Bernie Sanders’ big win as candidates look to South Carolina l ABC News

Sen. Sanders dominated in the Nevada Caucuses with 47 percent of the vote which has set up what could be a decisive showdown with Joe Biden in South Carolina.

South Carolinians ‘leery about that title socialist’: Rep. James Clyburn:

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44 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ big win as candidates look to South Carolina l ABC News

  1. Bernie is a far left millionaire socialist that wants to give everything away for free and have the American taxpayer pay for it all!

  2. Castro is dead and gone. No one cares about Bernie's Castro comments. Bernie's policies seeks to better the material existence of poor, working, and middle class Americans. Bernie has the everyday People's back and we are with him all the way!!!

  3. South Carolina be smart vote for Bernie. Media the DNC dont want him cheat him last time . please ppl ever thing he running for is for working ppl ok . Medicaid for all . Raise minimum wages .

  4. many get angry at Sanders' words; but many don't know anything about the support that Conservative Politicians give to butcher Bin Salman and drug trafficker Juan Orlando Hernandez …
    Because the DEA and the Southern Command support drug trafficker Juan Orlando Hernandez …. ????

  5. It is bothersome that South Carolina is given so much attention by Democrats during the primary, that it gets its own primary day while a bunch of other states are all grouped together. Seeing how it is a state that hasn't voted for a Democrat since Jimmy Carter.

  6. These Dems don't know what this Sanders can do when elected. They will enjoy sky high tax increase and standing in line for food just like the Venezuelans. What idiots.

  7. Bernie is the establishment. He is the 1%. He hated millionaires until he became one. Now he hates Billionaires. Oh how the Bernie people forget the night he bowed down and endorsed Hillary Clinton. Kissed the ring of the very corporate elite he was supposed to be fighting against.

  8. Bernie supporters. For every smear they use, consider committing an hour to phone banking for Bernie. You can do it from home and it’s easy! Just google “phone bank for Bernie”. We know that these are just the attacks from a media and establishment that doesn’t have our best interest at heart

  9. Bernie plan to pay is nonsense. its a I hate the rich plan. Extreme taxes and job loses. But I know jeff bezos will not give up his wealth for bernie socialist dream

  10. ❤️Bernie❤️ Thank you for fighting for everyone! Bernie just got another big endorsement in SC.

  11. I see no one talks about policy. The rhetoric is more in keeping with the calling of a sporting event, detailing runs batted in or hoop count, or some other irrelevant nonsense. This is what got Trump into power and the MSM has learned NOTHING.

  12. It's fine to debate Bernie Sanders past. But there is NO debate on his future plans. The costs of his plans for Medicare for all, climate, job guarantees, college loan forgiveness, etc. are very clear. What Tio Bernie will NOT tell you is that these programs are IMPOSSIBLE from a numbers standpoint. The tax increases he espouses ($23 trillion over 10 years) will not even cover 25% of his proposed new spending. HIS numbers, not mine. Tax rates on EVERYONE (because no…the rich cannot make up the deficit – not even close – even if the rich foolishly decide to keep their assets in America – which they wouldn't) would be more like in the 90% range – and THAT is conservative. If you would like the actual numbers broken down – or put here – let me know. Again…it's BERNIE's numbers, not mine. He just hopes most of you won't bother to examine them closely.

  13. If you are not familiar with Communism just look to Venezuela. The citizens are eating their pets because their is no food, no toilet paper, nothing. They were once a VERY RICH COUNTRY before they adopted Communism. Socialism is just another word for Communism no matter how this jerk spins it. If he gets elected say goodbye TO ALL FREEDOMS AND HELLO TO DICTATORSHIP. IS ANYONE OUT THERE STILL NOT CONVINCED THAT THIS MAN IS CRAZY AND WANTS TO TAKE AWAY ALL OF YOUR PRIVILEGES.

  14. Fidel Sanders will never win
    Biden will fall asleep
    Trump in a landslide
    House, Senate and President all taken by Republicans

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  16. New News!!! if he wins i am quitting my job!!! we all kno nothing is ever free!! someone is going to pay for it !! i,m so tired of paying for stuff that has nothing to do with me or my family!! we all work !! and pay taxes!! So if he wins i,m qutting my Job!! i want free sht also !! so who is going to pay for it now???

  17. Of course an establishment democrat would support Biden, that's not a surprise. Also not a surprise? Another media outlet trying to say negative things about Sanders. Shocker. Obama praised Castro for some things as well you know. The American people are tired of being lied to and told to fall in line, when will corporate media get that?

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