Minnesota Governor: Chauvin Guilty Verdict Is ‘Important Step Towards Justice’ | NBC News NOW

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz reacted to Derek Chauvin being convicted on all counts in the death of George Floyd. Walz said, “This is the floor, not the ceiling of where we need to get to.”
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Minnesota Governor: Chauvin Guilty Verdict Is ‘Important Step Towards Justice’ | NBC News NOW


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49 thoughts on “Minnesota Governor: Chauvin Guilty Verdict Is ‘Important Step Towards Justice’ | NBC News NOW

  1. His last words: I can't breathe. Why didn't he say I'm sorry for defrauding these folks and seeing that he was remorseful the grip on him might have been released? Anyone that has ever been a victim of crime would have breathed a sigh of relief. Chauvin was not tried by a jury of his peers. Everyone knows that when it comes to police, it is them and us. A black officer might have pounded Floyd until he was senseless. Who is to blame? Chauvin 10%. Floyd 90%. Police are not expected to be saints. They have a difficult job to do and cannot allow themselves to be influenced by how bystanders believe they should conduct themselves in this kind of situation. Given his condition, Floyd might have dropped dead from stress while merely standing up.

    In a wider context, by his action in which he had to be forcibly removed from his car, Floyd essentially declared his right to commit crime. Police are continually squeezed between two opposing forces and when our lawmakers do not stand behind them, they cannot help but be cynical, believing that their sacrifice is in vain.

    Sentence should be apportioned based on fault. If Chauvin is given twenty years it should be reduced to ten percent of that with time to be served two years.

  2. Educate and incorporate black history and etc all year round in schools so non minorities don't grow to look 👀 at us as if we are lesser as well as being nervously on edge around people of color And so they also have some ethnic awareness of some sort. But when u learn about whites 90% of the time in school. Then end up with narrow minded children and us minorities feel brainwashed.(friction)!

  3. Those 23 unlikes the video must be racist GOP (or should I call you QGOP?).
    We the people will vote you out, despite your voter suppression.
    That is a promise, count on it❗

  4. I can't believe you at UTube censored me for complimenting the Israelis & for using the word "Integrity" on them not looting Berlins Walmart after the sho'ah.🤣

  5. Am I the only one who feels he should not have been found guilty on all charges ? The mob threatened to burn the city, so of course GUILTY! Mob Rules..

  6. One small step, but yet way too many bigots still have a voice. Make racism a chargeable offense…period. It's the most ignorant stance anyway. Js

  7. Guilty !!!!!!!!Poycott any and all business that require a "Vaccine Passport tracking app system World ID" even if you do get vaccinated .. Useless you wanna help split society even more…. Airlines can easily have vaccinated and non- vaccinated flights they just don't want to … And they shouldn't be getting anymore ( payoffs ) I mean bailouts for running of their own customers ….eitheR

  8. Since 2005, there have been less than 50 cops convicted for homicide or manslaughter.
    Yet 1000+ citizens, mostly PoC, are murdered/killed by cops every year.
    This is unacceptable. It has to change. NOW —–>>> Support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act!

  9. Let's see if this governor actually does anything to help change policing…your state has been in the news ALOT!! Be a good part of history…YOUR legacy could be great…but I'm not believing it's gonna be!

  10. Damnit, I needed a new computer and MCM book bag for college next fall! Hopefully we get a better outcome in Brooklyn police shooting!

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