Trump administration releases new report on climate change

The 1,600-plus-page report paints a dire picture as the White House maintains the information presented is “largely based on the most extreme scenario.”


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42 thoughts on “Trump administration releases new report on climate change

  1. Trump has a new plan to drastically lower greenhouse gases. He says he's going to make Mexicans stop eating beans and start eating tuna fish. And he's going to make them pay for the tuna fish!

  2. The more I hear all this catastrophic mantra , the more I become interested in studying the psychological mechanisms of religious ideas.

  3. Warn Congress and tell them to close the pits of hell, shut the factories down six days work rest Sabbath acknowledge Jesus Christ who has the power on earth to forgive sins and repent. The polluting and fracking is increasing the intensity of the earthquakes. Read the book of John. They all take their oaths on the Book of life and the preachers are preaching but people are serving themselves. Roman's 1:25… worshipping the creature more than the Creator. Why do you think people are getting sick?

  4. Climate science has been dead on in last ten years? That’s a god damn lie. The computer models were so far off it was insane. You can’t believe anything they say and then with the climate alarmist extremist they’re losing support.

  5. None , none of what was predicted by climate change advocates has happened. I live in Florida and hurricanes now are very rare now, and they pack no punch. The simple fact is Al Gore mislead everyone with the blessing of the climate Scientists. The inconvenient truth is they were wrong, are wrong and will be wrong about climate.

  6. We need to stop talking about climate change. We should change the conversation to "Pollution is bad."

    I mean we all at least agree pollution is bad right? Does anyone argue pollution is good?

  7. people not believing and s*** like this because they don't feel the weather like us that work out there I tell you what I'm 21 and I started working at15 outside and the weather is changing it be getting hot as s*** then what it used to be ,ps i still work outside dont mind it ,,, but what bothers me ignorent people that would not last a day in my world dont believe in stuff like this ,,

  8. Every person who believes in climate change needs to stop using their cars RIGHT NOW! Show your commitment. Even if you have a hybrid, stop using it. Electric cars costs carbon to make, stop using them and buying them. Walk, bike, I'd say get a horse but they also pollute.Also stop having kids, no kids for climate change believers, they add to your carbon foot print. ( if all goes well the gene pool will be cleansed and the next generations won't have to deal with it)

  9. How are carbon taxes going to change anything? It's all about money. According to Al Gore, the seas should have risen 25 ft. Yet they have only risen the thickness of four sheets of 20lb. paper. People need to stop listening to the media fear tactics, this planet has bee constantly changing since its existence.


  11. People are causing climate change. The world population growth is unsustainable. People need food, water, and energy and the population growth is using the resources faster than the earth can regenerate. The world must immediately commit to zero population growth by limiting families to two children. One child to replace each adult. Keep in mind, it is not just the CO2 percentage in the atmosphere changing. It is also a reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere due to combustion and breathing.

  12. The lust for 4 cycle, 2 cycle engines here in the US won't subside anytime soon. As illegal aliens continue to storm the US from broken socialistic countries, and exponential growth of the US citizens, new land must be leveled for subsidized farming and government subsidized housing. In addition, more land must be leveled for highways, leading to a continued rapid depletion of our resources and extinction of species. The throw away society, cheaply made products, results in continued economical growth at a dire cost to valuable resources.
    This world is destined for destruction through mans greed, selfishness and ineptness. Diseases stemming from immoral behaviors and the extinction of animals, plants, birds and insects. Trump hatred runs far deeper than his assessment of this climate report. He looks at things through the eyes or the taxpayer. Given half a chance the man might be able to rescue the US from bankruptcy.
    The technology has to exist to be weaned off carbon, but $$$ and the likelihood of an inconvenience prevail. Baseless, impractical knee jerked opinions posted here, including this one, will not help getting to a solution, but may give someone some personal satisfaction.

  13. CO2=Y2Kx1984x666
    "The doctors say your mother could be dying."……………WHAT? SAY IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!
    "The experts say your children's planet could be dying." ……………. Ok then, it must be true.
    How close to unstoppable warming will science take us before they say; "PROVEN" or are they also only 99% sure the planet isn't flat?
    The real crime is you fear mongers wishing, hoping and praying a climate hell is real for your own children just because you hate conservatives so much. How sick!

  14. To all those who support these findings—-what exactly do you want the US to do? Technology is moving as fast as it can to replace fossil fuels,we are cleaner than ever,so what the hell do you want? Sign a stupid Paris Accord that cost us billions while the polluters have to change nothing? NUTS

  15. all the reason to keep all those people out of America put a warning sign danger do not enter unsafe beyond this point.ill bet they didn't give there land and houses away to never return,its a brown scam,if they were poor they wouldn't have I phones oh they stole them from tourist

  16. ah fooie its happening on all the planets ,its the sun stupid,watch the other scientist that dissagreee let the people clean there forest of dead brush you may kill a few bugs in the process

  17. Trumpo's administration won't ever admit that man is changing the worlds climate. For every record cold day there's been 3 record hot days. In a balanced climate it'd be more like 1 to 1. The weather is trending toward stronger storms. Where i live there's been a 100 year flood happening every 3 years. In on town 12" of rain fell in 6 hours. The ensuing flood wiped out 3 surrounding towns. Top it off with Trump rolling back epa and pulling the usa out of the Paris climate accord just shows the only thing he's worried about is money. He could care less about the people as long as his family gets richer.

  18. Climate has always changed; this is nothing new. The greatest warming occurred after the ice-age and there were virtually no carbon emissions then.

    By the way, you know you're listening to a climate change fraudster if they fail to acknowledge the positive effects of their purported warming trend. For example, a warmer climate would yield longer growing seasons (which would greatly reduce world hunger). Regions presently too cold to farm at all could begin to grow food. People presently living in cold climates would spend less money on heating costs which would allow them to spend the savings on things like healthcare and education, rising sea levels would push more water inland to areas now bone dry, etc., etc.

    The drop-dead give away a climate change scientist is a complete fraud is if they attribute climate change to carbon emissions as opposed over population (as even a fifth grader knows the amount of carbon emissions are directly commiserate with population size).

    Any person who believes society should spend trillions trying to prevent temperatures from rising a couple of degrees in lieu of feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and healing the sick are the most horrible of all people.

  19. If Trump is going to ignores his own nation security team on Vladimir Putin's meddling in the 2016 election and the CIA's assessment of Mohammed bin Salman's involvement in the death of Jamal Khashoggi, what makes anyone think that a report from his own government about the effects of climate change is going to change his mind?
    President Dimwit's brain isn't that flexible or open to reason…much like his supporters who can't see the destruction his presidency is causing the present, if not the future…

  20. Here's an idea… How about telling the WHOLE truth? As if… I DARE YOU! What about in honor of Jamal Khashoggi? Oh, bosses won't let you. YOUR CHOICE… Bosses don't have a network without you… OR us… And WE want the WHOLE TRUTH!

  21. I'm watching your special report regarding the CA fires… Why aren't you talking about fracking? Each frack 'well' almost continuously spews combustible gases into the air, visible in the infra-red. Each frack 'well' uses TRILLIONS of gallons of FRESH WATER that after use is termed in the industry as "EXTINCT" requiring permanent long term storage… kinda like the rest of the things we make toxic, use and then need to dispose of 'permanently'. Are WE making EARTH a SUPER FUND site?

  22. Seemingly impossible technologies, BLACK SWANS, have the unrecognized potential to replace fossil fuels much faster. They offer a positive possibility of human survival. See a few of them at

    They include 24/7 engines that need no fuel – substituting a huge untapped reservoir of solar energy. A potential supplement or alternative to intermittent wind and solar farms.

    Also, Heat Pump air conditioners that do not use refrigerants and require only 1/3 the power of today's best units.

    And Room Temperature Superconductors. AESOP calls them ULTRACONDUCTORS to avoid arguments.

    These all reflect positive BLACK SWAN science. Difficult to believe but each is quite real.

    Trolls are certain they are merely scams. One rants at length with lies and twisted facts to deter urgently needed support.

    Human survival appears to require rapid development of each. Ideally on a round-the-clock basis, as we are facing World War CO2!

    Study the website. My Bio is included. Bold souls are welcome to contact me for additional information.

  23. These idiots released it over the holiday weekend so that it would get lost and be dead by Monday, but guess what suckas: I'm gonna put it on all of my social media and tell everyone to retweet, repost and forward it into top trending! What idiots!

  24. Let me tell you what I worry about,and that is the slowing or shutting down of the thermohaline ocean conveyor. If this happens it will not give us global warming but global cooling. T

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