‘Amber hasn’t got her turn yet’: Lawyer on the what’s next for Depp-Heard trial | ABCNL

ABC News’ Trevor Ault speaks with celebrity lawyer Christopher Melcher about the latest developments on the Depp-Heard trial and what he’s expecting once she testifies.

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42 thoughts on “‘Amber hasn’t got her turn yet’: Lawyer on the what’s next for Depp-Heard trial | ABCNL

  1. He wasn't pissed because his manager took money. He was pissed because amber cut his finger off. If thats not enough she knew he was pissed and set her phone to video him. She's a pig she's a narcissist. She's abusive. I'm a woman who's been a victim if dv believe me I've seen her behavior before. She's tryingbto make him look like he's the crazy on like she's the victim. It's her. Why don't we hear any recordings of conversations that were loving? Because those would not be useful to her. She's been planning on ruining him from day one. She is pure Evil

  2. 'her turn' won't negate any of the overwhelming EVIDENCE of her criminal actions and HER being the physical abuser, NOT DEPP, her two prior dv arrests, her perjury, ad infinitum
    , and the correct grammar is 'gotten'
    what is the iq prerequisite to become an atty these days? or is this just the same biased s as previous, does Musk pay your checks?

  3. Vote to get rid of Biden, AOC and the Squad in the next election 🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙👍👍👍..Let's Go Brandon!!!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  4. If she suffers from her lies she did it to herself. It’s been is been 6 years but let’s be nice and say 5. She still hasn’t made one direct payment to those charities she promised money too. Johnny made the first 2 payment Elon made 2 and she hasn’t paid ish. That alone is gonna sink her ship even if she is found not guilty. In the court of public opinion she is toast. How does it feel Amber. Like your mom would tell you. Do you have no one to blame but yourself

  5. Man the legal system is weird if they consider him upset by slamming his stuff in his house is considered abuse to her. Mind you she’s secretly recording him and smirking in the video when he finds out and walks away. Are these analysts watching the same trial as everyone else bcuz that’s not what we’re seeing smh

  6. If being angry about something and breaking something is considered domestic violence, then pretty much everyone in this world is guilty.

  7. Amber Heard abused HD, no doubt. She is a selfish, angry, violent woman. The psychologist said she has BPD. I can see she does.
    Johnny was so good & generous to her & her family & friends. Amber used him & abused him.
    She wanted to see him after she filed a restraining order against him. In the recording she's crying & saying she has lost all her credibility! That's all she cared about! JD comes up with a plan.
    If she was so scared of JD why ask to see him? I was terrified of my abusive ex & if I saw him my whole body would start to shake!

  8. I believe the woman Amber got arrested for abusing before dating Johnny. I believe the woman who was with him for 15 years and never saw him be anything but gentle despite having problems with drugs. I believe the women who says he was a perfect and loving father. I don't believe the documented women beater who was married to Johnny for 15 months, and is recorded on tape admitting to physically abusing him. Call me crazy, but I believe credible women, but not Amber.

  9. She had her turn already…UK courts threw out all evidence that would have likely exonerated Johnny…what precedence does this set where Amber’s team is solely relying on the ruling of a foreign country? The bar for burden of proof is low af in the UK apparently, and circumstantial evidence is perfectly acceptable to determine guilt. If you want to frame someone for murder, do it in the UK.

  10. These sources are publishing evidence of depps Abuse, pictures of her bruises, texts, recordings etc Please check out CBS, Independent, Deadline, The Daily Mail, The BBC, NBC. People Magazine to get your news, don't trust social Media. Amber should be pleading her case here soon.

    Depp is a sadist Depp says: 

    “Let’s drown her before we burn her!!! I will f*** her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she is dead…” Mr Depp responded.

  11. Great experience I had with you. dc oguamelu YouTube channel. for bringing my ex back to me with your spell casting after 4 years of separation and stroke cure…

  12. Histrionics are impossible. That Depp stood it as long as he did is amazing. Heard is an egocentric person and such people are all about "me" and "my life". They are unable to emapthize with anyone else. Abuse? I don't think so. Heard would have been aggravating beyond reason all of the time and Depp waling on eggshells all of the time. I'm a woman and I would have slapped her down which is more than Depp did.

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