Razer Kishi Ultra REVIEW | New BEST Android game controller?

The Razer Kishi Ultra is the newest mobile gaming controller from Razer. It features full-size grips for console-level comfort on the go. Razer’s software also gives you a ton of control over how the controller works across native Android games, emulators, and streaming games. But is it worth its sky-high asking price? Read the full review at: https://andauth.co/RazerKishiUltra

Buy the Razer Kishi Ultra: https://andauth.co/BuyRazerKishiUltra

0:00 Intro
0:31 Size and compatibility
0:53 Features
1:33 Razer Nexus app
1:52 Using the Kishi Ultra
2:56 Design quality
3:45 Is the Kishi Ultra worth buying?
5:46 What do you think?

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47 thoughts on “Razer Kishi Ultra REVIEW | New BEST Android game controller?

  1. We're seeing a lot of comments here about the price for this being way too high. What telescopic controller do you own that Android Authority fans should buy instead? 👀

  2. I own the Razer Edge and love the koshi v2 pro controller. Had it for a year now! Still love it! This controller definitely for folks that own a Galaxy S22 ultra and up ! The Galaxy Ultra controller. Samsung and Razer!

  3. Price kills it. The Gamesir G8 is also a fantastic mobile controller, and I was able to get mine for only $35 through tiktok shop. The Razer tax is not worth it if the product does nothing different from its competitors.

  4. HEY i demand Kishi enable upgrades for their controller, so it stays compatible with phones after they receive software updates … unlike their 1st model

  5. Are these things ever going to work with a real phone case already!? This is unrealistic until it does. If i have to take off my case Everytime i use it, im never using it.

  6. $150!? With no hall effect sticks? Absolute madness. Can pick up a dedicated handheld refurbished like the Logitech g cloud for not much more. Nice controller, awful price.

  7. If they are going to make it stretches further, at least make it able to hold up to a 11 inch tablet. Using BSP D8/D9 for game streaming on tablets, but the quality of these controllers could be better if there are premium versions of these.

  8. The way you just ignore the existence of Gamesir G8 makes me think you have something against the company… but ok, nice review, wouldn't buy that overpriced controller for anything in the world. it's worth maybe a $100 on a good day(?) Totally not worth $150 when the Gamesir G8 retails for $80…

  9. In a world where the GameSir Galileo 8 exists ($60-$80), there's no way anyone is going to put $150 into this stuff 🤧

    🚶🏽‍♂️ 🚶🏽‍♂️ 🚶🏽‍♂️

  10. Just got the game sir half the price from memory. Apart from the headphone jack and app to launch games etc… im not sure what else this brings to the table apart from the additional price.

  11. I rhink the 150$ tag comes from the haptic feed and the stupid fee subscription to the app but either way 150$ is still not justifiably when there competition already have the same controller but 80$ cheaper in the g8

  12. Having had one of these, I can tell you, the design and placement of the joysticks being at opposite ends (top and bottom) of the pad, rather than adjacent (opposite) makes it awkward to get used to, as its nothing to the original console's controller.

  13. These mobile controllers shouldn’t even be $100 to begin with when first party console controllers which are way higher quality are $70. I got my backbone v2 when it had a sale price of $70 on release, ain’t no way I’d pay more than that. Good on them for not doing any subscription service tho unlike backbone

  14. Nobody at Android Authority owns or has access to a foldable phone or a tablet to get some 10 second b-roll? Come on guys… Razer failed from the start by putting the USB-C port on the right side, meaning foldables will fold down vs folding up…

  15. The way he says Kishi was driving me crazy lol. I pronounce it like Key-She.

    The GameSir G8 Galileo I have is better than this honestly. It's 80 bucks, has the extra buttons on the back where most people are used to finding them, has less noisy face buttons and it has hall effects sticks and triggers. Its placement of the headphone jack and charging port is in the middle too which is better than separating them on the sides like that imo.

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