President Trump makes surprise appearance in White House briefing room

This was Trump’s first time at the podium in the briefing room.


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40 thoughts on “President Trump makes surprise appearance in White House briefing room

  1. The Right Said Fred reunion was a weird flex, but I guess they’re there to make sure the wall isn’t too sexy for the land?

  2. Build the wall!, okay. How 'bout steel slats?
    …….mmm….chain link fence?!
    ….um…what about one of those cute little fences that'll keep your terrier in?!?
    ….a wire long enough to go the length of the Mexico border?
    ….. Er … could we scratch a line into the ground?

    ………..still no?

  3. I have lost all faith in CNBC. You're not going to show the border agents backing Trump up in this briefing about how they need a wall. This media outlets bias and no longer trustworthy

  4. Having a wall is plain out commonsense. This is why you NEVER vote Democrat. They have no commonsense. It's unbelievable how the dumb dems are willing to give 50 billion in foreign aid and not even 6 billion for our own country's protection.

  5. We love you President Trump. Keep on fighting! We need to finish the wall! I see it firsthand, I live near the border. We deal with tons of illegals, crime, drugs. Three of my neighbors work for the border patrol. They all agree with the President, that a wall is so necessary.

  6. Ok retarded anti America and Trump haters we the people voted for Trump and he won. Maybe we don't need a fence around a prison because it don't work 100 percent lets take down all prison walls. Really we don't need fences anymore because they never work right? Why the hell does Obama have huge fence around his mansion just for looks?

  7. Heh heh..President Donald Trump behaves like a child, who thinks that Santa promised to bring to him the USA -Mexico -border wall, but after the Three Kings´ Day this 2018-2019 Christmas season will be over and that old "wicked witch" of the US Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and the US Democratic Party Representatives as the political the House of Representatives´ majority behind her don´t want to give money to construct that wall, which President Trump has promised to his voters to build, lol.

  8. Society learns at the slowest goddamn pace , look at our advancement in technology yet as a whole the dumbest fucking thing on this planet. Human's think they're so intelligence , from what basis and claim does this derive from? We are just egotistic , no intelligence involved in such a claim. If you actually look at society , deeply look at it you will see how fucking dumb we are. I didn't even hardly listen to this video , this is just my thoughts in general. Who honestly listens to this virus talk? I didn't like this guy when i was 9 years old when i was walking around circut city with my grandma and i saw a chair being sold by him , an overpriced chair that looked very uncomfortable. Alot can be said by how a guy conducts his mannerism and business towards other humans. I was 9 and i could see thru this fool , i didn't even go to school much but school doesn't give you the ability to see the world in it's entirety only to conform to certain patterns laid out in the world. Did i mention you all are stupid? Not all of you of course but most of you virus supporters. I would log myself with you because i am human to , but i hold the higher ground with my foresight , this is me pissing into the wind , if it gets in your eye i hope it get's infected. What would Jesus do if he ever existed and such a being was apart of such a stupid religion , he would of said this. So many people deny there soul to be apart of a plague , there is only one soul and that is the energy and vibrancy of the entire cosmos. So many rather detach from that to be apart of a plague , giving away there discernment , foresight and clarity, give it away for what? What is more glorious than to be aware of such a thing? I guess going against it. Don't bring religion into what i said , there is enough of that bullshit as it is. One more thing , how ironic would it be , all these religious nuts that voted for trump , that they're the ones that truly fall short of obtaining what they claim to have spiritually. They're the ones that a truly lost. How ironic would that be? The god they imagined or thought of just said hey fuck you this isn't the right mindset or place to be mentality to gather insight but yet you stayed feeding your fake compassion for humanity thru your shit religion , how ironic would that be if such a thing where true? I am not condemning religion at it's root it's fruitful , but i am sure you have noticed thousands and thousands of years of weed's in many of your shitty stories that provide false comfort and sercurity and in return unleash confused unstable monsters in society. I like how i can lump all religions in equally , all 3,000 of them or more and they all have been used against society rather than for the benefit. Hopefully we learn otherwise technology and imagination will destroy us. Wisdom is free. Use it.

  9. Why does trump continue to tell us he knows more than anyone else about so many differnt things? We one step closer to him saying hes the smartest person alive?

  10. Jazmine Barnes, 7 yr old girl, shot & killed on 12/30/18 @ 7am in Texas, on E. Sam Houston Pkwy frontage road at Wallisville Rd, on the way to Wal-Mart. Man opened fire while mother driving w/her 4 daughters in car. Mother got shot in arm & her 7 yr old daughter died from gun shot. Perpetrator on the loose. The shooter is Caucasian, Thin Build, Age: 30-40's, Red Pick-Up Truck. If you know anything about the shooter and/or his whereabouts, Call Texas PD or 911. #JusticeForJazmine

  11. "Everyone is calling us supporting the wall, so many people calling, everyone wants the wall, yes so many like never before ever want the wall" says lying trump. Who are they calling where are they calling? I heard that if you call the white house or capital there is a recording apologizing they can't answer the phone lines because "of the shut down"…and trump says "I know more than anyone about new technology I know more than anyone"..of course you know when trump praises himself and says he "know more than anyone" he ALWAYS had to repeat the same exact sentence about 3 times…is there a problem with his brain having to repeat the same thing over and over? Press briefing, no questions? trump just wanted to get attention today because he was SO JEALOUS that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were getting all of the attention. What a poor little insecure "little man" and immature egotistical brat he is…and all of them around him do his bidding no questions asked..

  12. you are a liar ,you are a dipshit who thinks he knows everything that's called dementia ,which you have ,open the government back up ,we need to pay the people you are screwing over ,they need to go back to work they need to feed their children ,they need to pay their bills ,they need to pay their rents an morgages ,they need to survive an you need to back off ,when you hurt your own people ,you destroy the country ,which you are intent on doing ,just so you can cover your ass for all the screwups you have done ,you are afraid to face the courts an judges who are gonna finally get rid of the troublemaking rat that is holding America an it's people hostage ,how can your wall protect the people ,if they lose their homes financial security ,an freedom to live a decent life with their family's ,,you think giving up you.will.look foolish to the people ,that happened the first line to pushed on us ,open up the government , you don't have a chance in 2020,you already blew that , try to give a little heart to your people ,

  13. No one knows more about this technology than him? Are you fucking kidding me he’s trying to lie on National television that he’s a drone expert? Yeah right just like you hire the best people?

  14. So the federal agents working the border want this wall and support the shutdown until it gets funded. Why did ABC decide not to show what these agents had to say? Can you say Fake News?

  15. F*** that wall, you finance it. Your pockets are deep enough.. And do not insult us by thinking your the only one that knows about that "technology"..

  16. Whaaaaa? Ratings are what 35% for the wall and his popularity at 40%. I could be off on numbers a little but who are all “these people” saying they still want this damn wall?

  17. Trump so desperately wants to be seen as the king of building and of building a "Trump Wall".
    Yes, he said Trump Wall. A concrete wall.. and that he knows the people to build it. Trump forgets he is not in his corrupt bubble in New York.

    Ps. Watch Trump: an American Dream, on Netflix.. they have about four episodes.

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