GOP strategist: Ford needs evidence ‘before she destroys a man’s professional life’

George Stephanopoulos interviews Sara Fagen, a GOP strategist, who has said she has known Kavanaugh for 20 years and doesn’t “believe he would harm” anyone.


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26 thoughts on “GOP strategist: Ford needs evidence ‘before she destroys a man’s professional life’

  1. What a capital "H" for HYPOCRITE George Stephanopoulos is. He believes the salacious, unsupported accusations from a Trump hating, Hillary loving, California democrat, about an alleged incident from 36 years ago,  BUT he disbelieves the totally credible accounts of Juanita Broderick, Cathleen Wiley and Paula Jones, who made their complaints immediately after they happened. George Stephanopoulos is the new face of Hypocrisy.

  2. When white men hurt white women America does not care why is it okay for white men to hurt white women and get away with it

  3. Stephanopoulos is the chief anchor and chief political correspondent for ABC News. Prior to joining ABC News, he served as communications director and senior adviser for policy and strategy to President Clinton. He also served as communications director on Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign.

  4. Kavanaugh has lied twice under oath and NO ONES DONE SHIT TO HIM 😡🤬 Now multiple sexual assault from three different women + his gambling addiction – Great Fucking Choice Reds 😤😤

  5. I am a catholic but we have be fair to Mrs Ford regardless of our faith both of them will testify under oath and tell the truth. Before some women started accusing Mrs Ford of lying because sincerely none of them were at that party to witness what had really happened. Therefore why you are so sure that never have occurred. According to Mr Kavanaugh's consistent behaviour displayed in from of his community to keep a stellar reputation for too many years that why you are relying on. Women, we are smart and, we keep their integrity uncompromised. It is sad when someone tells us what to do against our will just because for them it is what they want us to say we have to do it.

  6. Sometimes I think that woman are a different species. They use intuition and feelings instead of fact. It's like they see the world as differently as an eagle and a bat. May be that's where the pejorative, DINGBAT, comes from.

  7. Bill Cosby met with and was friends with thousands of women, that he DIDN'T sexually assault. That's how it works, men who do this,
    do not sexually assault every single woman in their life. They pick and choose because of opportunity. Pedophile Priests do not sexually assault every child that they are around, they are very opportunistic about their victims. Serial rapists have the women, who come out and are shocked because, "He was an upstanding man", He would Never do that, "He was a gentleman", He would never rape anyone, yet these men are found guilty of doing horrible sexual things to women/children/ human beings.

    Just because a person didn't do it to you, is in no way proof that they are not capable. He didn't rape you, therefore, he can not be a rapist, He didn't steal from you. therefore he can not be a thief, he did not murder you, therefore he can not be a murderer. This is not logical thinking. And if any of the people in my life, that have tried to assault me, ever put themselves as a righteous upstanding person without at the very minimum of speaking to ME and saying they are sorry or that they have changed their lives or some attempt at an explanation…………….anything, I would do the exact thing that Ms. Ford did. A person who tried to rape and never own up to it does not get to act like they are the moral authority. They are attempted rapists who didn't get arrested is all. And no boys are not boys….. because not all boys try to rape people. Not all boys try to do sexual things to a girl who is telling them to stop. That is why this is so important, NOT ALL MEN DO THIS. So stop protecting the ones who did/ do / will.

    You don't report when you are told it was your fault. You had to have done something, you should have fought harder, why were you friends with him, why didn't you know he was going to change and rape you, you must have wanted it. You'll ruin his life, well he tried he didn't actually rape you, it was just horseplay that got out of hand and you misconstrued what happened. You need concrete proof that this happened ………….. the same old story just keeps happening…..

  8. "one of the finest people I have ever known" says trump … this basically just means more corrupted people he knows. That's all the people he knows including himself.
    It's amazing how trump, clearly dangerously unprincipled and an unrepentant liar gathers around him people of the same ilk. Kavanaugh before the senate proved to be a master of obfuscation and now a boldfaced liar. And conceivably another felon guilty of crime.

  9. This happened (if it did) in HIGH SCHOOL!! For christ sake! HIGH SCHOOL. 30 + years ago. He is not the same dumb kid now. Why should he be judged by something he did in HIGH SCHOOL? Why not dig his elementary school history then??? At what point is a man supposed to stop being judged by what he did when he was still pooping his pants?? He is a grown up responsible adult now, not the same little kid he was in school. This is ridiculous. The accuser can';t even remember where he was, let alone anything else. This is absurd.

  10. The Feinstein standard. What happened in high school. That standard applies to all public figures going forward. All future nominees to any court or office. When the Democrats are back in power, they will come up against the Feinstein standard. Have fun with that.

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