Moto Z3 Hands On: First 5G Upgradeable Phone!

Read the full post: | 5G may still be a while away, but that isn’t stopping Verizon from using it promote the Motorola Moto Z3 as the “first 5G-upgradeable phone.” Join Lanh as he takes a look at what this phone has to offer in the here and now in our Moto Z3 hands on.

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50 thoughts on “Moto Z3 Hands On: First 5G Upgradeable Phone!

  1. My mom had one and adding a micro sd card does not help as internal memory. It only allows transfer of files. No extra apps. My IPhone is 256gb. It’s not upgradeable but I have the full 256gb. Before buying android phones make sure your micro sd card allows you to fully use it, like moving apps to sd card.

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  4. I dont want to buy a thousand dollar phone. 500 is enough for me. I think this phone also has the new band 71, dual sim too. I might buy it the first of the year. The price will go down some and then I will buy it. Plus I want to want to see how the Tmobile/Sprint merger goes.

  5. Sad and confusing how theyd make the price so cheap which is compelling for a lot of people. But in the end it isnt worth it at all because it only works with overpirced verizon

  6. I think it will be a successful phone because there is a market for budget phones. Once 5g is available, people will sacrifice CPU performance to counter the likely high cost of 5g. This will likely be $350 by the time 5g is public.

  7. Hello… I wanted to speak to Joshua Vergara but as I don't know his direct email etc so I 'll try to talk to him through this channel. Hi, I wanted some advice on buying my next smartphone. My choices at the moment are Sony Xperia xz premium and Lg V 30. By the way, I am from Pakistan 🙂 Hi, Technically I want a smartphone with the following features.1. Snapdragon 835, 4GB Ram, 32-64 GB internal memory, SD Memories are a given,2. should have great gaming performance as well as audio sound for I am a gaming and music lover. 3, The camera should be not exactly hi-tech but at least one should not feel ashamed or embarrassed when sharing the same photos taken from different smartphone cameras. I have done research on Moto Z2 Force but not only the lack of a head jack as well as poor audio quality due to one front speaker, made me change my mind but also the size of the battery. As currently, they both are very expensive so I am going to wait it out a bit for the price to fall before I buy it. This is also due to the fact that I never … ever…EVER buy a Chinese phone (no offense it's just my choice). Anyway which one would you recommend and do you know any other smartphones that you can recommend besides the above-mentioned ones with the same specs I typed above. Kindly do let me know and one more question, how long would you think it will take for the Sony Xperia xz premium and LG v30 prices to fall. Currently, I own a Sony Xperia Z2 and its noise cancellation headphones ( I had to buy it separately). I bought this set after I watched your video for I had been doing research on it for at least one year and your opinion matters greatly to me. As a matter of fact whenever I buy a smartphone for myself or my family members, or any other gadgets I always try to get the reviews of android authority before making my decision because they are spot-on accurate and reasonable and here again, I would appreciate greatly if you respond to my request.
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    p.s. I know you must hear and read this alot but I really really love your videos and reviews

  8. id rather wait a year or two until phones start having 5g built in ive dealt with lte this long i can stick with it a little longer

  9. The 5G mod is hideous, how about a bigger battery to begin with? My Zenfone 3 Zoom is 5000mAh in a relatively thin body.

  10. Wow, I love this. I was waiting for this phone since moto z.
    I own moto z2 force but moto z3 would be my next buy.
    This phone gonna be a great performer. Guys, dont be fooled by these paid tech reviewers. I think, Motorola has provided us a great low cost modern phone. SD 835 is the best chip. Front firing speaker, erognomic body, extremely useful moto functions, snappy performance. I owned Iphone X, Galaxy S9 but they are not practical phones, they are just shiny slabs.

  11. Moto mods are a GIANT WASTE of time and money. Why not just bake the 2000MAH battery inside the damn phone which is stupidly thin for no reason? or the 5G module? Or maybe a decent speaker inside? Modular phones are a failure! like project ARA and the LG G5!

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  13. Moto phones r useless now….waste of 💰. Design, stock rom everything sucks……specially camera wtf… a days all r making smart n smaller they r doing the opposite that also with less megapixel n features

  14. I don't see the point of this phone, except for the price maybe. But you can get a Z2 Force with the same or better specs (more RAM) for almost half the price. They should have just released the 5G mod.

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