New LG G7 Leak – Mi Mix 2s Release – Next Level Vivo Camera

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29 thoughts on “New LG G7 Leak – Mi Mix 2s Release – Next Level Vivo Camera

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  2. notch or not , Lg was dying. Its sad to see but what can they do lol. People complaining the new notch design leaked for g7 but the lg G6 was quite a good phone. But no people bought g6. I have never seen anyone in person who use lg phone in malaysia, singapore and taiwan at all. With such a solid phone like G6, they were still dying.
    Its not weird to see they change their strategy like adding this notch or doing anything more crazy. How can Lg survive when they dont even have enough support from their own country.
    Lg will soon or later loss out their mobile division. Not like samsung, a little bit of research will know how samsung is closely related to the korea government and how much the government help samsung from the past till now. Its not possible to compete with samsung. The government will never let samsung goes wrong no matter how.

    – no burning oled but mlcd+ with 30% better battery efficiency
    – headphone jack with quad dac
    – hideable notch is no problem for me atleast you see notifications and time while watching movies or playing games
    – facial recognition
    – improved front and rear cameras
    – SD845 + 6gb ram
    – water ressistant
    – customizable options compared to google pixel (like changing pixel density in apps or tone of display)
    – simply amazing

  4. Owned the LG G6, enjoyed it more than it's expensive, all flash with too much substance (Samsung Experience) Galaxy S8. The only aspect i wish it had was near bezeless design. Even with the older processor i still found it able to run more quickly than the S8 as well!

  5. The G series is like the flagship step child. Not as talented (in built-in specs) as other flagships such as the Galaxy S series. But it's a little cheaper and always in the shadow of it's beautiful brother (full blooded) v series!

  6. I think LG should simply hang it up and just make TV's and appliances and as far as I'm concerned the change in leadership just made their mobile division worse.

  7. I just don't understand, why the notch when there's that space on the bottom? Like why not just leave the top like the g6 and push the screen down? Bezeless on the bottom ya know

  8. Why are people bothered about the notch… it's good to minimize bezels as much as possible.
    Also, Apple didn't start the notch, the Essential phone did.

  9. I am like the only individual who really could care less of the notch. Like I care more the for fecal matter residue that's stuck on my toliet bottom that won't come off. Seriously, all I see are whiny crybabies who "lost" respect for LG all because of a small detail.

  10. After having my experience with the LG G4 and not being qualified to trade in this phone anywhere.. will be the last LG phone I’ll ever have…

  11. i forgot must youtub ers only see samsung and apple everyone else is a nobody, with perhaps a nod to google, they forget lg makes it, or even the essential had its notch before apple, yet none is saying essential like notch on the iPhone x or the newer notch phonesm they go again and say android is copying support for the notch from apple, when android had the noth first.
    so you are right to most there is only apple and samsunbg when it comes to innovation, firsts, design, etc. everyone else copies them, even though the lg g6, essential phone lg v30 says that is factually not true,.

    and saying apple or samsung means more view.
    i would say you could say what individual lost his phone for the s8, note 8, following the lg g6, before samsung did not have a back fingerprint sensor (in the wrong place), dual cameras, quadhd +, 18/9+, HDR, etc.

    although the lg the fist with curved old screends in phones did copy with a fake curve with the v30 to get them back.

    then the iphone after 4 years of nothing, copied essentials notch, samsung old, lg g6 overall size and aspect ratio and the look of the s8, g6, v30, and finally added face scanning (and improved it) but took away the more secure and faster finger print scanner.

    no samsung finally copies lg with the correct finger print location, yet you will never here anyone say that samsung or apple copied lg or apple or essential, but lg copies the essential notch design and they say lg is copying apple who copied essential, or that all 18/9 narrow thin bezel phones of last year copied the samsung s8 and not the lg g6.

    it is what it is samsung and apple get all of the innovation credit, but the smaller companies get all of the blame for copying when they innovate more because they are hungry, but you tubers know saying apple or samsung get views and continue this trend forever.

  12. I am ready to let my Samsung Galaxy S7 go NOW. I am so sick of the slow down/stuttering, battery life, and having to reboot the phone. Forget the Samsung S8 and/or S9. I want LG.

  13. Sorry LG when you get back to making better cameras and more software updates I'll consider you. After this LG v30 bullshit I am heading towards the Pixel or Samsung. Maybe even a midrange device of Samsung or one of Googles if they start making them.

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