Manhunt underway after packages sent to CNN, Democrats

The FBI is calling the investigation urgent and asking for the public’s help after pipe-bomb packages were sent to CNN and key Democratic figures.


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36 thoughts on “Manhunt underway after packages sent to CNN, Democrats

  1. The alleged bomber Cesar Sayoc has several criminal history including battery drugs fraud grand theft and his worst crime is being a RepubliCUNT and Trumptard.Shame on you Trump sycophants you're a bunch of criminals, racists and terrorists.

  2. This is bull another why for Liberals to try to blame real Americans when they set this up he even made sure to be seen at a Trump rally to seem legit

  3. america is a great country. but this shit is planned by some high up rich folks who never used usps before. these shit will not and cant not arrived at the same day,same day and not go off. lmfao. its like one of those old stories of queen something telling hungry folks to eat cake. what a joke lmfao.

  4. The most hated people the most lying corrupt pieces of shit scum of thy earth. The once that profit of one of the most corrupt president in our time. They also don't hold power accountable they are the lap dogs of government both the left and the right corporate corrupt media I find this situation a real funny with A I don't give a fuck I don't give a fuck about any of this cunt traitors against the people. I'm calling this crazy fuck the PC bomber sounds about right all targets are champs for political correctness I consider them the racist left that uses minorities as tools/shields for their bullshit propaganda.

  5. Wow, looking at the barrage of comments to this YouTube video is really depressing. Its all Fake News this Propaganda that Evil Democrats this and Trump is Jesus that. Makes me wonder what is going on with people who post these kinds of comments.

  6. Hoax. None of the postage was cancelled. There is no way parcels would make it through a postal center without cancelled postage. None exploded. If these were real proximity devices the timer would be redundant. Hoax. Total hoax.

  7. What a crazy coincidence that every single one was mailed on the exact same day and none of them went off..
    It's almost as if this was a complete fucking setup just like the trump pee-gate at this exact same time two years ago….

  8. It couldn't be the party of incivility cut it you know the ones calling for Democrats not to be civil under any circumstances remember when you point the finger you have three of them pointing back at you kind of strange huh incivility

  9. All of these videos covering the suspicious packages started out the day with about a 9:1 like to dislike ratio. Between 10:30AM and 11:30 EVERY video covering the attack has changed to about a 2:1 ratio. If this isnt proof that russian trolls are STILL trying to cover up valid new reporting, IDK what is.

  10. Pipe bomb is fake, there’s no stamp verifying it went through the mail. Plus everyone who received a suspicious package is about to be indicted for crimes against the US Citizens. Don’t listen to DISNEY NEWS!!!

  11. I think it must be some kids in the trailer park in the 909. The ones that shot Rudolf and Santa. That or more likely the FBI or other government agency. The 909 kids would set it off and could not afford to mail it. Maybe a postal worker ?

  12. Somebody's got a real problem! We ALL hope none of them explode, or hurt anyone, or cause any damage, anywhere – right guys?

    I dont care WHO you're voting for, This is a sick mind, that sends out random hate packages, that could harm just about anyone : young or old, voter or not, repub or dem! It doesnt matter : Its just pure Hate, looking for a random target!

    This is not how we do politics in this country, we don't hurt random people, working in mail rooms, for probs. minimum wage, that never hurt anyone!

    So get a grip, 'Mad Bomber'! We're better than this!

    🇺🇸Voting is our real power, and we ALL get to use it next month, at the polls!

    See you ALL there – I hope!!

  13. Yea but what if its biological warefare instead of bombs? There whas just a ricin attack prev to this and i hope they treatin the packages as bombs as well as biological warfare or they could end up releasing some horrible shit not realizing and we got a whole lot of people pissed off at us atm thx to our govt 🙁

  14. Geez wasn't hillery just in Florida,how do packages get somewhere without postal marks,diversion tactic just before election time,so obvious to send fake bombs to themselves to play the victim, and who but them has their address,not buying it

  15. The FBI is going to do the investigation???? This is the same FBI that investigated Hillary and let her off the hook because Comey said she didn't delete her emails intentionally….EVEN THOUGH the federal statute that covers those charges clearly states that a crime has been committed whether or not there was an element of intent. Oh yes, we'll get a straight answer from THIS investigation for sure. SMH.

    And one other thing. Why is this clown reading news reports on the air? Weren't there any qualified journalists available the day this schmuck got the job?

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