Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 14 | ABC News Live Coverage

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Watch daily live coverage of the trial of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, faces charges of manslaughter, second-degree murder, and third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd. The trial is expected to last approximately four weeks.

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36 thoughts on “Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 14 | ABC News Live Coverage

  1. How about Cannon Hinnant? , No justice for a 5 year old white boy. Murdered by a 25 years old Black man. And we should feel bad or care about a drugged up adult dying from fighting with the Police! If he had done what he was told, he would be alive today. This boy did nothing at all, was playing in he's yard. I believe he shoot the boy in the head. Because he knew he could get away with it being Black!. The black people don't want justice, they want superiority! This is wrong. This is the real problem we face in America! After the election fraud, this is our biggest problem!

  2. George Floyd was a career criminal and in jail 10 years on and off since
    1998…robbed people and sold drugs , beat a pregnant Black woman … a real stand up guy ! What a circus.

  3. George floyd was killing himself with drugs and a self destructive lifestyle,his murder just quickened the process and made a fool into a martyr by an idiot who lost his life because of his belief that he was all powerful and untouchable.

  4. The kid was a thug, no it's not rite that he was shot but if I was a cop I would of been worried about him grabbing a gun from his car.

  5. Ok go home now, it's a shame to see this nation the way it is. From the president to the thugs. Save your breath America no one is listening, they say they our but there only telling you want you want 5o here.

  6. This verdict is dedicated to all the cops who bullied us, discriminated us and destroyed our lives as human beings.
    -F..k you Jill Reiter of Palm Beach State College!
    -F..k you Plantation Police Department
    -F..k you Plantation Fire Department
    Privatize Law Enforcement! VICTIMS………WE FINALLY WON!

  7. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY ! What are y’all racist people saying now? George deserved a fair trial period & if you think what that cop did was okay then you are probably okay with lynching also.

  8. Hey, abc. Why don't you cover both sides. You are nothing but a racist , lying fake news. This verdict was a joke. This police officer was setup to take the fall. He was totally not guilty. But you abc, yes you abc said he was guilty right from the start. This thing was nothing more than a 9 time violent gun felon who died from a drug overdose heart attack. If this animal would of stayed home and not tried to commit another felony he would still be alive. At least until the drug overdose killed him

  9. A woman drove into three men playing basketball. The story read WHITE woman drives into three Black Teens playing ball. Tragic. But if a Black man drove into three white women it would read Man runs into three women playing ball. Media just doesn't make any since.

  10. These killings wouldn’t happen in White suburbia. There would be action, laws passed.. etc. Meth, Crack was a black problem, it hit the suburbs, it became an epidemic!!

  11. Why are we portraying Robert Floyd as a "good Man," he was NOT a good Man. I heard the entire trial, not the video that we all were misled. Why do we have to be afraid of expressing what we really saw, our Freedom of Speech. Robert Floyd, died at the Hospital, Floyd resisted arrested and now for his 3rd time, he put his own faith to his own demise. Even after inside the car, Floyd kept fighting and fighting, had HBP, bad heart, 5 drugs in his system [drug addict], exposed to CO, and when you add all those factors and having CV-19, a time bomb. Too many factors that how can a Jury be 100% honest, and say guilty. The Police Officer did not do right, but cause of death, definitely no the actions of the Police Officer. Jurors, have to say guilty only when is "beyond a reasonable doubt," and "Under the preponderance standard, the burden of proof is met when the party with the burden convinces the fact finder that there is a greater than 50% chance that the claim is true." If I was a Juror, I would say can't decide..there were so many "if's." I also feel all races need to stop using the racist card and be racist themselves to achieve there personal agenda. Why do we have fear riots if not fount gulty?

  12. I was angered beyond beleif when I saw the first video .
    but then I saw the cop cams videos the bystander video was overdubbed to make the three minutes
    seem like way more they didnt show you floyd trying to bite the officers thigh that made him have to climb on top of him to keep from being bitten floyd made his own bed.
    and the bystander tape was falsified to create tampered with evidence
    the police man was only on floyd for 3 minutes
    theres a big difference i Timed them on cop cam video that has disapeared on youtube .
    the officer has a right to be judged by his pears and with unbyast decision and this will not happen
    this should not have even gone to court.
    this in it self is predudice the coruption of that video is a felony.
    and black people are more predudice than any one on planet
    when you dont comply with police they have to gain control period
    floyd could have aids for all the cop knows and trying to bite him is reason to even shoot floyd

  13. "we here at ABC just wanted to take a break to focus on broadcasting one side, the side we want you to accept, and we'll go back to the trial once the trial is projecting the message we here at ABC want you to believe."

  14. Death, demonstrations, protests, damage to lives and property, fires, firings, resignations, legislation, incarcerations, a court case – all this over an alleged counterfeit $20 bill.

  15. Before hearing closing arguments I thought Derek was guilty. It seems that the media for a year has brainwashed me. When I saw the rest of the video I see reasonable doubt, Floyd was squirming and talking far more than the media would have had us believe. The media is still trying to control what we think. If there's a riot the media will be the provocateurs!

  16. Reasonable Police Officer? Not the Chief, not the the Use of Force Training Instructor, not the most senior Lieutenant, not the Sergeant, not the First Responder/First Aid instructor, not a Use of Force expert, non of these persons are "Reasonable Police Officer"! Only Derek Chauvin is the "Reasonable Police Officer" all of the sudden? Let's hope we have a reasonable Jury who believe what they see with their own eyes and listen to what they hear with their own ears. Floyd was alive until he came in contact with Derek Chauvin. Everything these four offices did was wrong! Only a Jury can convict and only a Judge can specify the punishment for a crime. George Floyd never had the opportunity to attend a trial by a Jury of his peers. The punishment was carried out by Officer Derek Chauvin. It was a death penalty carried out by himself. He played the cop, jury and judge. He decided the appropriate penalty for George Floyd's crime was death !

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