Brooklyn Center police chief says shooting of Daunte Wright was accidental

Former NYPD detective Marq Claxton discusses the unrest in Minnesota and the best way for police to deal with protesters.


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29 thoughts on “Brooklyn Center police chief says shooting of Daunte Wright was accidental

  1. That shooting wasn't an accident.
    If you watched the video.
    Her partner was wearing a tasrr, a big yellow taser. The shape of the taser is different than gun.
    This wasn't a accident.
    I could careless about what this man says.

  2. Maybe one cop needs to be armed with a taser and the other a gun…then if this "accidently" happens again…then stupidity is gonna send U to prison for a long time for forgetting that you were the one…armed with a gun…….

  3. You can’t say it was accidental until an investigation is conducted. The bias is huge in favor of the police and absolutely no benefit of doubt given to anyone but the police. It’s also possible that the police officer wanted to kill this young man as well. Police have done all kinds of horribleness… they are not angels. Stop conflating police misconduct and looting. The police want peace and justice then they need to bring peace and justice… period.

  4. The commentator asking retired Marq Claxton questions is stupid. That she would pose a question re taser guns being modified to have prevented this murder is insulting! That question is not even REMOTELY related to the life and death issues at hand! Ex officer Kim Potter's Taser gun worn on opposite hip from firearm. I'm surprised the idiot commentator didn't ask – "Do you think the officers should be given a test before they go on patrol that shows they know they're right from left?"

  5. No it wasn’t…she was on the force for over 20 years and a gun weighs at least 2 pounds and it’s on your right side…her taser is way lighter and it’s black and yellow on her left side…the triggers don’t even feel the same.

    She’s a idiot just like the rest of these police officers that run around doing dumb stuff
    And no one holds them responsible..

    Duante did escalate things and he’s at fault also
    But he didn’t deserve to get shot over a traffic stop.

  6. They detail charges that Wright carried a pistol without a permit and ran from the police.
    A complaint filed on March 4 said that Wright had had an encounter with the police on June 30 in Minneapolis.
    It said officers responded to a call about a man with a gun and found Wright in a car with other people.
    The complaint said Wright ran away from the officers, who chased but did not catch him. It said a loaded handgun was found in the car.
    Another record showed that Wright was due to attend a court hearing via Zoom on April 2.
    A warrant for Wright's arrest was then filed, suggesting he did not attend the hearing.
    This was the warrant that the police were acting on over the weekend, officials told The Daily Beast.

  7. That black man is the biggest racist. Why don’t you show Daunte’s Instagram gangster videos with a 20yo flashing a gun and fists full of cash around??

  8. How come female police officers are all the time accidentally shooting and killing black men? First you have this white chick cop in Dallas and now this? Perhaps we need a law barring women from joining the police force

  9. What about this story: the murdering officer’s child is given the wrong machine and dies. You think for one second the words “sh_t happens” crosses her mind?

  10. Why will she yelled " taser" three times, like justifying she meant to use the taser on her cam..if she is trained, it shouldn't be panic or confusion to pull out a gun over taser. It seems she got nervous or intentionally justified firing the gun to hurt him, but not to kill him. It looks like she is tired of dealing with people like that individual or she is trigger happy.

  11. Soon you can't opinionated so the government stay in control, destroy their cell. Check and balance not tyrants in control.
    Trust them not!
    Law must be obey equally by blue and white and if is not possible that means you can't say that ," if you don't know the law everything can happened to you" when government employee must apply force and abusive behavior committing crimes that are aloud attacking civilian.
    You can't agree with established authority if they are criminals.
    You do not need law enforcement when they themselves don't follow the law.

  12. She held the damn gun for seconds. It wasn’t a mistake. And if it was, she shouldn’t have been given a gun in the first place because she doesn’t know the difference between a stun gun an real gun. Don’t believe this bs.

  13. So we put this dude on that has a face to legitimize the actions don't forget my man you have to wake up black just like us all and you associations will not save you at point-blank range why the person has a gun and a badge

  14. Government create the most violence against its own citizens it Has a monopoly on it why can't we care how other live and how we live in relationships to others.if I care that you live in a home and eat food that wasn't  Slaved products is in the best interest of all of us monetary money is fake made by the banks and government so why cant we do the right thing In the age of cell phones I don't understand why we need a representative government.

  15. Speak the truth Brotha regardless of what anyone thinks history is facts an the accidents only come up when it’s us ……will be no killing without killing ……..chief Malik

  16. if a cop cant tell the difference between a gun and taser … he/she should have not been on the police force in the first place…..What are these cops two years old who cant tell the difference between a gun and a taser…..

  17. More white people are killed by the police than black people. Yet all I ever hear is “black and brown” people!!! Until a “brown” person kills a black person! Suddenly that “brown” person becomes white!
    Your despicable racist attitude is so tiring! Because you’ve made EVERYTHING racist, real racism is no longer believed or heard!

  18. In the military. You never pull your weapon and point unless you intend to use it

    This prevents people dying needlessly. .

    I will not understand why cops don’t use the same policy

    Where are the murder 2 charges against this cop?

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