Minnesota officer fatally shoots 20-year-old Daunte Wright

Police said the officer accidentally discharged a gun instead of a Taser when she killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on Sunday. Protests erupted overnight.


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50 thoughts on “Minnesota officer fatally shoots 20-year-old Daunte Wright

  1. Everyone that is black know's that this woman.
    Will be back to work as soon as they declare her innocent or guilty she will be back to work. Businessas usual. Because that's exactly what the police unions does. Any police that has been charged with
    Assaulting Anyone black.
    The unions makes sure that they are back to work immediately. They'll place her, in some other police department, near her home.

  2. Im not even a cop. And i know darn straight that even ex cops and anyone you ask would know… that if the four/three cops in this case were as skilled as they say that they were… They would have told this person to get out of the vehicle… WALK TO THE FRONT OF THE DANG CAR. AND PLACE YOUR HANDS ON THE HOOD, Then CUFF HIM… why was he in reach of the steering wheel??????????

  3. I first saw this, there was an air refreshner on the scene saying that that was why Daunte was killed. This is completely different from what I understood to be the truth.

  4. She pulled out the gun in there is about 8 to 10 seconds before she pulls the trigger and with that she saying tasser 3 time and you didn't notice it was the gun when tasser is yellow and black and weighs less..

  5. Well the guy was mixed race. Many people in Minnesota have an issue with and so did Kim. Don't be too hard on her it was some sexual tension she disliked. Look at here Facebook and you understand how hard those sinful thoughts weight on here. Not a case of racism.

  6. I long for the day where people can use lethal force when they see a police about to kill someone. Thatll will be the real hero. Not the ones recording!

  7. Yes a mistake. Why did he run. This would not be a conversation if he hadn't run. Yet there rioting and causing damage to businesses and people that were not involved. He had a warrant. He broke the law. He should of cooperated.

  8. why arent they showing the videos of this kid smoking weed while driving a car with a gun in his lap??

    it happened a few days before he decided to resist arrest?

  9. My heart goes out to the parents & loved ones.
    This is happening to much,I can understand why people don't feel safe when the police stop them. I am not judging all police when I say this.
    I really believe better training is needed,something really needs to change.
    This is heart breaking,loosing a child is just beyond words.

  10. That female cop knew that she had her gun and not a stun gun how stupid is she really. She did it on purpose and no feeling of guilt crossed her mind as she starting shooting a 20 year old.
    Well now his family and daughter does not have him in their lives because that stupid b#!$@.
    We all feel sympathy for his mother and father his baby girl and family.

  11. The officer made a horrible mistake….that kid's death wasn't intentional….she even said "I'm gonna taze you"….she by no means meant to kill him! This isn't a 'BLACK' thing….he shouldn't have tried to run….very sad all around.

  12. People want other people killed.
    The police are hired by the people, to work for the people and kill some people who hired the police to kill them.

    The boy's family is paying the Police to do that too. The family paid to have their son shot and killed by Police. Just like all the other people's families are doing too.

    So what's the problem?

    It's allright to pay Police and send Police to kill people, until the police kill people?

    That's NOT talking about justified or unjustified Police killings.
    That's just talking about people want other people (themselves) shot and killed; and people are paying killer cops to kill people (them).

    Here's the sickest part:
    People want themselves (other people) killed and are paying police to kill them. Then people complain about the Police killing them, and want the Police to stop killing them; while people continue paying police killers to continue killing them with impunity.


    So, what's the problem?

    The people are the government who is hiring the police to kill them. Right?

    So what's the problem?

    No Justice No peace?

  13. Maybe their little angel wasn't exactly a little angel… https://youtu.be/9qrnAaYI76Q

    This video is totally contradictory of his family's description of this kid as a well raised little angel whom in my view should have been shot in the ass to teach him a lesson but not extra-judicially murdered at point blank range.

  14. Was he a target? police run plates when they stop you and they speak on warrants and your crimes. She knew he would flee once stopped, look how many officers were there. If you value life do what's right. Tickets and fins are better than being killed..we make choices people..think about your child etc. first

  15. No one is dumb enough to have that many cops on them and try to drive off and think for one second they won't get shot. Cop shows, movies, TV etc. show the same results when you try to flee. Some of them lived after random shots from many officers. She picked the spot knowing that one shot will end it all, look how she moved in and picked the spot and shot..in order to do this you see your weapon barrel. with a taser you point and shoot

  16. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ oh well, another person that don’t want to listen to the cops When will people learn to obey. Stop protesting and rioting over criminals.

  17. You know it's a lot of people out there look at this young man since like they don't send they put cops as gods they ain't no gods it's only one God so whoever murder or kill someone that's a sin so you can put a police on a pedestal but they will get judged let's see if you can stop that and I will say God don't make no mistakes when he put the wicked here and the good here 90% of the time some people thinking they're real good and they're the wicked

  18. And guess what. Everyone says this is racial profiling but humans aren't perfect, everyone makes mistakes. And it all happened because he tried getting away. Nothing would have happened if he would have just stayed put.

  19. The haters made up their minds as soon as the uniform and skin color was shown. No facts, truth, or law are needed. Just another "peaceful" protest each day and riots each night.

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