Italy struggles to contain new coronavirus outbreak l ABC News

The number of novel coronavirus cases has soared to over 150, the most outside Asia, as a dozen Northern Italian towns are on lockdown with the famed Carnival festival canceled.

Dow Jones plummets 900 points as coronavirus cases surge:
China postpones annual parliament session for 1st time in decades amid coronavirus outbreak:
Reporter’s Notebook: Inside the epicenter of the South Korean coronavirus outbreak:

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44 thoughts on “Italy struggles to contain new coronavirus outbreak l ABC News

  1. I like how the mother was ok walking down the street but no mask her daughter lol pretty fucked I'm seeing that here in the U.S. parents going to the store like this woman had a mask but her son who look like he was 7 or 8 years old no mask and she was ok with it shows how much you care about your own child

  2. Why they're aren't wearing a mask in the streets🤔😱 😡😡???? Even reports??? There are no more supply.

  3. As if we are rehearsing the apocalypse! Everybody left their job, their power, their education and they fell into trouble. It reminds us of the horrible day that parents will escape from the parents, parents and siblings from each other in the mahşer square, right? What an invisibly small microbe has feared mankind walking on earth! How helpless we are. If we can look at the events as a lesson, it will be mercy. Our Lord sends us a divine warning in blessed 3 months! Did we understand? Every soul will taste the death! If our fear was not death, but to die with faith, how would it contribute to us? Whenever we take measures to protect against sins, as well as to clean up to protect from the virus, if we fear our Lord as much as we fear the virus and death, If we comply with the bans imposed by our Lord as well as the bans imposed by our state. If we can escape from sins as much as we escape from the virus THEN WE ARE FROM THE REALLY TO THE LIBERATION. While washing our hands, let's take ablution, and get rid of our sins, our spiritual viruses. Because those who escape from sins have the greatest good news and rewards. Just think, Our state is announced live today! "The virus has been completely destroyed. The danger has passed. Go out to the streets " How would we feast, right? Let's think about this. Our Lord is saying. "O my servant, he prevailed over the sins of the rewards. I forgive you. Come on. You can enter as you wish through the 8 heaven gates. I made you a neighbor to my Prophets, now you are from heaven " Who knows what joy did we experience? Think about it, our dear Prophet Hz. Muhammed Mustafa s.a.v is there, all the Prophets (as), sahabe-i kiram, awliya, all our loved ones are there💕

  4. who said mask does not help? it can filter most virus from inhale into lung

    with a mask is better than without mask vaccine wont help at all you have to wait for one year or two to be available meanwhile there is still people who said that this is just ordinary colds flu

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  6. I would stay in my house and eat whatever I can 🍉🍉🍉🍊🍊🍊🥔🌽🥕🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞and stay home

  7. Is the Italy's virus real from China?? It looks like have been spreading in Italy for month. Or China is just the first country detected and reported the virus? like the famous Spanish Flu?

  8. Government says don't be panic because corona only kills 3 – 4% case.. But you know, the common cold or seasonal flu kills 0.1% per year.. Corona is not the flu. It is the biggest disease !!

  9. President Trump needs to give $20,000 per person per household out of that 8 billion dollars to lock down the whole country right now for 4 to 6 weeks call in the National Guard to enforce it and to deliver food to the people and to deliver the sick people to the the hospitals and in six weeks all the cases will be identified and treated and gone and then close the border until other countries do the same and get rid of this virus that is a plan that will work spread this plan around so it gets to the president and the government it's the only way now to stop the pandemic in the early stage or it's going to be a total disaster

  10. Seeing as cruise ships have been rendered useless by this coronavirus, why not use them as mobile quarantine stations throughout the world with proper land-based health procedures to contain the spread. Govt's can pay the cruise companies for use of their ships thus avoiding more disease spread through the general public.

  11. Coronavirus safety suite Carnival masks in Venice. Nice appropriate cover image to soothe spirits of worried people of the public about Italian serious but not dramatical situation. Thank you.

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  13. Top scientists tested the genome of the coronavirus and determined it was consistent with natural mutation. So they say it is only a "conspiracy theory" that the virus originated in Wuhan's BSL-4 virology lab. For some reason, the US media is not reporting on this. Is it possible the coronavirus could have leaked from the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory? Read these links and decide for yourself:

  14. Countries like Italy, Iran and S. Korea (in the beginning) do not respect the problem. Look at the film clip and see how many are wearing masks. In Italy, their culture involves a lot of body contacts (hugging and shaking hands). That is enough to get a hit. These scenario are being talked about in some U-Tube comments weeks ago and they all come true. The Korean church forbid the members to wear mask for a 2 hours service and ended up with an 80% hit rate (Tested 1000 of 2500 and 800 hits). In Iran, did not see a single mask in their government meetings. small observations like this tell you they need to pay more respect to mother nature…. good luck.

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