Amanda Bynes opens up about past drug use, quitting acting and getting sober

In an interview with Paper magazine, the 32-year-old actress discussed everything from her past substance abuse issues to her bizarre Twitter rants to her series of arrests.


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36 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes opens up about past drug use, quitting acting and getting sober

  1. Pedophilia, Child Abuse, Trauma, Pressure, Heart Ache, Hollywood is nothing short but the devil's playground. Look at what happened to Britany Spears, Miley Cryus, Amanda quit acting and left the spotlight and is getting back to being normal and being like everyone else you either survive in show business or you don't. Hollywood isn't a place for children look what happened to Corey Haim Drew Berrymore, most of these actors that were once superstars aren't famous anymore. So sad. I am sure Amanda Bynes is doing the right thing
    by stepping out of the spotlight. So much pressure to be a huge star not worth it.

  2. She was a child actor. She had easy access to drugs and the parents didn't care coz she was their cash cow. I don't know if she really has bipolar but if she does then drugs make it worse. But I think it was drugs that deal to her psychosis. Some of these kids have pressure from media and parents. No one being there for her probably made her do drugs. And she was working too hard. Now her parents use her mental health caused by drugs to get her money. Child stars have no support. She is a good person and worked so hard but she needs healing and seems like her bf is not helping her. seems like her bf is now her dealer. She needs to heal her mind before she goes forward. I feel her pain.

  3. In 2006 she was my crush but can't believe that one day she retire her acting career and turned into a drug addict person. Very bad feeling for her may GOD bless her.

  4. I truly believe she will come out one day and expose all the people who completely destroyed her child hood. I understand we already know what and who did this to her, but I will or we all should wait for her to find own pace and happiness, then she can be open and be COMFORTABLE to tell us. 🙂

  5. Heavy abuse of adderall can seriously mess up your brain. I abused it for years taking up to 120 Mg’s a day at one period. Something hasn’t been the same with my brain since and I went through some of my darkest times during that period. Had I continued to go down that path I honestly don’t even know what I’d be like right now. Most people treat it like it’s nothing, and believe me it’s an extremely powerful substance.

  6. I think she's so adorable that even when she's all messed up it's still cute. I am so still rooting for her that she can just come back from all of this. I think she just got worn out since she's been working from such a young age.

  7. the truth is she was sexually abused by all the creepy old men in pedowood which caused trauma and drugs were used or given by occult elite to further exploit her, praying for u amanda xxx

  8. Did she have someone decent looking out for her? Child stars who dont have a strong support system either get sexually manipulated or become drug addicts.

  9. I feel so sorry for her. It's heartbreaking knowing she made so many childhoods with the Amanda Show and similar projects but still ended up the way she did. It's tragic what happened to her, I don't think she deserved at all to get so messed up. I hope that she can find solace and happiness some day.

  10. My little sister used to watch her show many years ago and I thought she's so cute as a child I was sure she would grow up to be a successful actress in Hollywood. I hope she's helped with her career and given a chance.

  11. "Why do u think child stars go off the rails?" Bitch don't even fucking try pushing the narrative of its unbareable being stripped of the attention they once had. Be honest. Pedophiles run the industry and most of those poor kids ended up traumatised

  12. I worked at JFK for an airline back in 2013. She showed up late at the gate with her crazy boyfriend and fuzzy blond wig and created a scene at the gate because I told her, she was late and the aircraft door is closed. She was scearming and pacing back and forth. I called security.

  13. Notice how she's not the one telling her own story, these reporters are leaving a lot out… she's scared to speak up about what she's been through

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