Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Update & Galaxy Tab S4 Leaked

Jayce talks about this week’s Android news!

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50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Update & Galaxy Tab S4 Leaked

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  2. lets hope that the pen for the tab s4 supports blutooth 4.0 or 5, my hope is that if they cant get the pen to charge via the charging port then make a stand that holds/charges the pen but at a 50 dollar mark,

  3. Because phones are getting bigger, I see less and less use for a tablet. However, I also have a laptop and a desktop computer, so it eliminates most uses I think I would take advantage of from a "larger" phone screen. If you have a phone and a laptop, you don't need a tablet in my opinion.

  4. Excited for the tab s4. my tablet is twice as important as my phone no questions asked. And with the s4 coming out that means the prices on the s2 and s3 will go down. Using a tab a 9.7" so I get an s-pen with it which I don't think I could ever give up now. I already know the s4 will be out of my price range and there hasn't been anymore affordable Samsung tablets that have an s-pen yet so I'll just have to go for an older model. Excited for some kind of price drop

  5. It doesnt make since for the s pen to be bluetooth. Samsung owns part of Wacom which means they get to use their technology in their machines. The great thing about Wacom's technology and in turn s pens is that they don't need to be charged. Why would they give up that advantage?

  6. I wish they release a Windows 10 Tab S4 with facial recognition biometrics similar or better than that of the Surface Pro. Don't get me started with the Surface Go, I hate the screen bleed in Surface products and the Surface Pen is inferior to the S-Pen!

  7. Can anyone tell me why you would need to charge the s pen? I have the note 8, and using the pen seems fine to me. What benefits will a Bluetooth s pen have?

  8. Using my tablet to watch this right now. Although I'm using the Asus zenpad 3s 10. Was never a fan of how Samsung handle updates

  9. I love my Tab S2 with LTE. I got a keyboard case for it and it's a great laptop replacement for on the go. If you take the train or the bus a lot it is a lifesaver. I couldn't justify the upgrade to the Tab S3 but I will probably do it this time. Before I do, I'm going to check out the new Samsung Chromebook Pro. With Chrome, Android and now Linux on the way, it just might be a more useful device in the long run. Those are the devices that might finally kill off Android tablets. The iPad, while it is getting better, is still to restrictive.

  10. I would love a tablet S4 , it would do me fine for general web stuff , looking at tubes and movies .
    Some time ago i looked at the previous versions of galaxy tablets and other brand android tablets , and they all mostly looked a bit under cooked to me , the galaxy S3 i have no doubt would have done me ok , but running an 820 in 2017/2018 , it just seemed a bit underwhelming given the hardware we have in phones at this time .

  11. Buying my 1st gen Surface Book (i5 model) is better than any Android tablet I can think of. You don't THINK you need the versatility of something like a Surface Book until you've used one for a while. Then everything else seems like it would be a downgrade.

  12. Quick question – does tablets have "real tabs" on browsers now? Also , can i add extension like on chrome for Windows?

  13. Watched this video on my Tab S 10.5; skipped all 4:3 Tab S' and will PREORDER the 16:10 Tab S4 on DAY 1! tablet is PRIMARILY for YouTube and Netflix, and all sorts of video watching so 4:3 was a deal breaker. Also it HAS to be an AMOLED for videos, and with S4 supporting HDR it will be AWESOME! … just wish it was 4k instead :p

  14. Theoretically i'd get one. Price tho….
    But hey, if they promote it with buy a note 9 get tab s4 50% (or more :)) off, i might just go for it. Maybe. If it also comes with and spen or works with the note 9's pen.

  15. I bought a tab s3, love it and all but I know it will probably be the last tablet I own! 1) tablet don't break no need to replace it… 2)just no real improvement over the years. So nearly no hype replacing and producing Tablets. Peace Phil

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