Moto Z3 Review: Is the promise of 5G enough?

Read the full review: | Motorola’s Moto Z3 is here, featuring a decent spec sheet and a promise of 5G connectivity. Verizon customers who are really excited about 5G might find this phone interesting. For everyone else, not so much.

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42 thoughts on “Moto Z3 Review: Is the promise of 5G enough?

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  2. Currently $240 online-only at Verizon – GREAT phone for that price! Bought it to replace a $200 G5 Plus which served me well for 2+ years. This phone includes NFC (something the G line could really use). No, it doesn't have flagship specs, who cares? Do you really want to spend a $1000? Best all around phone for the price. As far as I'm concerned you missed the point, even at the original price

  3. Hello there thank you for this videos thank you for all the information I've been thinking about getting this phone because with the 5G coming to my area soon I may need to get this phone. I have a question for you though. I have the original Droid turbo they came out in 2013 this is a very good phone I enjoy it it's very reliable it's just a damn good phone do you think software updates will come to my phone the Droid turbo? And be compatible for 5G?

  4. Forget the 5G mod, the z3 on it's own is targeting the midrange market. Seems moto gave up on the premium flagship part of the market. It’s a pretty damn good midrangy phone, especially now that you can get it less than $400. I would strongly consider it if I was looking for a mid-range phone right now.

  5. Z series is the most innovative phone out on the market right now. With the mods it has the BEST battery, best sound for music and YouTube videos, best style ( wood, leather, fabric…), Projector that's truly portable and a smart home hub with the Amazon speaker. Great display and stock Android. There is nothing like it's versatility anywhere. Great and fun phone.

  6. So people expect 845 processor, quad Hd screen and $480 price? People need to get real. 835 processor is very powerful and more than enough. Quad HD isn’t necessary on a 6” screen. 1080p amoled looks great and doesn’t drain the battery as bad as quad HD screen. $480 price when flagship prices are a few hundred dollars more and even $1k…… Some people complain about mods? They don’t appreciate great battery life that is added by the battery mod slightly thicker than a style shell and are sold for like $30. Well worth it….. Or JBL Soundboost 2 that gives the user a much more immersive user experience. I bought it for $55. Well worth it.

  7. Does Anyone EVER review the microphone recording quality?? Say you're a teenager in a concert and want to do Facebook Live? A shitty microphone will kill that vibe. But you tech gurus only care about Specs!!

  8. I think for the price its not a bad deal at all. I mean 6GB of ram and a sd835 for 480 bucks? In the galaxy line up to get 6 gigs of ram and the same 835 you have to get the note 8 or note 9 which does have a SD845 but same ram for way more money

  9. Maybe the fact that it's not exciting is a good thing for some of us. I am looking to upgrade from my Nexus 6, but most newer phones are too much for me.

  10. The say 5G has highest radiation.
    There was massive memory loss in area with 5G, untill they replaced the antena.
    Google it if you dont believe me. With that said, it's best to wait couple of months / years and see what else they come up with.

  11. This is as thick as a brick with that 5G mod LOL, also 835? Soon the 845 will be outdated so it's pretty bad. I mean for a brand new phone in 2018. Maybe it's good for people who don't care about performance but for power users it's definitely not good.

  12. If your connected with the Moto line for the last few years and have some mods. This is a great buy till the next best thing comes along

  13. No faults you say and has all the versatility of the mods. And is cheap. But still gets no love since not as spec'ed up as reviewers like to push? For actual people this phone is amazingly recommendable

  14. Just got this phone today. No issues after a few hours of Messing around. Screen seems hazy for being 1080p. My last phone was a Droid turbo 2 and it could barely pull up web pages anymore. Seems like an upgrade to me but only thing I care about is internet speeds and such so the 5g upgrade will be welcome. Glad I don't feel the need for the top of the line specs cuz this one seems great for the price.

  15. Going back to the Moto X phones of 2013-2015, Motorola never used the top of the line processors in them. In 2013, the original Moto X had the S4 Pro, which was a year old. I know that because my 2012 Nexus 4 had the same processor. Then, in 2014, they used the 801 when the 805 was the top processor. In 2015, when the 810 was the top of the line, that year's Moto X Pure used the 808. It's really no different here. Motorola has always excelled at optimizing software, and making older GPUs run as good as the top of the line ones. That is why they cost less than other flagships, too. If anything, the first two Moto Z's were the anomaly, as they did run the latest, but also cost a lot more, too.

  16. Haters, 479 usd is a pretty good price even for a last year snapdragon 835, that's not bad at all, for a phone with Worldwide warranty and stuff
    Snapdragon 835 is still very capable, most of us won't notice the difference between this and a snapdragon 845

  17. I like how nobody talked shit about the z3 play's snapdragon 636 because it was a mid-range phone while this phone gets so much crap for having a chip that is more powerful for less money….. seriously? What, is it just because it's a half year old chip because that's a pretty dumb reason. I honestly don't understand these reviewer's rationale. They look at it like it's the same price as a Galaxy s9 and not the fact that it's basically a oneplus for Verizon users.

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