Los Angeles prepares for a public memorial service for Kobe Bryant | ABC News

As the city prepares to mourn a legend, FAA reveals pilot in Bryant crash violated safety rules in 2015.

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48 thoughts on “Los Angeles prepares for a public memorial service for Kobe Bryant | ABC News

  1. It was their TIME to leave! We must prepare, WE are all "on call" and can leave at any minute! The Only guarantee we have is, WE are all are going to die! Where we spend eternity is up to us!! 😢🙏🙏❤❤

  2. Unfortunately this is what the conditions might have looked like when
    Kobe, daughter and families lost their lives. Probably worse. As seen
    the mountains are UNSEEN. Very unfortunate. VERY UNFORTUNATE 🙁 California mountain –
    drive upward(climbing). https://youtu.be/KHXLPD0Erjg

  3. I know this may sound crazy but has it crossed anyone’s mind this man could been suicidal and this could been intentional? I don’t think this way but it has crossed my mind

  4. Trash journalism and reporting. Anyone who knows anything about piloting understands that violating flight rules in 2015 had nothing to do with what happened. How about you report how often pilots actually have flight violations.

  5. The Pilot did not do this on purpose. Here is how the Pilot crashed: On the day when Kobe Bryant died, it was so foggy in the sky. The Pilot couldn't see and hit a Mountain. That how the Pilot crashed.

  6. Po to wymyślono duże miasta i internet by nie latać 65 km na wioskę by oszczędzić parę dolców w podejrzany sposób delikatnie mówiąc zarobionych. Szympans miałby wątpliwości czy to wszystko było mądre, dokładnie policzone, dobrowolne i legalne. Tym helikopterem to się ludzi ratuje, krowy zagania, a nie lata ludziom nad głowami.

  7. but why they not ask some paranormal expert
    I already watched here in youtube about spirit session and they ask kobe and alex zobaya about crashing incident and they speak on that they called spirit box and the cause are the fog
    “a lot of fog” kobe said and also said human error, perhaps he overlift the heli over the fog so the engine cause some failure.
    and I beleive on this because a lot of spirit expert did this almost a year in every spirit they want to talk or sometimes randomly
    and I comforatbly satisfied that kobe is still alive but in the other life.🙏😌

  8. If a group of people died in a helicopter crash. Only the affected family will set a memorial service. To the media, tally to the death toll.
    If a famous/well-known person is among the dead. Only the name of that person is mention in the Media, the rest are just numbers. Still the same for the family regardless.
    If a person who did something impact-full to the world (in a positive way) is among the dead. Get several days of coverage on the media, screw the others, they are just numbers (Aren't numbers to the family)
    if a person who did something impact-full to the world (in a negitive way) is among the dead. Unless it your average bad person, get several days of coverage on the media, If innocent victims that are among the dead, maybe a sentence or two (if they are lucky) but that it.

    Can we just say other names as well instead of just Kobe and Glana. They are NOT just numbers.

  9. Digging and digging till they find something. But still don’t forget there were other families mourning. How sad the media can be 😟

  10. The least Vanessa could've done was pay for funeral expenses of the other victims. Instead fans have to "DONATE" 💰 to pay their respects??? Sorry, but making this a "profitable event" is disgraceful.

  11. lets see all military police and fire and rescue helicopters were grounded but a celeb. got special permision to fly hmm realy dumb you just killed yourself your daughter and many familys cause you are rich and powerful tired of seeing this crap on the news its a month old where are the involentary manslaughter charges for all the other victims he convinced to bored that helicopter

  12. Simple and I figured it from the beginning. Helicopter flying during intense fog when law enforcement or not as experienced pilots wouldn’t? The very real existence of spatial disorientation? The pilot is the reason 9 people, including children who haven’t even begun to live yet, died that morning. His mistake was a fatal one. That chopper should’ve never left the ground.

  13. I understand that KB24/8 was legend but can we STOP with the "7 Others" thing EVERY human matters no matter how rude or disrespectful they are

  14. So why are they reporting this is it to make people hate the pilot because im sure its working seems like he had a mistake like a human would and corrected him self but I guess the media needs juicy news.

  15. For a man who played a GAME for a living and got rich?! Seriously?! How about memorializing real family working men??? No wonder our society is sick! We reward games before real hero’s! This man wasn’t a hero, he played a friggin GAME for a living and sit in riches while others watched television..lmfao! Give us a break!

  16. Stop hating on people who are mourning Kobe. Most people knew him and not the others that passed. You shouldn't tell others who to mourn for or make them feel bad. Would you mourn for someone you never heard of or saw?

  17. Let's be honest, we've known/seen Kobe more than the others that perished along with him. It's not that we don't care for the other lives. It's because we didn't know them like we "knew" Kobe. Why are people so upset about that? Is it because he's black and shouldn't deserve all this mourning while the other unknowns are white and should be missed just as much? It's sad but true, most people (if not all) will mourn for the person(s) they know.

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