33 thoughts on “Georgia woman waits nearly 5 hours to cast her ballot

  1. In 1977 the US launched the Voyager 1 and 2 space probes, as of now, half the on-board science systems are still running. Tell me again why 1970's electronic machines being bombarded with cosmic rays, passed the edge of the solar system, and work better than present-day voting machines? Even if we used a 386DX CPU and a PowerVR video chipset from the 1990s we'd have better technology than most states use for voting hardware. Six Unix software developers could compile an even tighter copy of NetBSD with a bare-bones semi-graphical GUI. Alternately, Blackberry QNX could be buttoned down and used on newer, 64-bit hardware. QNX is non-monolithic, POSIX compliant, and has been in development since 1982. /¶ On the backend/network side, my Eero home router is more secure than most administrative networks at polling locations. My phone gets an alert when a new device joins, and the add-on security app tells me what internal device is compromised, or being scanned for weaknesses. This isn't rocket science, it's the dynamic evolution of technology and fruits from the labor of very talented people. /¶

    Before NASA/JPL launches a probe or satellite, twenty or thirty scientists and engineers sit down to brainstorm and map failure modes. They do that several times in an iterative process, those conditions get cooked into the OS for the unit, and then they go train on a simulator of the device. They hone the OS until all the foreseeable kinks are out. How many of these engineers once retired have been coaxed and contracted to help make better, safer voting machines and networks? I'm gonna guess zero.American voters deserve better, but the machines and backend systems are so disparate that they will never be completely secure. It's all just a jolly money grab by private corporations. I've said it before and I will keep saying it, "The social contract is null and void." Conserve your resources and leave the US when the time is right.

  2. I don't get this. The only reason in creating such adverse wait times is to suppress the vote. In the state of WA, everyone is mailed a ballot with a stamped self-addressed envelope. Convenient and no lines. It seems like other states should follow our state's lead and/or open more polling stations.

  3. For a country that consumes 50% of the electricity produced in the world, no power cords exactly on the voting days ? What do you call that ?? VOTER SUPPRESSION / DISSUASION.

  4. In Los Angeles, it took me 15 minutes to vote. No lines. If it takes longer, it is because those in power want it to take longer so you won't vote. That is voter suppression. Republicans up to their usual tricks.

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