Derek Chauvin pleads the Fifth

The former Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd has chosen not to testify.


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48 thoughts on “Derek Chauvin pleads the Fifth

  1. "Broad latitude" scares Chauvin who looks so proud of himself and holding the mic like hes a celeb lofl. Have fun where your going Sir, you will be among your peers

  2. So, now that the George Floyd case is settled and the police man alone was convicted of murder and the drug dealer that pushed Floyd to spend fake money runs free , And B,L,M, no longer is threatening to break hell loose . Can we start working on our fractured gov. Kamal Harris needs to do her damn job and get to the border. Biden needs impeached for with holding funds if a D.a didn't drop a case on his son. Hilary still acts as Bengazzi reason of doom to our soldiers . Fbi worked for her instead of America. What happen to justice . What happen to our America these law breakers are Untouchable. Even palosi ripping up S. O .T . I . Address , feloni. , With holding stimulus on purpose of insanity over Trump . Who can save us from this evil that has shadowed our once great Nation?

  3. Why take off your masks
    You all are on national television
    Then it goes on these platforms
    Not a good example to be setting
    E!!!!! ALWAYS!!!! Judge you have a civic duty to set a great example so set it please😷
    🌻W/ a 😷

  4. Where is your masks humans in video?
    Derek I sure hope you wear one in jail or prison
    Lawyer guy WHERE is YOUR MASK
    My gosh
    Put your mask on!!!!

  5. I really feel so bad 😞 for him that 😸⁉️ he's going to spend the rest of life in jail he really deserve a second 🥈 chance he's human just like us 💖 may the good God 🙏 guide and protect you thoughout the case 😉 end by the power of God 🙏 you're not 🚫 going to dead in that jail you're going to out very well and sound god's with you Derek chauvin

  6. Y’all are reading into him all wrong. He looks like a normal dude who made a MASSIVE mistake (and should be punished for such). I am getting zero cold or callous vibes from him from simply answering “yes” and “no” with no facial expressions.

  7. First time I actually took the time out to see this man talk. He’s very nonchalant about this situation and creepily smirked/smiled. I think he’s truly possessed by something very evil.👀

  8. Chauvin taking the 5th after your attorney brought up Floyd’s use of drugs history of drug use brought evidence testimony regarding character traits into the trial. This is a replay of the american justice system handling abuse and murder in the not so distant past where women were consider second class citizens and the defendants tried to justify the defendants action by the faults of the victim. America is still struggling to develop a fair system to address domestic violence (a situation also in which cultural norms and inequity of power were abused) and most states now allow pertinent past history to be admissible in court to rebalance burden of proof that invoking the 5th provides of presumed innocence in a court of law although not in the court of public opinion.
    Think back of when neighbors watched an abuse husband beat his wife and though reported nothing was done until one day she was found dead or missing. The law and the courts failed society then and in regards to society may fail us again.

  9. Biased viewres..George floyd friend pleads the 5th:.he is hiding..must be guilty..coward!…chauvin pleads the 5th:…ohh its his right…good choice! man!

  10. The people believe he's guilty, but if the defense can put that one beyond a reasonable doubt in the jury mind it will be a mistrial or hung jury or not guilty Verdict. That's all they have to do is convince one person on that jury that maybe Floyd did die of a heart condition, or hypertension contributed.

  11. Can’t believe this dude doesn’t even have the balls to even apologize! Not like it matters but it just shows how much of a bitch he really is!

  12. Why does it seem and look like he's smirking?? And what's so amusing to him?? His attorney states they've spent a lot of time discussing things, and this POS smiles as he agrees??? Does he think this is a joke and he'll walk free so he's not worried in the slightest???? oh, yeah….he does. He sure doesn't look like he's on trial for blatant murder.

  13. Never trust a guy that pretends he's tough but joins the military for something other than than infantry or special ops. Chauvin is the worst sort of coward, and, very soon, he'll be crying and trembling in his cell. Tick, tock, little guy; it's coming. There are inmates all over Minnesota hoping and praying that the little sh*t gets sent to their lockup. They're going to take his teeth…among other things. =] I'll not only be looking forward to the eventual news story that will report his untimely demise, but also hoping that I don't see it anytime soon, so he'll have plenty of time to fully experience the agony of continuous pain and see all hope die. — a former US Army parachute infantry light weapons sergeant and former federal law enforcement national security special investigator

  14. Damn bro what the hell is wrong with people how many times you going to ask the man are you going to testify or plead the Fifth he's not a f**** idiot he already told you it seems like you're the one who's trying to dig something out ., the man is guilty as hell everybody testified against him has f*** this guy, what do you think his last option is keep his mouth shut

  15. If that doesn't tell you that he is guilty (aside from, of course, the actual video itself), then I don't know what will! It's getting stupid at this point!

  16. This is exactly how it's going to go if Derek actually took the stand.

    "Mr chauvin tell the court what you were thinking as you held down GF". derek : Well I was thinking about all those times I was bullied in school". Lawyer: So you were bullied? Derek: Yes I was. Lawyer: ok explain to the court how thats related to this case. Derek: I held my wife down in a similar manner. Lawyer: excuse me did you just say you restrained your wife in this manner? Derek: yes but sexually. Lawyer: you lost me. Derek: You ever f*ck ed your wife in the ass? Lawyer: ok Derek let's get to the point. Derek: simple question did you ever F your wife in the ass? Lawyer: yes I have. Derek: how long did you last? Lawyer: I wasnt counting. Derek: I lasted exactly 9mins 30 secs. Lawyer: Get this f*ker off the stand.

  17. Just take him to prison it’s so simple there is proof he killed him so even if he lies or whatever there is still proof there. We don’t care if he testified or not we see proof.

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