Russians making ‘minimal progress’ in eastern Ukraine: Officials | ABCNL

Russia’s progress in Ukraine’s Donbas region remains “minimal at best,” according to U.S. officials. ABC News national security analyst Mick Mulroy breaks down the latest developments in the war.

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26 thoughts on “Russians making ‘minimal progress’ in eastern Ukraine: Officials | ABCNL

  1. If Russia loses this war or is simply severely weakened by the operations and sanctions, then the entire world will be at risk from a humiliated 3rd-world nation with thousands of nuclear weapons. For the security of the world and the human race, it's better that Russia wins this one. That's just reality. Billions of lives are at stake.

  2. Bottom line as I understand it is the Ukrainian military forces can defend themselves and are more than capable given the proper tools. Our role as proxy may have implications? We'll just have to wait and see about that. No doubt this conflict will prove that mechanized armies better think twice in the future, given these new hand held missiles that have proven very deadly; a true David against Goliath situation if ever there was one! Amazing military technology.

  3. 🙏 The good news is that the NAZI finally let the civilian hostage to escape. I bet the NATO bandit gangsters are going to loss the war this time. Despite they are inferential in propaganda, with the same technique that produced Iraq WMD washing powder evidence.

  4. Let's all just continue our prayers as we been doing since the start of all this a few months ago. Even though since 2014 fighting in the east of Ukraine has been on going before the start of this war by Putin many people perished in those 8 years. But since the so challed official start of the war as declared by Putin in March many have passed on in the name of defending their right to freedom. No matter our differences, race, color or creed; Prayers will be heard and the call to an end will surface. For Russia instigated and started this war so let's pray President Putin can feel the love of the word of God and the cries of humanity to seize all military action and just apologize or step down and let a new leader of Russia do the right thing. As when Hitler died in WW2 and Germany became part of the New World. So should Russia. Mistakes happen. Quit being a bully and accept love and peace President Putin of Russia. Its okay bro.


  6. Tucker Carlson!! look at these shots.– army of fascist russia !! raped women and children – girls and boys. and from above passed tanks ..
    Killed children under 10 with signs of rape and torture. they were found in the city of Irpin.

    children with torn genitals!
    Tucker Carlson! what to do with the Nazis? castrate.
    Tucker Carlson!! you need to go to Irpen, Bucha, Borodyanka, Chernihiv. see with your own eyes the atrocities of the fascists of Russia!
    can Putin pay you money?
    you are a good person. imagine how these children suffered and screamed !!

  7. the right help is provided by the United States-Biden.
    There are a lot of Russian illegals in America. Many of them support Putin the fascist.
    they can pose a threat to American society. advocating for Putin, they are provocateurs in the country. They are maintained by Putin and sponsored by MONEY, CREATING DISSATISFACTION.
    These people need to be identified. the FBI should have lists of Putin's people.
    Putin's people must be sent to Russia immediately,lovers of russia must live in russia.
    There are politicians, public people who love Russia and Putin.

  8. In an emergency, Russia launched a strategic nuclear missile into Kiev, and the nuclear missile hit a residential area, killing 5,781 people. Nuclear radiation has begun to spread rapidly, and the International Atomic Energy Agency has intervened urgently to measure the dose of nuclear radiation!

  9. For those who still think the US government cares about Ukraines sovereignty, here some American politicians:
    Adam Schiff: “The US aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there and we don’t have to fight Russia here”
    Nancy Pelosi: “…we keep sending weapons till the fight is done”
    Jason Crowe: “We’re not interested in stalemates, not in going back to the status-quo. The US is in this to win it”

  10. Omg, Russia strategy is totally flawed. You can't win a war by occupying 1/7 of the country and with their nerve ctr still operational. The remainder 6/7 of the country will slowly and surely eat you up. Either you occupy totally or retreat completely. Looks like is going to be a long dragging war. The only loser is the people suffering from it

  11. . AZOV troops have also been killing their own people and Russia was not in those towns long enough to hunt down, kill and bury all those people found. Do the sums, learn math & check near maps where the Russians were and where the AZOV troops were. They won’t you to think other wise just like there is no UFO’s or Bigfoot

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