Does Google HATE the Chromecast?!

Does Google hate the Chromecast? The once mega-successful and trailblazing streamer now doesn’t even seem to register on Google’s radar…

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29 thoughts on “Does Google HATE the Chromecast?!

  1. The Chromecast with Google TV has been wonderful for me. I have now bought 5 of them haha (two for my place and 3 for my mom's place). It is drastically better than any smart tvs I have used. I don't have any of my tvs actually connected to the internet. Just use the Chromecast with remote.

  2. I have the Chromecast with Google TV and only ever use the Google TV part to stream directly from apps on the device itself because casting from my phone is just so unreliable. Most of the time the Home app can't even find the device.

  3. loved my chromecast, worked great. Time passed, it got slower n more n more unreliable.
    It was streaming the same resolutions, with better wifi, faster internet, yet it just got worse n worse. Switched to roku they dont get worse over time. Planned obsolescence much?

  4. I use a chromecast and have for over a decade now. I would rather use my phone as a remote because it gives me options that the Google remote just doesn't especially in the query list where I can jump around to what ever I want to watch. Use this thing many hours a day. I do agree though that it jas problems that have continued without any fixes by Google.

  5. Yeah, cancelling Chromecast audio was a kick in the teeth. I actually use an old Chromecast, connected to HDMI to audio converter as a way to stream audio to a speaker in my kitchen.

  6. I have the newest Chromecast with Google TV and the overall experience has been great the only weird issue I had was with connecting earbuds. For some reason, when I connect my pixel buds pro, the audio sounds great for a while, but then it starts to cut out and glitch so bad, that it makes the earbuds unusable. I don't have a problem with my pixel buds with any other device and I tried connecting my galaxy buds 2 instead and I never had this problem with those. Very strange.

  7. Google hates everything they create. Or, more accurately, they have a massive case of A.D.D. and zero focus. They have completely ignored WearOS for years, run Nest into the ground, and now Fitbit, and let's not forget what happened with Stadia. Personally, I don't invest in any of their products anymore. They have proven to me that they can't be relied upon.

  8. I agree with several points in this video, but "dead" is an false understatement. The Chromecast With Google TV 4K is still the best TV box in the market especially in terms of value. Despite its flaws and shortcomings, I would pick a Chromecast over Roku, Amazon and even Apple all day.

    Google should pause their "move to a better idea" philosophy and refined their current idea especially the Chromecast tech alone. I hate that the Chrome Browser (Android) still doesn't work with casting devices. But, through Windows… It works seamlessly well. It doesn't make sense. Even the Chromecast Audio should come back and this is the best time to do so.

  9. Google Assistant is in limbo as well. Google Assistant's experience feels poorer now, it is less accurate and less helpful these days compared to the time when Pixel 4 was around. Fuchsia OS's future is in doubt. It feels like people who are working at Google don't care about the Google Ecosystem and don't actually use them. You would imagine Google will be working hard to make their products much better than the competition considering the competition's market share is massive and growing.

  10. I only use the chromecast to watch Google Play Movies on my monitor, if you try playing any movies or show through a browser Google limits the playback to 480p….

  11. I purchased the Google Chrome Cast a few years back but switched to Roku after many numerous frustrating attempts to cast to my tv's. Never buying Chrome Cast again Google.

  12. I remember scoffing at the Chromecast Audio when it first came out, but I have to admit it is super useful. Shame it's been discontinued.

    The new Google Chromecast with Google TV is tempting because of the remote, but having a plain version with no ads was so nice on non-Smart TVs (or Smart TVs with limited app libraries)

  13. I have an LG smart tv wnich used to be great as a standalone smart tv but move on a few years and the licences for various apps like bbc iplayer and itvx are no longer supported so the smart tv has in effect dumbed down , use of a chromecast or fire tv stick or similar smartens it up again.

  14. I have the latest version of the Chromecast (Google actually sent it to me for free when I signed up for Youtube TV). But I have never really found the casting system to be beneficial over regular streaming on my Roku. The latest Chromecast serves double duty for casting as well as a standard streaming box, but it feels underpowered and sluggish when in use.

  15. It will keep selling. I have 3 tvs only 1 is smart. Other 2 are great lcd HD tvs that are surprisingly fast and worth 100€. Why buy a smart tv if i have chromecast ? Tvs dont break they last 15-20 years now. New tvs will break down after 5 years mark my words. Plus smart tvs slow down after time. Dumb tv is faster to set up which is funny

  16. If it weren't for Google's stranglehold of the internet, you'd think this was just a slowly dying, incompetent tech company. How many products have they launched just to barely touch it and kill it years later?

  17. I have the hd and i'm about to buy the 4k version, it suits my needs and the remote is perfect except, it takes every chance it gets to slip off, jump off, any and every surface and if i squeeze it too tight it loses connection and has to be re established by hand stretching around the back of the tv omfg.

  18. These days, most cheap TVs have smart features built into them, so this device really only exists for special use cases, such as my parents.

    My parents have an older TV without eARC, which means they could not get proper Dolby Atmos sound with height channel in their streaming. Getting a Chromecast fixed that.

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