Biden: Trump Impeachment Trial ‘Has To Move Forward’ | NBC Nightly News

In a new interview, President Biden said President Trump’s impeachment trial “has to move forward,” though acknowledged Trump will likely be acquitted. Biden and lawmakers on Capitol hill honored fallen officer Brian Sicknick, who died from injuries sustained during the Capitol riot.
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Biden: Trump Impeachment Trial ‘Has To Move Forward’ | NBC Nightly News


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22 thoughts on “Biden: Trump Impeachment Trial ‘Has To Move Forward’ | NBC Nightly News

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  2. These people stop at nothing to further their political agendas. Their corruption and lies will one day come to the forefront. No news media or political party will be able to keep the truth hidden from the American people. That's my prayer.

  3. I still believe that these riots were premeditated and staged by Pelosi and Democrats as a last plot to impeach Trump. It was a plan but it backfired. These mobsters are pure evil. One day she and others will go before the King. My deepest condolences to this police officer's family. I pray the truth comes out one day.

  4. Whether Nancy is qualified to utter the word temple of democracy? Its temple of dictatorship, democratic party pursuing personal grudge at the expense of tax payers money.

  5. Members of Congress on what they witnessed???🤣🤣🤣 Like AOC who said she was threatened and wasn't even present or Maxine Waters calling/ inciting violence live on camera a while back or Kamala Harris supporting protest…aka..riots and now this kangaroo court that doesn't even follow the Constitution, such a freaking joke!!! Oh wait and did I mention Biden placed people who lied to the FISA court on his cabinet…lol.. double standards and lawlessness when it benefits them…


  6. you demactrats are looking like fools every day.. biden will never be the real president with out proof of winning the election

  7. Hi, dear internet Friends
    Yes, D. Trump and his son and all of their supporters who violate the House of Parliament are all criminals.
    They must be condemned and pay for this serious incrimination.
    Detroned, completely finished or zeros, They only become presumed prisoners with multiple trials to come. Farewell now.
    Let’s turn the page, respectful of the Constitution and Democracy, hoping that they will never come back to blacken our lives.
    Take care of yourself and your family.
    * For You and your Friends. .
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    Best regards

  8. impeach Trump. lock him and his enablers up. marjorie greene, elon musk,lindell, alexander nix, scl inc, palantir, alex jones,steve bannon,hannity,OAN ,mike pompeo,newsmax,rupert murdoch,fox, skynews, sinclair broadcasting ect are all political disinformation agents who try to brainwash us into fascist republicans to create coups and rig elections. another evil company growing silently along with them is smartmatic the vote company. this evil corporation elected trump and now elects biden, even though bernie sanders should have won by a longshot. trump and his fascist blackwater psyops cult succeeded. they installed corrupt smartmatic software through elon musk satellites into the capital servers on jan 6, 2020 to rig all future elections,for smartmatic ,the UN and the nazi owned world bank . dismantle smartmatic or never have an honest election in any country ever again..just say no to smartmatic ,driverless cars and digital vote counting unless you want nazi computers and elons satellites controlling your elections and your tesla vehicle or GM UAE onstar systems as it drives you off a bridge.

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