Robert Blake’s wife is murdered in 2001 under strange circumstances: 20/20 Jan 11 Part 1


The famous TV and film actor’s wife Bonny Bakley was found shot to death in his car around the corner from his favorite restaurant. Blake has always maintained he was not involved in any way.


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34 thoughts on “Robert Blake’s wife is murdered in 2001 under strange circumstances: 20/20 Jan 11 Part 1

  1. I still like him! He's an eccentric badass, as am I. Bonnie purposely got pregnant, to hook up with a famous millionaire. She double-crossed him big-time! He probably didn't kill her, because he had very little, minute gun residue on him. The amount of a gun owner, not shooter. This leads me to believe it was a hired hitman. I'm not saying she deserved to be killed, but clearly she made his life hell— he snapped. Sad story

  2. I remember Lost highway and one of the most scariest "call" scene. In real life, that man is absolutely psychopath, that´s for sure.

  3. I think Manson was correct in his interpretation on Hollywood. If you can understand a dumpster in the back alley, than you can understand Hollywood. (Not an exact quote, but close enough)

  4. I really can't find anyway in my heart to say he didn't have anything to do with it. And it's 100% obvious this was premeditated.. so who had more of a reason to do this than him?

    There are soo many BIG Red Flags in this case it's suprising that there was a claim that there wasn't enough evidence. He said it himself in another interview. Millionaires don't commit crimes. Well not only was that Not At All True, but it sounds like he wanted to end with.. because they don't need to….
    There is absolutely No Sympathy for his wife's Murder, on any interview.. he either talks about the circumstances he has been put under, or charmingly changes the subject. Criminal Psychology, one of the first Need to Knows right there.

  5. They charged him because of what those stunt doubles said basically. All other circumstantial evidence had reasonable doubt written all over it. I do believe he did it or hired someone though. But under the law if I was on that jury I couldn’t 100% say he did it so I understand why he was found NG.

  6. Blake was an actor his whole life, since childhood, and a disturbed person. He was guilty but put on a convincing performance. Easy for him, both the killing and the acting innocent afterwards.

  7. 5:06 Blake rambles on how much he is worth at the time, then doesn't even remember what he did after leaving his wife in the car. Say's he went for a "pee", didn't he went to get the gun he forgot? He dimisses this justification as "bullshit".

    You can just see and feel no remorse for the situation. No sadness for what occured. Only cares about how he is perceived, how stupid would he be, he was worth 40M, me…me…me. Dat man is guilty. You can just feel it in that point in the video. May not have pulled the trigger but he is guilty of something.

  8. remarkable these people are acquitted and years and years go by…and no one is found.and yet these high profile continue as if nothing happened. i have yet to hear how distraught they are..and will not rest until the real murderers are brought to justice, not one word about that!!

  9. Considering Bonny was a con artist, its not all that surprising that her past would eventually catch up to her & someone she had conned in the past would do her in. And IMO that would seem rather more plausible than Robert Blake doing her in.

  10. Okay people don't like her but she was still a person she was just 44 years old even if she been married 10 times Robert knew that & he knew all about her, he put the hit on her just ask the bodyguard girlfriend

  11. #FakeNews Now that we know these so called journalists are nothing but liars, maybe this was set up to get rid of somebody "inconvenient". Maybe Robert Blake knew to many things about certain people in Hollywood and was "burned"!

  12. He parked a half block away. I've been to Vitellos. Everyone has to park on the street. No valet or lot. He was under arrest for FOUR YEARS before trial. In jail one year. Absolutely crazy.

  13. Under strange circumstances because he did it!! & yeah!!! Too many clues point to him!! Then he goes on Piers Morgan show, gets all defensive & attacks him for just asking questions the fans want to know.. Sounds guilty to me.. Big fan of his work!! Great actor!! I just think he’s guilty tho!!

  14. Much to my own astonishment, and after I watched the whole 20/20 show, I have come to the conclusion that Robert Blake is either guilty or innocent. I know, I know. It is hard for me to believe, too. But I am being very honest right now. I would even say that the chances are 50-50 either way. My mind is made up for certain! He DID or DID NOT do it! Of that I am sure. Watch it for yourself to see what I mean: it is very convincing!

  15. Fascinating case study. I think she majorly USED him and he knew it and despised her for it.
    Then he {likely} decided: "I'm gonna get even and then some." REVENGE.
    whether it was Blake … or someone else from her past: IT WAS A REVENGE KILLING.
    she victimized and USED a lot of people before it happened.
    Blake was ruined afterward, but he survived, after a manner of speaking. of course, he became semi-psychotic and tormented over the entire ordeal.

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