Man cleared of charges by his mom’s Facebook post

A time stamped, geo-located selfie proved to be the ultimate alibi for a man who was possibly facing life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.


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25 thoughts on “Man cleared of charges by his mom’s Facebook post

  1. Jesus this makes me so angry. I don’t know how any man can trust a woman enough to date or marry nowadays. Not saying they are all like that but it’s too many and the American Justice System is a JOKE. Lock that bitch up! Poor guy.

  2. Welcome to the Home of Murica where SJW rules this country. I gotta love how she got a fair trial for…. i don't know? A fabrication that cost this person's life.
    I honestly love how she's a fucking psychotic bitch and got away with it. Good job Murica – make sure we get more resent.

  3. Sounds like a vindictive little biotch who was pissed over being dumped! False accusations deserve consequences, especially when the innocent party faces prison. 180 days isn't long enough! Not only does she deserve MORE prison time, she should have to pay restitution for the attorney fees they paid and for the anguish she put him and his family through! Maybe then, she'd think twice before making false accusations again! Time to make an example out of such liars!

  4. "Violently slashing her with a box cutter!" Really? The cuts shown in the photo were precise, calculated and clean! Nothing violent about the cuts at all. Even if she had remained still the cuts wouldn't have been that neat and constant if they were done "violently". If I was the investigating officer, I'd have known she was lying the moment I saw the cuts. The police have some questions to answer!!

  5. This is why you never forget to say “Happy Mother’s Day “ 👍🏻👍🏻 for this mom… and a very unjust system exposed by her. His so called victim can receive up to 180 days in jail while he was looking at life… Does this make sense to anyone else???

  6. It's a shame that false accusers are considered as a kind of irresponsible children ('don't do it again') but not as fully responsible adults that deserved and need to be punished by the attempt of ruining the life of someone. In terms of real justice, the law could propose that in case of false accusation (deliberated and with the sole purpose of revenge, like in this case), the false accuser will go to jail for a significative period of time, for example, 5 up to 8 years. Otherwise, irresponsible people like this woman will always try to destroy other people knowing that nothing significant will occur to them if the plan fails. Sorry for my bad English

  7. 100 years for what? Murder? Those are marks on me when me and my dog are having a holiday together. That judge so naive, must be sentenced along with the girl.

  8. "She could be looking at 180 days in prison"!!! There's your equality. what a fucking joke. This man spent 9 months in mental hell during the entire investigation. Makes me want to vomit.

  9. Cops, Judges, DA's and jurors need to be given life sentences when they get it wrong and the arrests lead to wrongful convictions. You can bet your ass they will start to do their jobs properly.

  10. All the people telling that we should put her in prison for the same amount of his crime. You get a bit too emotional here.

    If they were to do that actual victims would KEEP SHUT because guilt isn't always proven. Imagine if a case fails for the real victim you don't want that. We can never know when false accusations happen but there should be a stricter sentence but not for life come on…

  11. Come on now. What kind of little baby cut was that? And who attempts to do damage by cutting an X? Or a T, call it what you will. I can't believe he got arrested to begin with.

  12. As a proud wife to a wonderful husband, a sister to 3 brothers and Mom to a young son, this makes me sick!!!!! Females who lie and try to ruin a man's life should face serious jail time. I'm a strong woman and proud of it, but I don't want special treatment based on my gender. Glad this Mom fought for her son!

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