State fish and wildlife commissioner faces calls for resignation

Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Blake Fischer shared photos with friends and colleagues of a recent hunting trip to Africa in which he allegedly bragged about killing a family of baboons.


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42 thoughts on “State fish and wildlife commissioner faces calls for resignation

  1. This is a typical serial killer, it wouldn't surprise me if he killed or tortured humans before. The smile on his face shows the sickness t it's best!! KARMA!!

  2. I am a game hunter and fisherman of 40 years in the US. True ethical hunters follow game conservation rules to ensure the propagation and health of the species or herd, flock, etc.. #1. A true hunter will NEVER take game that they cannot or will not eat. #2. Trophy hunting and abandoning the carcass is highly unethical, wasteful and illegal. #3. Game laws are enacted and enforced by government officials for the benefit and health of the individual hunted species and all laws pertaining thereto should must followed by ALL true hunters. #4. Poachers and trophy hunters of endangered or exotic species of any continent regardless of legality are not ethical hunters … they are ignorant selfish assholes who should be fined and jailed for taking the life of any non game species without purpose!

  3. The worst is that he thinks it was his right and doesn’t feels anything about killing a momkey mom and her baby and the whole family…..I wonder how he thought it was fun the moment he started shooting at a baby monkey. I really dislike these type of Humansz

  4. Why are trophy hunters always whites no wonder they have no problem going on mass shootings I mean if u shoot animals just for trophy's and fun they u will have no problem killing humans too

  5. Trophy hunters are scum of the earth-plain and simple. Right down there with pedophiles. This loser himself needs to be hunted down.

  6. Look, there is nothing wrong with hunting. I hunt and EAT animals all the time. I have TROPHY mounts on my wall that I am very proud of. Whitetail deer, turkey, boar, and a black bear. I skinned and ate ALL of them. What I don't get is killing shit that you can't eat. Why in the fuck do you kill a leopard? Are you a cat eater? Why in the fuck do you kill a family of baboons? Unless there trying to eat you or something. But most of all, why in the fuck do you kill a giraffe? Are they tasty? Do you have a tall foyer in your home for the mount? I hope this made you feel better about your small penis and getting picked on when you were in elementary school. If you can't grill it don't kill it. Let your wife no I'm here for her. Thanks.

  7. ROFL Africa does the same thing!!!!! Is that why giraffes and Leopards are on the endangered list!? Idiot, you got to hunt those because you probably spent $50k to do it. Those animals were most likely on hunting ranches that were raised to be killed. Trophy Hunting is a money game, and it actually starts with these Outfitters that are a big part of the PROBLEM!

  8. This isn't hunting for food for yourself & your family:  this man is a stinking cowardly piece of garbage who kills animals for enjoyment (in total safety, I'm sure), and then gloats over his dirty work.  I hope someday that HE and others like him will be lined up shot, and photographed by his smiling executioners.  Good work, Idaho, you've got a "real manly" Commissioner there!

  9. yep resign asshole…fuck you resign your soul to me too I prick, I'm sick of fuck ups like you….

    For the others the lead by example, good job…

  10. What a sick, disturbed psychopathic p.o.s. The wife of course is equally psychopathic. I wonder how these people find each other. The bitch probably gets excited by the killing of animals.

  11. The unacceptable nature of these photos is a matter of conditioning. Most People are comfortable posing in front of cut up body parts of a recently killed sentient being that had a family. Put a face and a family on that flesh and people scream "ohhhh the inhumanity!" Be kind. Consider veganism.

  12. I rec'd a reply from BBBS to my request to rescind any Big Brother of the year award or recognition for this jackass;

    Like so many of neighbors, we find these photos disturbing and sad. While Blake was our Big Brother of the Year in 2014 he has no current association with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    Please know we take mentoring and making matches very seriously. Serving children in our community is a big responsibility and one we do not take lightly. All of our Bigs have to go through a thorough vetting process and background check to ensure they are the right fit for our program and are ready to be a mentor. Big Brothers Big Sisters helps change children’s lives for the better – but that is only possible because we spend so much time making sure we are matching the right people.

    Thank you,
    Emily Johnson BBBS

  13. Kill junkies who sport kill families of exotic creatures in regulated game parks are vile pigs.
    Blake Fischer is bag of useless sh*t who needs to get his head checked and his ass kicked.

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