The Pixel 7 Series is Made for Photography!

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are finally here at the Made by Google event. We’ve got all the nitty gritty details on the Pixel products. Pro photographer looking for a new phone? One of these phones will definitely fill the void.

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00:00 – The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro is here!
00:25 – The Pixel 7
01:51 – Face unlock is back!
02:16 – Tensor G2 Processor
03:07 – The Pixel 7 Pro
04:02 – Upgraded rear camera
05:16 – Pricing and availability
06:03 – What do you think?

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37 thoughts on “The Pixel 7 Series is Made for Photography!

  1. No its not upgrade, this was supposed to be last year's device had they paid attention. They released half baked product last year which didnt sell.

  2. is photography all the consumers wanted? for me it's combination of clean software,nice multimedia experience and one handed everyday use..

  3. I have a Pixel 4a. I love this little phone especially since it has a headphone jack and a fingerprint reader on the back. I do know the updates end next year in August. I love watching media and taking photos. I love the small form factor and that it has a flat screen, should I invest in the 7 or 7pro? With my trade in at the moment, they are offering me $300 trade in value, I bought it for $377.79 exactly. Plus the $100 store credit, I would end up paying $431.92 for the Pixel 7 with 256gb storage or $757.74 for Pixel 7 Pro with 256gb and a $200 store credit. There are obviously no reviews yet but, I was just curious if anyone had an opinion. Thank you!

  4. Wish I would've hung on to my 2xl for one more year and got the 7 pro. I like my 6 pro but all of its problems make me jealous of how they were resolved on a new phone. I'm still hoping with some updates battery efficiency and over heating can be fixed. Can't use duo for too long until my phone sets on fire.

  5. Just pre-ordered the Pixel 7. Upgrading from Pixel 6 to Pixel 7 should be worth it. Considering google must've solved issues related to finger print scanner, battery & heat issues and moreover the call signal problem. Moreover they've added a face id now. Design looks better. It's a little smaller – making it more comfortable in the pocket and easier to hold. And then consider 5 years software upgrades! Needless to mention the google software integration has always been great. We need apple Iphone & Samsung alternatives and this seems the best choice!

  6. I like how he didn't mention whether or not these phones have the same shit fingerprint scanner as the 6. Thank goodness he left that out intentionally 🙂

  7. Lmao what dog 💩 wth would anyone think this is a good phone to upgrade to. Google has lost me as a customer and yes I know they don’t care and it doesn’t affect them but hopefully others will see through this bs

  8. I am an Indian and love the features Pixel provides. We have different languages in every state, and live translation is handy. Also, I love Google maps and integration of google apps is best with Pixel. I wish to upgrade to Pixel 7 but holding myself back as I am skeptical after the launch of Pixel 6 and the disaster that followed. After-sales service matters for the overall experience, and for the first time in a while, Google will provide a warranty for its flagship phones. The performance of the Tensor chipset and its durability is a question. To me, it feels like the launch of a Tesla car with a Maruti 800 engine.

  9. I wish they stopped using a curve screen on Pixel 7 Pro. This could have been my next phone but I will pass because I hate curve screen

  10. They have a Pixel 7 Pro on display at the Chelsea store. Will say it looks nice and runs well. Well for it being a display model. I was all set to put down for a pre order when I found out it was only for delivery. Where I am I can get delivery. So I’ll be there on the 13th bright and early. I missed out on last year’s pixel. That won’t happen this year.

  11. The only reason I'm considering upgrading my Pixel 6 Pro is because this phone has been a buggy, thermal management mess. This is my first Google phone I wouldn't recommend. After having several Google phones which I thought were amazing, the P6 Pro has been disappointing.

    Also I really wish Google would go back to the Standard and XL release model vs a standard and Pro. I want a true small size flagship that doesn't compromise. Give the small model all the cameras, a 120 HZ screen (I'm willing to compromise the 1080p on a smaller screen), ultra wideband. All the features and make it 6". Once you creep above 6" screen it's officially a large phone.

    The reason I'd get the Pro is the features not the size. I'd prefer a smaller phone.

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