Huawei P30 Pro Redux: Bittersweet

Is the P30 Pro worth it in 2021?
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It’s been three years since Huawei launched its P30 Pro. Is it still worth using or buying in 2021? Find out in this episode of Redux!

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27 thoughts on “Huawei P30 Pro Redux: Bittersweet

  1. Thanks Ryan. Thanks for all your redux series. Love all of them. Very relevant to many of us looking at not paying insane price for these days flagship. All the best too.

  2. Mainly the reason I stayed subscribed was your videos. I'm not a big fan of the others no offence. Wish you all the best

  3. If it wasn’t for Trump and the ban of Huawei for using google services, I would still be using a Huawei mobile phone. But sadly I’ve been forced back into the iOS platform.

  4. I got the p30 pro and I gotta say highly recommended for an enthusiast and the cameras are good for the used market. I have taken amazing photos in the last year.

    But I would never recommend this to any friends due to the uncertainty in software support

  5. The P30 Pro was and still my fav Huawei. Even if P40 or Mate 30/40 got Google support, I still adore P30 more. The design is one of the more classier I've seen from Huawei since the P9. Newer Huawei design looks beautiful but sometimes looks & feel a bit tacky / gaudy in person especially with the extreme curve display, weirdly big punch hole and unorthodox camera bump design. My 2 cents …

  6. Still use my 2 year old MATE 20 pro…. It works perfectly and easily manages 1,5-2 days on battery and the camera snaps better photos than my wifes Samsung Galaxy 20 (with the focus issues)… Just got an update to EMUI11… A part of me want it to break soon, just to justify buying a new phone… but I guess it will last another year for until ARMv9 SoCs hit the market.

  7. Using Huawei p30, bought brand new a month ago for half price… Love it! Night mode, which beats iPhone 11 Pro and note 10 anytime! Also it is on the latest security update from Google, February 2021!

  8. I'm still using my p30 pro to this day.. I don't want to trade it for any other phones out there because of its battery life and amazing photos. Tbh kirin 980 is still pretty amazing since i can play heavy games without any lags. And for me, phone updates are not important since most of the update have bugs anyway and degrade the battery. As long as the battery last me a whole day without bringing a bulky and heavy power bank, it's perfect in my book.

  9. Good luck on the next chapter Ryan. Recently sold my P30 Pro after 2 yrs. It still had 92% battery health and was the best phone I owned to date, I bought it for the camera and it served me well. I replaced it w a OP 8T w 12/256 vs the 6/128. Camera on the 8T looks to be equal but I am enjoying the higher refresh screen and the price w their recent launch of 9 series was excellent. I did notice some freezes w the P30 Pro but I think that could have been remedied with a device reset. Overall it is still a very good phone. Here in Canada I sold it used for $450 as new in the box, I loved how fast it charged.

  10. I'm still using my P30 Pro since I bought it on release day in Canada (April 2019) and I probably gonna hold onto it for another year. Performance is still plenty quick and the cameras are still stellar (5x optical lens is mighty useful to me on my travels).

    EMUI 11 has definitely done something to affect the battery life (used to get about 2 days, but after the update it's more like 1.5) but apart from not having a 90+ Hz refreshed screen, it's still awesome. Hearing it might get Harmony OS, so I'll have to see that ends up being though it seems to basically be a mostly similar visually to EMUI, with the differences being under the hood.

  11. Got my emui 11 update a couple weeks back. As far as ive managed to find out the next big update will be straight to harmony os. Gonna give it a try before getting my next phone.

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