Guardians of the Amazon (Full Documentary)

As the Amazon Rain Forest faces a crucial tipping point amidst the increase of illegal logging activities, Dan Harris and his team embed with the Guardians, a small indigenous group taking up arms to hunt down illegal loggers and fight for their land.


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31 thoughts on “Guardians of the Amazon (Full Documentary)

  1. Sooner or logaras will be shot on sight in the amazonian Forest the president has assassins a price on his head soon he will die is this fucking idiots want war they will get it a soldier's which are preparing to be deployed in the Amazon rainforest specialise in gorilla tactics they are very well equipped very stealthy weaponry camouflage clothing the best night vision a extended knowledge of booby trap poison and torture methods including venomous snakes insects and plants which give so much pain to the human body without killing it shortly they're like wolves I will stock you learn from you I remember your faces and then they will kill you a slow painful and terrifying death but I doubt anybody will know about this alone about their deployment in a dark Web the side was there only for half a hour as a Declaration Of War it doesn't matter if the Brazilian military goes in you'll be a slaughter for them the Soldiers love jungle environments I've seen the training footage it is brutal there more casualties and deaths during the training and actual combat their eyes almost not human I'm not like they have no soul some would say like a pervert looking at his prey I doubt even the Seal marines or any any military can be the equals when it comes to war killing and the art of the battlefield I checked that side in a dark Web everyday play Sally one message investor is mass genocide or Amazon deforestation and Fire can have a reversible affect have orders only watch and prepare I truly hope but stupid president changes his mind about all of this Connolly 400 ordinary people watching the website in the dark Web in this website discord was talking about how karma is a Bich and this karma for these people is going to prove fatal the website give us a smiley face emoji say What You Give You Take an eye for an Eye blood for blood Evel for evil currently things are getting very interesting Oliver's 400 people who are watching this website is there been an announcement entire activity will be recorded the firefight centre executions of any mercenary lagers and military personnel women and children will be spared for your entertainment we give you permission to watch ass perform all of us are very excited for the upcoming announcement off deployment

  2. Brave Amazonian indegonus warriors! In America we Native Americans were invaded by settlers they claimed our lands just as this documentary depics our ancestors fought for their land. Unfortunately the US government gave all of American lands to frontiers. Now we are on Reservations many American tribes have small reservations. We Navajos are fortunate to have the largest reservation in America. Deforestation is a serious issue. Our earth depends on the Amazon forest. If deforestation continues then our Earth's climate change will worsen. In 2021 global warming is evident. Species of trees and plants are being destroyed forever. And wiping out many species of animals and insects. We need to help these indigenous people to stop illegal logging. We ought to arm the indegonus warriors with AR-15s to defend their land. This is an ecolygical catastrophy the world needs to do something about it. The forest is being devoured at a fast rate.

  3. These guys are going to be labeled terrorists by people such as Bolsonaro like all the other indigenous people in the world who try to speak out they will be repressed. Most of the population of the planet should be fighting this war as hard as these guys are. Ours as well as their future depends on it. It's disgusting how little virgin forest there is left on this planet!

  4. Firstly, my sincere respects to the warriors.
    Secondly, my sincere curses on all the corrupt people involved in destroying Amazon forests. I curse the corrupt people and their families enjoying the fruits of corrupt money, to live a miserable life and die an extremely long duration of many years of dying!
    Corrupt people across the globe should go thru such misery in the same life!
    All gods of the world, do you guys just sit and watch all this. How I wish atleast one of you gods were real to punish the corrupt instantly!!!

  5. "ELES NÃO QUEREM SALVAR A AMAZÔNIA, ELES QUEREM A AMAZÔNIA." Aqui eles podem até antrar, mas jamais vão sair. 🐆🗡🇧🇷

  6. I'm glad to see indigenous people are fighting back against the loggers. they arent just protecting and defending their homes theyre also protecting the environment and Wildlife.

    I can see the anger in the warrior who was speaking and he has every right to be angry.

    indigenous people were pushed out their homes and killed by intruders and missionaries for centuries. generations of indigenous tribes have been wiped out due to European culture of capitalism, communism and economic development.

    if we destroy nature, nature will destroy us because we're making nature sick with all our pollution. karma is real and whatever we do to mother earth will come back to bite us in the ass in the future.

    the warriors who patrol the rainforest are heroes, theyre very brave because its dangerous but they risk their lives to protect their home and nature.

    the indigenous people know that humans should live in harmony with nature and not against it and they have all my respect for what they do.

    I'm happy to see my indigenous people fighting for their rights and nature, they didn't give up and surrender like many native American tribes.

    I applaud those brave indigenous men and hope they get all the help they need to keep the loggers away.

    the president of brazil is a imbecile scum, he's a tyrant who is willing to destroy a beautiful place and its people for profit but what can you expect from a politician with personal interest.

  7. This is why you don't record crimes! AND this is why you shouldn't do logging in the first place! They are destroying the land and they got caught because they recorded it 😒😒

  8. I remember the trees planting during the Brazil Olympics ceremony. It's sad that their don't care😭 UN needs to set up campaign to educate their society on how important their forest is to their future generations 😢

  9. “Wretched people” who “Have no money”!? What a parasitic way to think ~ NOT even WORTH the skin he/ they are Printed on!!
    How can I donate financially to the The Guardians of the Amazon’s cause?

  10. I hope they paid these men to help them fight for the jungle…The amazon is all we have left thats good in this world…its a spiritual connection to the whole earth

  11. Bolsanaro seeks to make His country powerful, so that it will not be exploited by more developed nations.
    The natives seek to continue to live in freedom, on their own land, without interference.
    The " Landless" have nothing from either side, and so face threats from both Thier own government and the natives.
    The ranchers grow the Economy, but sell it to foreign interests.
    There is not one Brazil.
    There are many.
    And the more we multiply that many, the more a glaring truth becomes apparent,
    We are all living in Brazil

  12. We should help them. They need money, tools to protect themselves, education for free. I have seen some documentaries where indigenous individuals went abroad and got education, and then returned home very smart to defend their mother forest.

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