Rescue Operations Get Underway After Ida Slams Louisiana

Rescue efforts are underway across Louisiana after Hurricane Ida made landfall as a category four storm, causing extensive damage to roads and buildings, and knocking out power for millions of people. Nicole Maul from the American Red Cross joins News NOW to explain the conditions rescue crews are facing as they work to rescue people stranded by the storm. 

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28 thoughts on “Rescue Operations Get Underway After Ida Slams Louisiana

  1. Note the canker on the bark of those downed trees and the rot within that was going on before the 'cane. Encourage folks to remove trees like that before the next storm rolls through.

  2. Just to be clear. If one lives in a location that is BELOW SEA LEVEL, he/she will be ADVERSELY IMPACTED by a hurricane and/or floods. This is the undeniable fact that Gulf Coast RESIDENTS ACCEPT.

    No need to cry and whimper, because it is the lifestyle and residence that one willfully chose. It is the risk that one decided to ACCEPT.

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  6. Why aren't building codes such that the structures can withstand 170mph winds, etc? It seems as if the South discovered long, long ago that this is a yearly danger…

  7. All I can add to the effort to do something about these powerful hurricanes is provide the understanding of the falling rains being the energy source of the winds of a hurricane. And about all that can be done to stop the rains is a "cloud seeding" effort at a very low altitude, while the hurricane is still offshore.

  8. What I saw was a women not letting go of her phone,they person trying to help her was taking her stuff out of her hand so she could hand on to him or her but he wasn’t letting that go,even if it meant death ,wow amazing

  9. Watch out for gators and those so called " joggers " , they are notorious for preying on much smaller , elderly and infirm people while getting cover from the media . .
    Stay armed and safe .

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