Lyft wants to pay users to give up their car

Lyft co-founder and President John Zimmer talks new “Ditch with Lyft” initiative, plus the future of autonomous vehicles and potential company IPO, with ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis.


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49 thoughts on “Lyft wants to pay users to give up their car

  1. WHat a joke bwaahwaaahwaaaa! $10k/yr? Only if you're an idiot leasing a BMW w/high insurance. Notice he said, "it's because we're investing in our customer, the people behind the biz", yeah that means he's not investing in drivers AT ALL! Total tech whore slave labor scumbags.

  2. I pay up to $243 a week for a car that us making me sick. I asked to switch cars but they told me not until 28 day renewal. I'm sick from this dirty hertz lyft car and they dont car. I'm already below poverty line when I began this job. Also lyft app seems to glitch my phone or go silent when I'm close to hitting a bonus in order to bring rental payment down. How do they get away with cheating us?

  3. greedy scumbag liar POS doesn't give a shit about the drivers. people need to realize Lyft is worse than uber in all the ways they think Lyft is better. financially, politically, etc. Lyft is basically a criminal company #FuckLyft

  4. So Lyft and Uber are working for the same goal, having everyone out of their cars (permanently) in 10 years. These people are elitist!! Agenda 2030!! Promoting public transportation, bike lanes ( people burned to death in California because they took away car lanes and made bike lanes), scooter, train, city bus, etc. Government controlled company (Lyft, Uber) wanting to have control on how you travel!!!! No Thank you!!! I will keep my car!!!

  5. Scooters and bikes?
    I don't think so.
    Old people; fat people; mothers with babies; rain; snow; wind; cold; heat; grocery shopping; no, no, and no.
    Not on a scooter or a bike.
    Plus, the injury rate on scooters and bikes is pretty high. Broken bones…head injuries…road rash…death.
    Ditching personal cars?
    Zimmer won't ditch his, that's for sure.
    A personal vehicle represents freedom of mobility. Don't need to rely on another person.
    Autonomous cars? Sure, but they won't replace a personal driver.
    For one thing, the driverless taxi has to be cleaned between each ride. Who is going to do that? For another, driverless cars are going to be involved in a lot of accidents. They are already.

  6. My son has driven part time for Uber & Lyft while in college for 3 years now & our whole family has boycotted Uber & Lyft because they are now taking 50-70% away from all trips in NM & other states. Uber & Lyft are exploiting it's drivers & treating them like SH*T.

  7. How much does it cost for Lyft rides? Buses are fairly cheap, but our system runs about 14 hours a day ,so you can not get somewhere at times or get there at all ,because the bus don't go there! It don't run on Sundays or holidays!

  8. Please don't use Lyft. They git rich exploiting drivers by paying them less than minimum wage while letting them absorb all the cost. Stop helping the gig economy become rich on the backs of drivers.

  9. This is genius in its purest form. Do you really want to give your kid a car for college? A plan is safer and you can always track them. Now u can put that investment into your children and yourself. As i said..genius

  10. You need a car to handle business without having to walk to a bus stop and wait. Having a car you can go grocery shopping, pick up kids, and travel. This is a bad idea and it's not safe. These people are complete strangers.

  11. LYFT NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE "NOW" ISSUES! I ditched UBER for LYFT. NOT MUCH BETTER. Lyft needs to give " the rider" more say and NOT rely on what the driver is charging. It costs me $13.00-15.00 to go up the road a mile to get my groceries. I'am a senior citizen living in Hud housing, I'am Poor. When the voice says "one dollar and six cents a mile," then you get charged more, something has to change! The drivers have their own little tricks to add up the minutes so They get more money. EXAMPLE…I live Less than a mile from the beach. This driver took me this way-that way instead of taking a direct , route to the beach. On a return trip from the beach , it cost me $8.00+ to go my "less than a mile" home! SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE-PLEASE FIX IT!

  12. Lyfe doesn't care about The Social Fabric of how we run things, or helping The Enviroment. This is all a Experiment Idea to advance their Company's Growth. Exploiting people whom owns a Car to make more Lucrative. Majority of Car Owner have Money to pay for their Cars, That's why they didn't give that Special Benefit Idea to Homeless People and Non-Car Owners because Mostly like they can't affored it. Which i'm trying to Decipher why Lyfe didn't give this New Special Idea to Homeless and Non-Car Owners in the first place, If guys claim trying to help the enviroment? Lyfe, Stop playing games.

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