41 thoughts on “Republicans will retain control of the Senate, ABC News projects

  1. God Almighty, Our Father who areth in Heaven, is speaking directly to us all:
    Choose Jesus, anti-Christ will never win. End of evil is written before the foundation of the world. GOD'S OWN WORDS HERE.
    How dumb can you be if you don't even take a look at these God's Words while you look for aliens and other things that will die or have zero eternal peace.
    Turn around to Love and Mercy of Jesus or
    Walk run fall jump to Hell forever………………….. https://youtu.be/f7Z-GyZgL_o

  2. They're all a bunch of liars… especially when you have that much money up your ass, certain people will respect that for the same reason, and using racism as a way to get more votes I guess works. Go Trump, and keep on brainwashing people who kiss your ass. Go!

  3. Once again history repeats itself, the President’s party loses the House in mid-terms elections. Only twice has a President won the midterm election, 1934 and 2002.

    It seems Americans do not want too much power concentrated in one party, preferring an adversarial government.

  4. The senate is the crown jewel. All appointments are made through it. Impeachment is decides within it. Trump just freed himself of needing to rely on moderates to make decisions. Prepare yourself for Donald to go full Trump.

  5. If you need to cheat to win (fear mongering, violence, lies, voter suppression, gerrymandering)…then its a hallow victory. Every dog has a day, just one . Enjoy it, as the full weight of the law is coming from the House. Make America for everyone again. Free of BS and corruption.

  6. I just don't understand. Unless your a celebrity or billionaire how can any god fearing human being in good conscience for for the Democrats?? It boggles the mind. The Devil just refuses to let go of his grip on this country. Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and God's agenda can keep going.

  7. Well! I guess the silent majority,deplorable's,and those annoying people in the flyover state's have spoken once again! But according to the left and mainstream media. We're supposed to be the small minority in America? Keep telling yourselves that! LOL!! 😂

  8. 🤦🏼‍♀️😑 I'm not surprised. They're people that want to see change and equality, Then they're people that pretend they want it but vote the opposite 🐍

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