn.

  7. fuck this guy……who is gonna pay for all there fucking unwanted baby's ????🙄 women drop your baby's off on Republicans doors….. it's the only way to show them.

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