Extended Interview: Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd Speaks Out

In an exclusive interview with Lester Holt, Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd identifies himself for the first time and shares his perspective on the events of the Capitol attack, where he shot and killed Ashli Babbitt.

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46 thoughts on “Extended Interview: Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd Speaks Out

  1. This officer is a coward and should be fired for the murder of Ashli Babbitt. There was zero reason to shoot her. I'm surprised he didn't accidently shoot one or more of the SWAT officers that were right behind her coming up the stairs. Watch the video. By the way, research his past actions as an officer.

  2. Still here using a g o f u n d h i s a s s? For what? Murder conviction? He should be locked up and or hanging in the D.China. Isn't that what China does to it's whores when they get caught?

  3. You shot an unarmed women and a military Veteran sorry not a hero your a coward and should be charged! None of the protestors had guns yours was the only shot fired.

  4. You can remove my comments all day long, but you cannot stop what I'm about to publish concerning the execution of Ashleigh Babbit (Thanks for misspelling her name BTW) She is a hero and she saved a lot of lives by stealing John Sampson's pallet of bricks. He was right beside her when Byrd killed her. We will uncover their connection and we will hang all of them and anyone that covered for them. See you in the funny papers at Vegas Valley News dot com in about 1 minute, Lester Holt.

  5. My question is why didn’t officers in Seattle shoot protesters when they tried to burn down the police departments with officers inside and trapped.

  6. This man belongs in prison ! She was no threat. He deserves everything he gets for what he did. If he was white he would be in prison awaiting trial ‘

  7. "Their failure to comply required me to take appropriate action" which resulted in Babbit's death. Hmm… Wondering if George Floyd had complied with police officers when first asked to put his hands in plain view and then step out of the car if he would be alive today. So ironic, isn't it? And hypocritical.

  8. She was s in no way a threat to him or anyone. Trigger happy. They go after all the cops who are involved in any shooting. But they try to justify this one. And its got nothing to do with race. But I do understand his emotions, because he killed another human being, especially in a very low risk situation.

  9. I applaud Lt. Bryd for identifying himself and speaking out!! It's a shame how Nancy Pelosi put so many lives in danger that day after planning this whole situation with the FBI and others. Planting people in the crowd to stir up the violence!!! What a demonic demon democrat plan to try and ruin Donald Trump. Mr. Bryd you were set up to by good ole Nancy!!!! GET THOSE AMERICANS OUT OF JAIL!! THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING NANCY!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DAY YOU ARE MADE TO ANSWER FOR THIS!!!!!

  10. Murderer and a coward. He even ran away afterward, didn't stay for clean up and evaluation. Eventually, he will be charged.

  11. It's amazing the term far-right terrorist comes out instantly, yet all the terrorism from the left burning looting murders and rapes gets ignored while liberal politicians call for More violence and bail out the criminals Themselves! Aoc, mad Max et Al, we're well aware your hands are Not clean. This was Murder of an Unarmed Protestor, Definitely Not "saving countless lives" but Adding Countless Lies to the Left!

  12. A black cop shoots and kills an unarmed white woman. A hero. Now imagine a white cop shooting and killing an unarmed black woman. Hero or blood thirsty racist maniac?

  13. Maybe a few warning shots would have been advisable?? As an infantry soldier in a combat zone, warning shots are part of your "escalation of force" procedures. I feel for the family of Ashli Babbitt and may she RIP. And I can think of quite a few members of congress (public servants) that I'd trade for her life. Protect and Serve (the people)….To censor or not to censor??? lol your move youtube

  14. These comments are a disgrace. This man shot an unarmed woman – period. I'm not saying one way or the other if this shooting was justified. Only this officer and God know for certain. However, color of skin should not be justification for a cop to shoot an unarmed person. If the color of skin were reversed there'd be murder, looting, and riots. Hypocrites!

  15. as a police officer for almost 30 years I think sir that you were a coward You should go to prison for giving police a bad reputation .you don't know what a real threat is !

  16. This guy is an incompetent who's lack of discipline caused him to shoot an unarmed woman dead. She posed no threat, as one can see from the videos of her tragic last moments on Earth. The Capitol Police have never been known for professionalism, and this one in particular was a poor example even for them. These fools who were breaking through to the Speaker's Lobby should be arrested and charged, but Ashli Babbitt simply was crawling through a window — with cops two feet away, and more on the way, ones fully armed in tactical gear. Byrd had no reason to fire his weapon as she could easily have been just pushed back into the hall, or dragged down and subdued. This is a day of shame for the Capitol Police, and made worse by this fool's self promotion.

  17. Why is this even a topic of conversation??? They stormed the capital and everyone involved deserves to be shot!! You can attempt to over throw or riot in the capital and not exotic be shot. Everyone that stormed that building should have been shot. Everyone involved should have received a felony and jail time. If that were people of color storming the capital there wouldn’t have been a question about shots fired or harsh penalties being handed out.

  18. If the Americans that day were their to destroy the people behind that door they would have done it they had the numbers .
    An would have stormed in after the first person was killed .
    Real terrorists keep fighting after their personal have fallen .
    Same as US military personnel .
    This were just angry citizens making them selfs heard like the BLM .
    Charge this guy Biden

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