Google’s Market share is growing but can it overtake Apple or Samsung? #google #Samsung #apple

In a new report, Google’s market share in the U.S. has grown 4.6%. But can Google’s growth be enough to eventually compete with Apple or Samsung? Let us know what you think!


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28 thoughts on “Google’s Market share is growing but can it overtake Apple or Samsung? #google #Samsung #apple

  1. Right now im using the 6a. Loving the phone. i will upgrade between 2025 and 2027. I might stick with a pixel phone. Going to switch my samsung watch for a Garmin and Ive been using headphones from Sony lately which suits me just fine. The earbuds eventually irritated my ears.

  2. Google shouldn't compete but instead collaborate with Samsung in shrinking Apple's monopoly in the US, making Android more popular among young people is something they need to work on

  3. I was extremely disappointed when I bought pixel 8 pro due to its locked features outside the US. Without these features it's just a mid market phone but at a really high price. I suggest not to buy it if your living outside of the US. Also, I hoped it would have a good developer society online how one plus had and now nothing phone has and some Chinese brands. It lacks basic software features such as double tap to lock screen it only double tap to unlock. I would have expected this feature to be in Google pixel but apparently people have been asking for this and some other features since forever, leads to conclusion that it's software developers are dead.

  4. Android is far behind IOS on ease of use. Just few more function polish and universal share like airdrop (nearby share is there but not as effective as airdrop) also drag and drop to work across every apps same as PC.

  5. No android brand is ever going to overtake apple. Android is the freedom of choice, consumers have the option of choosing between different brands so the sales of each brand is always fluctuating.

  6. I get that people are partial to their brands (I heart Samsung myself), and this happens to be a Google stan post, but the market share graphic that you provided showed me more about the power of "the others" than any foreshadowing of a Google smartphone revolution.

    When you consider factors like the rise of AI, foldables/wearables/edibles/etc, privacy concerns and identity theft increases – there seems to be an opportunity for the powers of "the others" to combine, and become the Captain Planet of smartphone providers that the world needs right now!

    I'm imagining a privacy-focused device in the vein of what Punkt is intending, running Apostrophy and such, but paired with the hardware expertise, materials and foldables experience, brand recognition, and resources of a Motorola/Lenovo or TCL.

    Maybe just a dream, but so is the idea that Google will ever get smartphones right!

  7. I had the pixel one and liked a lot about that phon. I’ve since moved back to Apple for the XR, 12, & now 14 pro max, but the last couple years pixel has been enticing me again! Too bad I’m already fully inside the 🍎 ecosystem.

  8. You have to laugh at these anti Samaung comments. Pixel sale have actually grown over 300% using them.😂😂😂

    Pre the Pixel 6/ Tensor every Pixel and Nexus were powered by Snapdragons.😂😂

  9. Faster charging, better zoom lens, Google Duo & Alo merged into one app & being standard across all Android devices similar to FaceTime/iMessage but with specific features only available on Pixel could have been the trick but Google kept quitting before things got good

  10. Samsung was once awesome, but they are losing their edge. I have no upgrade path from my S20 FE, because Samsung has forgotten why I buy their phones: features that stand out from the crowd. MST, SD cards, Linux chroot on DeX, VR… If you're going to nerf all of the things that make Samsung special, don't be surprised if customers like me switch to Pixel phones.

    Fortunately, Samsung is still known for longevity, so it will be a while before I am forced to make a move.

  11. Well, do-no-evil company has helped Israel colonizing Asia and oppressing local Asians, and fired whoever spoke the truth, so using pixels are funding the Greedy corporation

  12. Doubtful. They have such potential and have some insanely advanced features, but they release the buggiest phones I've ever used. from the pixel a series, to the 3XL, to the 6. Ill never leave Samsung at this point

  13. If they patch at least 14 of the bugs and the 5 that occur multiple times daily. It's the buggiest phone I've ever used in my entire life. Latest Android 14 pixel 7 pro.

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