Beyond Tuskegee: Black Distrust In The Vaccine And Healthcare System Runs Deep | NBC News NOW

A Kaiser Health analysis found white Americans are being vaccinated at double the rate of Black Americans in some states, thanks to barriers to access and a systemic failure to address some well-earned hesitancy and mistrust around vaccines in the black community. NBC News Now Correspondent Priscilla Thompson dives into the complicated history.
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Beyond Tuskegee: Black Distrust In The Vaccine And Healthcare System Runs Deep | NBC News NOW


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33 thoughts on “Beyond Tuskegee: Black Distrust In The Vaccine And Healthcare System Runs Deep | NBC News NOW

  1. Just like the government dropped nitroglycerin out of planes in Tulsa and the local government dropped bombs over a black neighborhood In Philadelphia but we are suppose to just trust them now? Why? What changed to make them do the right thing by us now?

  2. From development to Market in less than 10 Liability Immunity for the Pharmaceutical Companies. Yeah.. you have my trust. 🤔😂😂

  3. EVERYONE that is not extremely powerful or wealthy should be distrustful of the government, tech, and big pharma. They don't care about any of us, they are simply profiting off of us.

  4. Message to those with very hard skepticism and cynicism about the Covid vaccine based on racially based medical atrocities of the past like the Tuskegee Experiment:
    Please be logical in your skepticism and cynicism.  
    They very much want you to take the vaccine and be immunized so that:
         They won't catch Covid from you
         You can go back to work at jobs and low wages they don't want
         They can stop having to deal with treating you at hospitals and risking catching it from you 
         They can stop having to pay so much in uninsured medical costs
         They can stop having to pay so much in life insurance death benefits
    Even slave masters wanted slaves on the whole to be healthy for the free labor.

  5. Yes, Tuskeegee was a horrible gross injustice. But, I'm sorry, there's no excuse for not getting vaccinated when you have a chance in a pandemic such as this – regardless of that history. You can inform yourself by reading reliable scientific sources. You can inform yourself by consulting with a doctor who you trust. Do whatever you need to do to get past that trust gap, because it is your responsibility to yourself, your family and community to do so. No excuses – no matter the history.

  6. If the Vaccine ACTUALLY works, then those that take it should ACTUALLY be protected by the Vaccine, from the Virus and from those who don't take the Vaccine, right!?!? So why do people care who takes it,, when they are protected because they took it? Come on folks, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out!!

  7. It's not all about the whites taking the vaccine at double the rate as blacks because there is mistrust and it goes in all directions!! i don't trust that vaccine because it came about so quickly and i don't know about the long term health risks, all i can do right now is wait a little longer to see what happens to the people who started taking it first, and while i wait all i can do is wear my mask and keep my social distance which i have been doing for the past year.

  8. The reason they don’t trust the medical system is because of severe issues like the Tuskegee experiment. Vaccines are an ongoing experiment in general. With ALL vaccines, the insert states they are not studied for carcinogenesis, mutagenesis or impairment of fertility. All the girls who received their HPV vaccines and ended up with cervical cancer and some even dying? No studies show a connection so doctors still haven’t seen the connection. I have a 20 year old cousin who passed away but has any doctor noted the connection? I am a nurse and I can see the problems with the medical system. We are trying to inject health and that is NOT POSSIBLE.

  9. Hank Aaron, TD Jakes, I don't care if you gave it to Michael Jackson's corpse and he came back to life doing the moonwalk, I'm not taking it.

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