ABC News Live: Ukraine president urges West to send Russian-made warplanes I ABCNL

Polish leaders have agreed to send fighter jets to a U.S. air base in Germany, but the Pentagon has rejected the proposal over the risk it could expand the war beyond Ukraine.

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41 thoughts on “ABC News Live: Ukraine president urges West to send Russian-made warplanes I ABCNL

  1. I am tired of all this propaganda. Why are Western media not looking into the very real issues such as the fact that NATO wanted to expand and put military bases along the Russian border? America has already admitted that they have bio weapons labs in Ukraine. In 2014 when's the comedian/actor was installed Russia viewed that as a western puppet and was soon confirmed when higher and higher tariffs were put in place along the pipelines that Russia has going through Ukraine, increasing tensions. NATO has plans and is working with the world economic forum to reduce population and control the world and their new world order and from what I can see all of you media are trying to get people into a war you're showing one side you're lying about the other side and it's in such a position to win America or NATO invaded Iraq and and killed 150,000 women and children and innocent people you weren't telling stories like this on the news everyday. Ukraine
    Built a damn was built cutting off the water supply to Crimea which is Russian controlled, and a necessary place to drill for natural gas which is in the Black Sea.
    The most important thing anyone can do is look up NATO countries in 2010 vs NATO countries now and you will see that there has been a concerted effort to surround Russia and with NATO wanting Ukraine then that would mean putting military bases along Russians border so NATO is just as responsible as Russia for this war and the worst part is NATO is apparently trying to propagandize the world into getting into World War 3, which according to the trance reading which I uploaded two weeks ago is going to go nuclear.
    I am not on Russia's side, but I know that they did this for a reason, and de- escalation would mean exploring those reasons but it seems all media is lockstep with trying to manipulate people into wanting to have a World War. I am also aware that the elite who benefit from these wars continually talk about reducing the world population.
    It's always the citizens of any country who pay the price for the greed of the very few at the top and that goes on both sides. I feel very sorry for the people in Ukraine it this is a horrible tragedy but it is not only Russia's fault and unless the media or NATO or somebody starts talking and real about what actually caused this then that's when the peace talks will begin. What is really scary is watching all the media brainwash people with this propaganda all the time that we are supposed to be so upset that we're all about having a nuclear Annihilation War that's going to kill the majority of the population when our tax money for years has been paying for the elite to build underground cities for themselves to survive the catastrophe that they are creating. Of course we have to look at who owns mainstream news and why do we keep getting the same stories designed to manipulate us to believe that this is all some kind of aberration and Putin has gone crazy?
    If you click on my icon or my name you'll go to my channel, there you'll find a reading called "How It Ends". After that are two videos just to explain the symbology that was very extensive in there but it literally shows the events that spiral this entire situation out of control into full-blown nuclear problems all over the world now are these missiles going all over the world yes they might be but it shows about a certain Bridge being blown up and all kinds of other things it's a 90 minutes long.
    After I did the reading I knew that this didn't happen for no reason at all this is not random what is occurring so I did a little research.
    The real issues would need to be addressed

  2. Why us didnt give full support to Ukraine? Because it is a top secret between us and Russia CIA top secret for their own economy try to analyze it

  3. can someone in usa military plz look on google maps at putins nuke base in crimea Kapa4 or something like that there is all sorts of new activity around there i am worried for america ..,, hello people wake up

  4. Putin's Just Blackmailing NATO & The West With His Threats! I Don't Believe Putin's So Crazy As To Think That He Would Be Any Kind Of Match, Up Against Any Country Belonging To NATO.

  5. He didn't want to join NATO before but now he always asking for help a little late the same reason they are fighting is the same reason they didn't join ⚠️

  6. It will be too late when the Russian captured all the nuclear facilities and establish their anti aircraft defense system, Will NATO be able to strike all these targets?? It will be a doomsday for Europe

  7. President zelensky you are a pillar of strength. I will continue to track this crisis very closely. Thank you for being such a beautiful strong example to all countries showing how to behave in a monumental crisis. I am so sorry about what is happening. I am praying for you and your citizens

  8. 13.6 billion to Ukraine? It makes me sick. I am a victim of Ida hurricanes, the roof of my house is almost gone the insurance paid $4100
    I can not fix my house with this money. I applied help from and got rejected don’t even have $500 that FEMA said that they gave to every family. If this is true I wonder whose have my $500 🙁

  9. Should have kept the plane deal out of the media…strip the aircraft of all polish markings..bring the Ukraine pilots into Poland let them fly them out…deny everything…would have worked the Russians and Chinese deny everything…to late now!!!!

  10. NATO needs to put Putin and Russia on notice that War Crimes, the bombing of innocent women and children is unacceptable…give them 24 hours to stop the bombardments or understand that NATO will respond to aid Ukraine, with Jets, anti aircraft missile systems, and potentially entering the conflict directly to create a no fly zone. If Putin threatens nuclear war, remind him that we will wipe him off the face of the earth as well, so don't even go there, but the civilized world will no longer watch him commit War crimes like Hitler did in WWII. Put pressure on Putin, but offer negotiations and a diplomatic solution as the easy way out.

  11. I pray for the safety of the Ukraine people,the president of Ukraine has a nerve making demands for planes and other support, the corrupt country of Ukraine has had years to prepare for something like this,I can understand they need help and I am for giving Ukraine help,but the president of Ukraine shouldn't demand our support like it's everyone's fault except Ukraine's. You will come to find out that the president of Ukraine has staged most of the events that has happened in Ukraine so that he can get the sympathy of the world,he has not had the 10+ assasination attempts that he has claimed. Remember he was an actor before he became president of Ukraine Ukraine is a corrupt country and that the reason they are not a member of NATO

  12. I myself put a no confidence vote im president biden demeand removal and emergancy cabinet this needs action from experience people not hands of a amateur…signed california resident chilly. Support Ukraine now give jets to isreal and pass em on now remove biden confidence..whos with me look at our gas prices this is a globl problem act now

  13. No coverage at all about the peoples convoy that Ted Cruz is riding with to the White House because Fake news don't want you to see it ! The media is just as communist as biden and the democrats !

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  15. USA is already involved in this war & will suffer repercussions for supplying neonazis with weapons. Don’t be surprised if America gets hit for interfering & taking the wrong side.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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